Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 286 Parents’ Conference!

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Gui Qingtong was surprised with Lin Yuan’s attire at this time because Lin Yuan was formally dressed.

He was dressed in a suit, wearing a tie and leather shoes.

He really looked like an adult in his attire.

And what surprised Gui Qingtong the most is that Lin Yuan brushed up his slightly long hair.

His hairstyle is similar to Chow Yun-Fat’s in the movie God of Gamblers.

But the hair is not completely brushed up but a bit biased.

When Lin Yuan’s hairstyle changed, his temperament became a lot more mature.

The original age of Lin Yuan is appropriate to be Gui Qingtong’s brother.

Now at least, Lin Yuan’s look is barely acceptable to be Gui Qingtong’s father.

Although he is still young, he looked more mature now than before.

Until Lin Yuan walked to where Gui Qingtong is, Gui Qingtong looked at Lin Yuan blankly.

“Big Brother Lin Yuan, you…you…” Gui Qingtong was surprised.

Lin Yuan smiled and asked: “What’s wrong? Is my hairstyle, okay? Is my look okay to be regarded as your father now?”

“Yes. There is no problem Brother Lin Yuan. Your hairstyle has made you look more mature! Wow! You can really be Qingtong’s father!” Gui Qingtong smiled happily.

“Haha. I look a bit old-fashioned, unlike those young and little fresh meats. In your school, there are a lot of handsome young and little fresh meats.” Lin Yuan smiled. (T/N: Little Fresh Meat refers to young handsome men between the ages of 12 to 20. The term is also used as a metaphor for the widespread problem of excessive filtering used in the artistic creation of current TV dramas)

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Gui Qingtong shook her head repeatedly.

“You’re not old! Brother Lin Yuan, you are super handsome! You look even more handsome than before.”

Gui Qingtong ran over to Lin Yuan and kissed him on the cheek again to prove it.

After watching Gui Qingtong kiss him again, Lin Yuan thought of how Gui Qingtong had always took advantage of him.

Lin Yuan also shook his head helplessly.

“That’s good, but in order for me to act as your father, you must really refrain from kissing me.” Lin Yuan touched Gui Qingtong’s little ear and smiled.

Gui Qingtong’s ears are white and small which actually makes Lin Yuan want to touch her little ears more than her head.

Gui Qingtong didn’t hate Lin Yuan touching her ears either.

Feeling her little ears being touched, she reacted twice but enjoyed it.

“Dad.” Gui Qingtong exclaimed happily while enjoying.

“Let’s go baby girl Qingtong.” Lin Yuan smiled and walked outside.

“Ok Daddy~.” Gui Qingtong carried a pink bag and jumped into Lin Yuan’s side and embraced his arm.

Gui Qingtong looked as if she is about to stick her whole body into Lin Yuan’s body.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “My dear Qingtong, you are too close. I am your father for now, so it’s a bit weird.”

Gui Qingtong slightly stuck out his tongue and said: “Let weird be weird. I’m going to be close to my dad.”

Seeing Gui Qingtong who didn’t converge with Lin Yuan, but became even more aggressive, Lin Yuan smiled helplessly and shook his head.

When Lin Yuan came to Mei Family&#apos;s house yesterday, he drove a limited-edition Bugatti Veyron.

Lin Yuan first opened the car door and let Gui Qingtong in.

Then Lin Yuan got in the car too.

They bid goodbye to Mei Yuxian who had just finished cleaning upstairs and is now looking at the window.

Lin Yuan then drove to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Before the car started, Lin Yuan sent a message to both Yu Shanshan and Chi Qian.

He told them that he is going to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music today.

After all, Yu Shanshan and Chi Qian can be regarded as Gui Qingtong’s senior sisters, and old students at the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

If the girls are free, Lin Yuan wants them to take Gui Qingtong around the campus.



Today, the gate of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music is quite lively.

Although it’s not a holiday or a school festival.

Today is the time for the final review of the admission of new students of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Therefore, there are many vehicles parked at the gate of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Most of the vehicles are worth millions.

Basically, only a few are shabby.

Thinking about it, Jiangbei Conservatory of Music is an arts school that only students from well-off families can afford.

Studying music instead of a cultural course is a gamble in itself as well.

Whether it is the influence of traditional ideas or the national policy of Kyushu, cultural classes are for ordinary families.

Secondly, the money needed to send a child to study music is also huge.

You had to pay to learn and most of the students had to register for classes to learn.

The quality of education in Jiangbei Conservatory of Music is very high and worthy of its reputation.

But the school fees are not low and the money collected is also a lot.

So only those who know these can send their kids to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Most of them are really from well-off and even from rich families.

Many of the rich people also know each other.

After all, many of the rich are all in the same circle.

There are also some children getting picked up and dropped off at the moment.

So at this time at the gate, a lot of parents chatted happily.

“Oh! Old Qin, your son was also recommended? Congratulations!”

“Old Wang wasn’t your daughter also recommended. Congratulations too!”

“Old Yue, your son is also good! Haha!”

They all congratulated each other and then after a while said ”Oh Old Wang, you still drive this Audi A8? The quality is good. My dashcam just broke a few days ago so I changed it right away to a Porsche Cayenne. This car is really comfortable to drive.”

After listening to Old Qin’s words, Old Wang was depressed for a while.

Old Yue on the side also smiled and said: “Who would not? I also recently replaced by Land Rover. It’s only worth a million yuan which is too cheap. But a new car is definitely comfortable to drive.”

The scene soon turned into these greasy middle-aged men low-key showing off their wealth.

In fact, people live to impress others and even outperform each other in cars, watches, and other luxury things.

Otherwise, isn’t the car just a piece of metal with four wheels?

Isn’t it enough to have a simple watch that can tell you the time?

The young teenagers on the side looked at their father painfully.

But just when the greasy parents were comparing to each other, there came a loud tearing in the air.

Accompanied by the sound was a swift figure of bright silver as if cutting through the air.

Hearing the sound, everyone turned their heads.

They saw a shiny silver sports car parked beside them.

Seeing that from top to bottom and from the inside and outside, the classic top sports car reveals luxury and dignity, everyone was a little dumbfounded.

As for the parents who were still showing off their wealth, they closed their mouths in an instant.

What Audi, Porsche, and Land Rover? They all fell silent.

That is because they recognized the luxury car.

The luxury car is worth tens of millions.

It’s a Bugatti Veyron!

And it seems that it is also a world’s limited edition!

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