Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 279 Mom, are you sick?

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Although Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian were doing something, they still paid attention to Gui Qingtong’s movements.

Seeing Gui Qingtong turned her head, they retracted their hands and their movements turned to normal.

Mei Yuxian continued to cook the soup seriously.

Lin Yuan also continued to cut the vegetables seriously.

It was just a little awkward.

Mei Yuxian’s apron was disarranged a lot.

Lin Yuan’s hair was also a little messy.

But Gui Qingtong didn’t notice these clues.

She just thought that Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian were cooperating harmoniously.

Gui Qingtong showed a sweet and lovely smile to the two of them.

Lin Yuan also responded with a sunny smile.

The same is true for Mei Yuxian.

All three of them smiled happily.

Gui Qingtong turned around and went back to watching the TV.

Then Mei Yuxian glared at Lin Yuan again.

It was a good thing that there was a kitchen stove and cabinet blocking them, otherwise Gui Qingtong could have seen what they were doing down under.

Although it looks okay on the surface, but in fact, they were doing something under the stove where she couldn’t see it.

Mei Yuxian’s black stockings had been pulled down halfway and had been ripped off from Lin Yuan’s harassing.

How could Mei Yuxian not be angry?

After Gui Qingtong turned her head to go back to watching TV, Mei Yuxian found that Lin Yuan began attacking her again.

So a very impure scene happened in Mei Yuxian’s mansion at this time.

While Gui Qingtong was watching TV, Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian were on fire.

Every time Gui Qingtong turns her head, they turn calm.

She smiles at them, then they also smile back.

Lin Yuan helps her stir the soup, and wash the vegetables, and so on.

When Mei Yuxian bents down to wash the vegetables, Lin Yuan came behind her.

Feeling Lin Yuan’s overindulgence similar to the first time that day, that look of a strong husband, Mei Yuxian couldn’t stand it anymore.

Even at this time, Gui Qingtong turned her head and looked at them, and Mei Yuxian found out, Lin Yuan was so cheeky that he could still do it under Gui Qingtong’s gaze.

Lin Yuan stood there shamelessly, looked up, and raised his head at the same time as if taking something from the cabinet above her head.

While smiling, Lin Yuan pretended to ask: “Sister Yuxian, didn’t you say you brought abalone, or you have dried fish at home? Why can’t I find it?”

Mei Yuxian breathed quickly after she heard Lin Yuan’s shameless words.

With Lin Yuan’s actions even under Gui Qingtong’s gaze, Mei Yuxian felt even angrier and gnashed her teeth.

Her face was flushed with anger.

“Brother Lin Yuan, are you looking for fish? I seem to remember where to put it. If mom doesn’t remember, I can find it for you.” Gui Qingtong didn’t know Lin Yuan was just asking as an excuse.

While talking, Gui Qingtong was already preparing to get up.

Seeing Gui Qingtong preparing to get up, Mei Yuxian quickly said: “Qingtong you don’t need to. Mom remembers where you put the fish. Just watch TV and I’ll get it for Xiao Yuan!”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Sister Yuxian can just find the fish for me. Qingtong, you can continue watching the TV. How could Sister Yuxian not know where the fish is? Right, Sister Yuxian?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s meaningful words, Mei Yuxian was ashamed and angry, and her whole person was about to explode.

But seeing Gui Qingtong still watching, Mei Yuxian could only nod her head and said: “Yes, just like what Xiao Yuan said, I certainly know where the fish is.”

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s voice was a little uncomfortable, Gui Qingtong asked strangely: “Mom, why does your voice sound weird? Are you sick? You can let Brother Lin Yuan cure you, his medical skills are superb!”

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