Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 281 Mei Yuxian is jealous!

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The three of them had a meal together and had a great time.

If Lin Yuan’s appearance was more mature, the three of them would have really looked like a family.

“Sister Yuxian, you have worked so hard, eat more.” Lin Yuan smiled and gave Mei Yuxian a piece of meat.

Gui Qingtong smiled happily: “Wow! Mom, I just counted, Brother Lin Yuan has given you food five or six times!”

Although Gui Qingtong has given more dishes, but Gui Qingtong is very happy to see that Lin Yuan is giving dishes to Mei Yuxian.

Because of her life experience, Mei Yuxian is warm on the outside but actually cold on the inside. Business is an important matter, and she treats everyone else the same except for Gui Qingtong.

Therefore, Gui Qingtong was very happy to see Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian getting along well.

Lin Yuan kept on picking up food and giving it to Mei Yuxian.

Gui Qingtong didn’t think there was anything wrong with it because she also did the same to Lin Yuan more than a dozen times.

But Mei Yuxian’s feelings are different from Gui Qingtong’s happiness.


Mei Yuxian gritted her teeth secretly.

The reason for this is because every time Lin Yuan gave her food, it is accompanied by his flirtatious tricks.

The last time they had breakfast together, Lin Yuan also did the same.

But that time it was a little discreet.

This time it was more obvious!

He teased her two to three times as he picked up a dish for her.

It was too much!

Mei Yuxian can’t stand it anymore.

Mei Yuxian gritted her teeth and said: “Qingtong, Xiao Yuan, you continue to eat first. I’ll change my underwear… I mean, I’ll change my clothes. This work uniform is very uncomfortable when eating.”

When she said this, Mei Yuxian’s pretty face was already a little red.

Gui Qingtong nodded and felt nothing wrong with Mei Yuxian’s words.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s smile, Mei Yuxian became even more angry.

But it’s really not that kind of anger.

She feels angry and shameful at the same time.

She also has an inexplicable sense of comfort of Lin Yuan’s various tricks which was why she was able to bear his teasing.

Otherwise, she would have scolded Lin Yuan earlier.

Mei Yuxian is very confused.

But she still thinks that Lin Yuan was too unscrupulous and excessive.

So, after glaring at Lin Yuan, Mei Yuxian went upstairs to change her clothes.

After a while, Mei Yuxian came downstairs with her clothes changed from head to toe.

Lin Yuan looked back and his eyes shone slightly.

Mei Yuxian actually changed into a purple sling suspender.

The shoulders are unobstructed.

She looked elegant and charming, mature and virtuous.

It makes people’s hearts fascinated.

But this time, Mei Yuxian didn’t give Lin Yuan another chance to tease her.

She sat directly opposite Lin Yuan and beside Gui Qingtong.

Lin Yuan didn’t go too far either and they finished eating soon.

Both Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong were quite satisfied, and Mei Yuxian was fairly satisfied except for being teased by Lin Yuan.

After eating, the three of them sat on the sofa, watched TV together, and chatted casually.

Mei Yuxian is still thinking of a reasonable excuse to let Lin Yuan stay the night without arousing suspicion from Gui Qingtong.

She instructed Lin Yuan to think about it quickly.

But not waiting for them to make excuses, Gui Qingtong took the initiative to ask Mei Yuxian and acted like a baby: “Can we let Brother Lin Yuan stay the night in our house? Okay~?”

“Uh…Okay.” Mei Yuxian was somewhat speechless.

After getting Mei Yuxian’s consent, Gui Qingtong leaned happily towards Lin Yuan on the sofa.

There are two small sofas and one big sofa in the hall.

Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong are on the big sofa.

Mei Yuxian was so afraid of being teased that she sat on the small sofa.

So Gui Qingtong lay down like before and put her tender white feet on Lin Yuan’s thighs.

But this time she had a valid reason.

“Brother Lin Yuan, can you help cut my toenails? My hands are too painful from practicing musical instruments recently.” Gui Qingtong said pitifully while handing over a nail clipper to Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan hasn’t responded yet and Mei Yuxian glared at Gui Qingtong and said, “Cut it yourself! You are old enough. Do things on your own! How can you ask someone to help with cutting your toenails? That is bad. Respect your brother Lin Yuan. Cut those yourself!”

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s words, Gui Qingtong immediately withdrew her feet in fear.

But withdrawing her feet halfway, Lin Yuan caught them with his hand.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “It’s okay. It’s just cutting toenails. Qingtong also cut mine this afternoon, so now it’s my turn to cut them for her.”

Lin Yuan took the nail clippers that Gui Qingtong handed over.

Then he looked at Gui Qingtong’s tender and white feet.

Although her toenails are a bit long, they are still very clean.

It is probably because as Mei Yuxian’s daughter, she doesn’t have to do much work all day long.

She also has a service car which she uses for transportation wherever she goes.

Gui Qingtong’s feet are not dirty at all. They are just like her hands.

While picking up the nail clippers, Lin Yuan ignored Mei Yuxian’s angry eyes.

His movements were quite gentle.

Soon, Lin Yuan finished cutting Gui Qingtong’s toenails.

Seeing Mei Yuxian’s angry look, Gui Qingtong felt a little scared.

Gui Qingtong thought that Mei Yuxian was unhappy because Lin Yuan and her were too intimate.

But as soon as Lin Yuan grabbed and cut her toenails tenderly, she was very happy again.

【Ding! Gui Qingtong’s favorability +1! Reward 500 counterattack points!】

A reminder sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Watching Lin Yuan gently cut Gui Qingtong’s toenails, Mei Yuxian was very unhappy.

But the reason for her being unhappy this time is not the same as before.

Before, it was all basically because of Lin Yuan’s relationship with her, and her relationship with Gui Qingtong. A complicated relationship that is a bit too difficult for her to accept.

But at this time, Lin Yuan’s gentle movements made her feel a little bit sour.

Mei Yuxian was in disbelief that she is feeling this way.

She couldn’t believe it.

She was actually jealous!

And she was jealous of her own daughter, Gui Qingtong!

Seeing Mei Yuxian’s weird expression, Lin Yuan also understood her thoughts.

Jealousy is therefore a woman’s nature.


It is inevitable.

After Lin Yuan helped Gui Qingtong cut her toenails, something happened that they couldn’t even imagine.

Mei Yuxian who was feeling a little sour also came over and sat on the sofa.

Then she raised her exquisite jade foot towards Lin Yuan slightly.

Under the stunned eyes of Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong, Mei Yuxian said softly: “Xiao Yuan, my hands are also tired recently, and my waist and spine are also aching. I can’t cut my toenails anymore. Please help me cut my toenails too.”

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