Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 282 Mom, open the door!

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Based on Mei Yuxian’s tone, Lin Yuan sensed a little sourness.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect that Mei Yuxian would actually act this way out of jealousy!

Gui Qingtong didn’t know that much and she didn’t think there was something odd with Mei Yuxian’s tone.

But with her mother’s words, Gui Qingtong felt that there is something weird as she listened.

Gui Qingtong is still a young girl who has long wanted to express her intentions for Lin Yuan.

For her, it is okay to behave like a baby and ask Lin Yuan to cut her toenails.

But Mei Yuxian is her mother and she is already in her thirties!

This is too strange!

Her actions are too strange!

The same actions when done by people with different identities will surely give people different impressions.


Gui Qingtong felt that her mother was acting really strange.

And Lin Yuan didn’t expect Mei Yuxian to be so bold out of her jealousy.

Looking at Mei Yuxian who lifted jade feet, Lin Yuan knew that Mei Yuxian would not withdraw them if he didn’t cut her toenails.

Although Lin Yuan felt that it would be too dangerous to cut Mei Yuxian’s toenails directly in front of Gui Qingtong, just like dancing on the edge of a knife.

But if he refuses it will also not be good.

So, Lin Yuan also held Mei Yuxian’s jade feet and helped her cut her toenails.

Originally, Gui Qingtong thought that Lin Yuan would refuse.

But she didn’t expect Lin Yuan to actually do otherwise.

Gui Qingtong was dumbfounded.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s movements, she felt a little bit sour at the same time.

Thinking that she and Lin Yuan basically had just stepped up their relationship and closeness, Gui Qingtong felt very happy.

The jealousy of Gui Qingtong is more direct and stronger than Mei Yuxian.

Mature women like Mei Yuxian can’t hold back their jealousy.

Not to mention a young girl like Gui Qingtong.

Seeing Lin Yuan cutting Mei Yuxian’s nails, although she is her own mother, Gui Qingtong was still very jealous and seriously upset.

After Lin Yuan cut two of Mei Yuxian’s toenails, Gui Qingtong said, “Brother Lin Yuan, let me do it.”

Then, Gui Qingtong turned her head to Mei Yuxian and said, “Mom, it is not good to ask Brother Lin Yuan to cut your toenails. That should be my responsibility. Sorry Mom, I blame myself for not being aware that you need help.”

While talking, Gui Qingtong grabbed the nail clipper from Lin Yuan’s hand.

At the same time, she also snatched away the feet of her mother from Lin Yuan.

Gui Qingtong is normally very gentle and lovely in front of Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan.

At this time, she was too bold and confident.

Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian were left dumbfounded.

Is this how little girls look like when they get jealous?

At this time, Lin Yuan looked at Gui Qingtong who was originally a very cute and well-behaved girl.

He felt that it may take a little longer to achieve his goals.

Things were not revealed yet but it has already evolved into a shuraba! (T/N: scene of carnage)

Lin Yuan held his forehead and had a slight headache.

And Mei Yuxian was also stunned by the reaction of her daughter who had always been obedient.

For Gui Qingtong’s words, there is not the slightest flaw to rebut.

It&#apos;s almost as if…

Her little baby who always follows her.

Has already been snatched by Lin Yuan!

Thinking of this, Mei Yuxian glared at Lin Yuan again.

Watching Gui Qingtong cut her nails instead of Lin Yuan cutting them, Lin Yuan was also still watching.

Mei Yuxian was a little upset.

So, after Gui Qingtong finished cutting one foot, Mei Yuxian didn’t lift her other foot.

Mei Yuxian said: “Qingtong, I might be troubling you. But you may stop now. It’s still uncomfortable for others to cut it. I will cut the nails of the other foot later.”

“Okay, Mom.” Gui Qingtong smiled sweetly.

Although she said that she wanted to cut it by herself, Mei Yuxian still glanced at Lin Yuan secretly.

Lin Yuan understood the meaning of the look in her eyes.

That means he must cut it!

After watching TV together, Gui Qingtong took Lin Yuan to her room and asked him to teach her how to sing.

Normally, Mei Yuxian would let Lin Yuan teach Gui Qingtong until 10.

But it was just over 9:30 and Mei Yuxian came knocking at the door.

“It’s getting late, Qingtong, get ready to go to bed. And Xiao Yuan, come over. Sister Yuxian wants to talk to you about the company.”

Mei Yuxian urged Gui Qingtong to sleep and called Lin Yuan.

Gui Qingtong pouted.

Although her face was full of dismay, he could only let Lin Yuan leave with Mei Yuxian.

Gui Qingtong reluctantly said, "Brother Lin Yuan, teach me again tomorrow.”

Lin Yuan smiled and reminded Gui Qingtong: “Okay. I will teach you again. But the weather is getting colder by the day, thicken your quilt. The quilt is so thin that you might catch a cold. Your throat is also sore. Except for overusing it, I think it might be caused also by the cold.”

“Okay.” Gui Qingtong nodded.

Looking at the joy on Gui Qingtong’s face, she must be happy with how Lin Yuan cared for her and didn’t pay much attention to what he really said.

After leaving Gui Qingtong’s room, Lin Yuan directly followed Mei Yuxian to her bedroom.

This time, Mei Yuxian locked the door as soon as she entered.

Obviously, what happened last time still left some shadows.

As soon as he walked in, Lin Yuan was not polite.

He directly hugged Mei Yuxian’s plump body.

However, Mei Yuxian stopped Lin Yuan and said: “Wait. I have something to say first.”

Lin Yuan directly lifted and threw Mei Yuxian onto the bed and then asked? “What’s the matter?”

Mei Yuxian lifted her white jade feet and handed over a nail clipper and said, “Cut my nails!”

Lin Yuan smiled and took the nail clipper while holding Mei Yuxian’s foot.

Mei Yuxian’s jade feet are actually small although a little bit bigger than Gui Qingtong.

They are so clean and delicate.

Lin Yuan took a closer look at Mei Yuxian’s toenails.

But instead of cutting them, Lin Yuan rubbed her toes a few times.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you cutting my toenails?” Mei Yuxian asked.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “This thing about nail cutting. Let’s put it away first. There are more important things to do than this.” Lin Yuan put the nail clippers aside.

Then, Lin Yuan jumped to Mei Yuxian’s body.

Mei Yuxian’s favorability increased significantly that night.

【Ding! Mei Yuxian&#apos;s favorability +1! Reward 200 counterattack points! 】

【Ding! Mei Yuxian&#apos;s favorability +2! Reward 400 counterattack points! 】


Early next morning, Mei Yuxian got up and drank her contraceptives.

Mei Yuxian who just drank her contraceptive still wanted to lie beside Lin Yuan, but she heard a knock on the door outside.

Mei Yuxian&#apos;s head hurts because, at this time, only Gui Qingtong will knock on the door.

But she is not as flustered as she was before.

Mei Yuxian pretended she had just woken up and said, “Qingtong? What is it? Is something wrong?”


Gui Qingtong who was outside replied: “Mom, open the door. I have something to tell you.”

As part of Mei Yuxian’s delaying tactics, she replied, “Let’s talk about it later. Mom has just woken up. So please, clean up first and then let us talk later.”

Mei Yuxian looked helplessly at Lin Yuan who was still on her bed at this time.

Lin Yuan also woke up hearing Gui Qingtong’s knock on the door.

But after hearing what Mei Yuxian said, Gui Qingtong still insisted: “Mom, what I have to say is urgent. Please open the door first!”

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