Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 280 Hold the knife tightly!

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Mei Yuxian was even angrier when she heard Gui Qingtong’s words.

The reason why she is like this is because of Lin Yuan!

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Yes, I will help Sister Yuxian with the treatment.”

Lin Yuan is really too much.

Mei Yuxian couldn’t stand it anymore.

In addition, Gui Qingtong is always staring at them.

This kind of physical and psychological blow can almost kill people.

So Mei Yuxian said: “Xiao…Xiao Yuan, go watch the TV with Qingtong. You are our guest, after all.”

Lin Yuan waved his hand and said: “It’s okay. I’m not tired.”

“If I leave, I am afraid that Sister Yuxian might be exhausted from doing all the work by herself.”

Mei Yuxian gritted her teeth and said in a low voice: “I will be even more tired if you are here!”

“Hurry up. Go, go and watch TV with Qingtong!”

Mei Yuxian had a weird tone.

It seems she really is very angry.

So, Lin Yuan stopped to tease her and sneaked back to watch TV with Gui Qingtong.

Mei Yuxian immediately let out a sigh of relief seeing Lin Yuan leaving.

Originally, Mei Yuxian thought that young people like Lin Yuan would be easy to deal with. But she didn’t expect it to be a hundred times more difficult than she thought. She couldn’t control him at all!

However, Gui Qingtong helped Lin Yuan: “Mom, I also feel that you get tired easily. It seems it will be better to have Brother Lin Yuan’s help. If there is a man like Brother Lin Yuan to help in the family, it feels like a lot of things get easier.”

Gui Qingtong’s words secretly hinted again that Mei Yuxian should agree to her marriage to Lin Yuan.

Mei Yuxian became angry when she heard Gui Qingtong praising Lin Yuan again.

She gave Gui Qingtong a weird look.

Mei Yuxian silently put her palm on her forehead.

‘What are you saying that having a man is better.’

‘What a joke.’

Most of the time, the nannies do all the work.

Gui Qingtong only said those words for Lin Yuan.

But this also proved how much Gui Qingtong likes Lin Yuan.

In addition, Gui Qingtong really studies hard to be admitted to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music for Lin Yuan.

Gui Qingtong is really so affectionate of Lin Yuan, these relationships are really complicated.

While Mei Yuxian continued to cook. Lin Yuan came back to the sofa to sit with Gui Qingtong.

Gui Qingtong lied on the sofa before Lin Yuan came.

Her petite body was stretched out and almost occupied more than half of the sofa.

Seeing there was not enough space for Lin Yuan to sit on, Gui Qingtong smiled quietly and said, “Brother Lin Yuan, would you like to watch TV while holding me?”

Hearing Gui Qingtong’s words, Lin Yuan glanced at Mei Yuxian behind him and then shook his head.

If he will hold Gui Qingtong, he is sure that Mei Yuxian who is currently cooking will come over with a kitchen knife and drive him away.

It is life-threatening, it’s impossible.

“Will that work Brother Lin Yuan? Would you mind?”

Gui Qingtong adjusted her posture while talking and put her slender white legs and exquisite little feet on Lin Yuan’s thigh.

Lin Yuan didn’t mind her.

It was Gui Qingtong who occasionally shook his little feet to tease him.

He scratched the soleplate of her foot a few times.

Amused, Gui Qingtong giggled.

Mei Yuxian who was cooking at the back saw this scene.

She tightened her grip of the kitchen knife in her hand.

If other young boys does this to her daughter, she would have pointed her knife at them a long time ago.

But the other party being Lin Yuan seems even more unacceptable…

After watching TV with Gui Qingtong for a while, Mei Yuxian had finished cooking dinner and called them.

Mei Yuxian’s cooking skills are indeed quite good. A large table was full of meat and vegetables. They all look bright in color, and the smell is also rich and aromatic.

After being seated, the two of them moved their chopsticks.

“This braised fish is delicious.” Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction after holding a piece of the fish.

Then Gui Qingtong gave Lin Yuan a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs, “Brother Lin Yuan, try this.”

“It’s delicious.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Lin Yuan also put a piece of the pork ribs on Mei Yuxian’s plate, “Sister Yuxian, try it too. You made it really delicious.”

Mei Yuxian took the piece of pork ribs, but her cheeks were slightly red.

It was not because of Lin Yuan’s praises for the delicious food, nor her shyness.

It was because Lin Yuan was picking up the vegetables on the top of the table and secretly flirting with her below!

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