Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 278 You can’t!

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Mei Yuxian who was pinched again resisted the urge to scream.

She quickly moved away from Lin Yuan and glared at him with an aggrieved appearance.

Lin Yuan had been behaving badly today.

Mei Yuxian originally didn’t plan on disciplining Gui Qingtong today, but Lin Yuan is causing so much trouble.

After Mei Yuxian said a few words, she said that she was going to cook.

“Qingtong, you and Xiao Yuan can watch the TV.” Mei Yuxian said.

Mei Yuxian seldom cooks at home.

This is also part of Mei Yuxian’s way of enjoying her life.

At times, she didn’t want to cook so she lets the nanny cook.

She called for Lin Yuan to come over today, so Mei Yuxian intends to cook by herself today.

She is gifted in a lot of ways.

She wanted to cook for him but was still harassed by Lin Yuan.

She knows very well that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Lin Yuan is such an excellent and handsome man.

Mei Yuxian knew that there are definitely a lot of young girls lurking around Lin Yuan.

And Lin Yuan does not look like the type of a good and loyal man.

Although Mei Yuxian hasn’t found any woman who is madly in love with Lin Yuan but just watching Lin Yuan and her daughter make a fuss, she can probably deduce it.

Mei Yuxian is used to being the head of the family and is still not accustomed to being submissive to others.

And so, she still wanted to be the dominant one.

Gui Qingtong breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Mei Yuxian leave for the kitchen.

The Mei family mansion is really very big, so there are actually two kitchens on a single floor.

There is an open kitchen outside, basically the area for cutting vegetables, cooking specific dishes, and so on.

On the inside, there is also a traditional kitchen.

Mei Yuxian was cutting vegetables outside at this time.

Although Gui Qingtong and Lin Yuan can still be seen from where Mei Yuxian was seated, Gui Qingtong isn’t so nervous anymore.

Lin Yuan touched Gui Qingtong’s little head and signaled her to relax.

Then Lin Yuan looked at Mei Yuxian who was cutting vegetables.

Lin Yuan smiled and asked, “Sister Yuxian, seeing that you are very busy, isn’t it very tiring to cook alone? How about I help and give you a hand?”

“Can you cook?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Mei Yuxian turned suspicious.

Lin Yuan can also cook?

Mei Yuxian looked at Lin Yuan with suspicion in her eyes.

And Gui Qingtong’s eyes lit up.

She thought Mei Yuxian had her reasons for not helping her go to Lin Yuan’s house and help her propose marriage to the Lin family.

There must be two reasons.

The first reason is that Gui Qingtong is still too young.

The second is that she may still want to examine and observe Lin Yuan first to see if he is qualified for a son-in-law or not.

So after hearing Lin Yuan offering help to Mei Yuxian, Gui Qingtong thinks that this is a chance for her mother and Lin Yuan to have a good relationship.

So Gui Qingtong poked Lin Yuan and said: “My mother feels really tired when she cooks alone. Brother Lin Yuan, go and help my mother. I am clumsy or else I’ll go.”

Gui Qingtong said to Mei Yuxian, “Mom, let Brother Lin Yuan help you. It’s better for men to do the physical work of cutting the bones and the meat.”

Hearing Gui Qingtong’s words, Lin Yuan smiled and stood up. Then walked towards Mei Yuxian who was standing behind the stove in the open kitchen.

Although there is doubt in her eyes, but hearing her daughter talk like this, Mei Yuxian figured it is not good to say anything.

She will just let Lin Yuan come over and help her.

Mei Yuxian gave up her position for Lin Yuan and she stood beside the stove.

Lin Yuan stood in front of the chopping board.

Gui Qingtong rested her hands on the back of the sofa as she watched Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian cooking together with great interest.

She didn’t know that the private relationship between Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian was much closer than she thought.

So at this time, seeing the two of them cooking together, Gui Qingtong felt very good.

It can improve Lin Yuan’s relationship with her mother and make her agree that Lin Yuan would be a good son-in-law, and the same for Lin Yuan, he will think of Mei Yuxian as a good mother-in-law in the future.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Seeing Gui Qingtong turning her head and showing him a sweet and lovely smile, Lin Yuan picked up the kitchen knife and quickly cut the vegetable and meat.

Lin Yuan hadn’t practiced any knife skills or something, but he had two hundred points in all attributes.

All the aspects of his physicality are several times higher than that of ordinary people.

Even if he is not Superman, he could at least be called a Little Superman.

So, it’s really not hard for him to cut the vegetables and meat.

Lin Yuan’s speed and reaction are quite fast.

Mei Yuxian watched Lin Yuan cut the vegetable and meat in amazement.

Although she had known Lin Yuan to be young and vigorous, she didn’t expect him to cut vegetables and meat so skillfully and powerfully.

Although his movements are a bit rusty, he is still able to do the job really well.

And Gui Qingtong was quite happy seeing Mei Yuxian admiring Lin Yuan’s performance while cooking.

But after watching for a while, Gui Qingtong got tired and bored.

And it doesn’t seem to be good to keep watching at them.

Gui Qingtong then turned her head and watched the TV.

And Mei Yuxian who was making the soup at this time also enjoyed the sight of Lin Yuan cutting the vegetables.

Seeing that everything seems to be going well, Gui Qingtong just turned her head to watch the TV.

But Mei Yuxian found that a bad hand quietly running into her again. “You can’t!”

Mei Yuxian gritted her teeth as she whispered quietly.

Lin Yuan, the bad boy, was doing things to her again.

At this time, Mei Yuxian has not changed the OL dress she was wearing when she arrived.

She was too lazy to change so she just put on an apron.

It is obviously a very strange style with the office attire and the apron combined.

But in Lin Yuan’s eyes, she looked hot and elegant at the same time.

But that contradicting style of usual arrogance and coldness of the chairman of a large group and the virtuous and demure image of a beautiful woman at home.

It is really a combination of contradictions and beauty.

And Lin Yuan offered to come over and help with the cooking because of this reason.

How can he be so kind to take the initiative to cook and not want to sit comfortably with the lovely girl Gui Qingtong?

It was not because he wanted to see Mei Yuxian’s elegant, glamorous, virtuous, and dignified appearance.

He is greedy and wants to take advantage of Mei Yuxian’s figure.

“Quick! Let go of your hand!” Mei Yuxian said again.

But Lin Yuan smiled slightly and continued on cutting the vegetables with just one hand.

At the same time, the magic operation of one mind doing two things at once is being carried out.

Lin Yuan kept doing bad things to her.

Mei Yuxian was a little sullen and angry.

She is the patriarch of the Mei family and the chairman of the Mei Group.

How can this young man do such things to her…

And it was even with her daughter just around the corner.

But Mei Yuxian wouldn’t want to admit it.

In fact, Mei Yuxian wanted to be harassed by Lin Yuan like this.

But seeing Gui Qingtong watching the TV in front of them gives a somewhat strange feeling in her heart.

Lin Yuan naturally knows Mei Yuxian’s thoughts.

But he is quite the opposite.

He is very clear and straightforward.

What he wants, he does.

He is not opposed to women being the masters of the house and women being self-reliant.

But he doesn’t prefer such for his own woman.

He doesn’t want Mei Yuxian to think too much and always thinking about overwhelming him.

Mei Yuxian is not an adolescent girl anymore were doing her once then she will be obedient.

In fact, Mei Yuxian still has some desire to be the strong and conquering one.

So for the sake of being the dominant one in the future, Lin Yuan had to slowly tame Mei Yuxian.

It is in progress now.

Gui Qingtong continued to just watch the TV.

She didn’t know that Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian were doing something in the back.

But after watching TV for a while, Gui Qingtong turned her head towards the kitchen, wanting to see the situation.

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