Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 287 Trick!

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Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron!

Their Audi, Land Rover and Porsche are far from the level of this car!

The gap is just too big!

Both Old Qin, Old Wang, and Old Yue were dumbfounded.

“Holy mother! Isn’t this the Bugatti Veyron? And it seems to be one of those global limited editions???”

“It seems…I checked this car before and it costs about 50 million yuan…”

“My God! All that money for just a car?! This is like a diamond car, right?”

“I don’t know which boss or big boss owns it! It’s too embarrassing to even line up our cars with it!”

The parents who low-key boasted about their wealth just now, all stared at the Bugatti Veyron while talking among themselves.

There are many rich people in Jiangbei.

But not all of them can come in contact with people of this level.

They are rich, but basically not in the same circle.

Maybe the person who owns this car can be their immediate boss?

Wouldn’t the person be someone wearing a big gold chain and clothed by a famous brand?

Probably not, such a rich person should not be so vulgar.

The person is probably a boss of a big company.

This can be regarded as the hierarchy among parents.

All of them prepared to say their greetings to this boss and send a good impression.

After all, having multiple friends is having multiple paths.

Even if you can’t make friends with people of this high status, at least be familiar.

Under the curious and expectant eyes of everyone, the door of the silver Bugatti Veyron opened.

The girl who got out of the car held a pink bag. She was wearing a cute dress, and her appearance was both pure and pleasant. She looked very charming.

This beautiful girl is the owner of the 50 million worth Bugatti Veyron?

Everyone was puzzled.

“This is impossible. Looking at the appearance of this girl, she is not even an adult yet. And she wouldn&#apos;t have a driver’s license at this age. How could she be the owner of this luxurious car?” Someone shook his head.

Indeed, they soon realized that the girl was coming out from the co-pilot seat, so she probably isn’t the owner of this car.

And so, they looked over to the driver’s seat. As soon as the door opened, a man walked down.

But the man was dressed differently from the middle-aged or old boss of a company as they expected.

Although the man also wore a suit and leather shoes, his temperament is quite compelling.

But he is too young!

He looked like he is still in his twenties or at most in his thirties!

How can such a young man afford to drive a Bugatti Veyron?

Not to mention, a limited edition?!

And the man was so fucking handsome!

Lin Yuan’s look is very formal today.

His original appearance is already amazing, coupled with biasedly brushed up hair, such an expensive suit and leather shoes, and a mature charm.

“Old man Qin, Old man Yue, do you know this person? Why doesn’t he look so familiar to me?” Old man Wang pushed the person next to him.

“I don’t know! We should be at least familiar with the person in Jiangbei who can afford this limited-edition Bugatti Veyron. But this person is too young to be like those big guys I know!”

“I agree! And this young man is so handsome!”

These parents were talking and so were their kids.

There were many girls at that time who were admitted to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

And at this moment, seeing Lin Yuan’s handsome appearance, their hearts began to beat faster.

“Who is this person? He must also be admitted to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music? He is so handsome! It would be great if he can be my classmate in the future! I must chase after him!”

“How could he be a student here as well? He looks so handsome and a little older than us. He should be the guardian of the girl next to him. But he really is so handsome!”

“It doesn’t matter. I must chase after him! He is really handsome. And I heard from my dad that this car is worth 50 million! My God, he’s got both the looks and money! The standard is just so high. I must find a way to marry him!”

Many girls couldn’t help but exclaim in awe.

Among these girls were thin identical twins, who also looked at Lin Yuan at this time.

One of the twins with a double ponytail reacted similarly to the other ordinary girls who stared at Lin Yuan tightly with a strange beam of light gleaming from her eyes.

As for the other twin with a single ponytail, she also looked at Lin Yuan, but her facial expressions didn’t fluctuate. She was very calm.

Lin Yuan knew naturally that his silver limited-edition Bugatti Veyron would draw so much attention, but he is used to being the center of attraction a long time ago.

So, there is not much fluctuation in his facial expression.

After closing the car door, Lin Yuan smiled at Gui Qingtong and said, “Qingtong, give me your violin bag. I will carry it for you.”

Gui Qingtong came for the final review today so she brought her musical instrument.

She mainly uses her vocals, being able to play musical instruments is just a plus.

“Ahem, ahem, ahem …” Gui Qingtong handed the violin bag to Lin Yuan and at the same time coughed a few times.

Lin Yuan took the violin bag and said in a concerned tone: “You have been coughing and seems to have caught a little cold. Didn’t you thicken your quilt yesterday? Your quilt was too thin.”

Gui Qingtong smiled and said embarrassedly: “Brother Lin Yuan…I mean, Dad Lin Yuan reminded me last night, but I forgot…”

“It wouldn’t affect your final review today, right? By the way, I have some medicine here. You can take it first. Although colds should be naturally treated, this medicine can relieve your cough.” Lin Yuan said while taking some medicine for Gui Qingtong.

“It’s okay. I wasn’t supposed to go to the final review since I was exempted, but I wanted to. It’s just some sort of formality.”

“Thank you for the medicine, Dad.”

Lin Yuan gave the medicine to Gui Qingtong.

But Gui Qingtong, after thinking for a while, handed the medicine back to Lin Yuan.

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to take the medicine? If you’re not obedient, Dad will give you a big spanking.” Lin Yuan frowned.

Gui Qingtong shook her head and said, “No. It’s not that I don’t want to take it. But as a father, shouldn’t you be feeding it into my mouth?”

Looking at Gui Qingtong’s cute smile and appearance of trickery, Lin Yuan could only shake his head helplessly.

“All right, I’ll feed it to you.” Lin Yuan smiled and stuffed the medicine into Gui Qingtong’s mouth.

Gui Qingtong opened her mouth slightly and took the medicine.

But before Lin Yuan could even withdraw his hand, Gui Qingtong quickly licked his finger with her pink tongue.

Seeing Lin Yuan didn’t expect it, there was a triumphant look in Gui Qingtong’s eyes, as if her trick was completely successful.

This was obviously her real intention.

Lin Yuan also didn’t expect the same.

He could only smile and pinch the tips of Gui Qingtong’s white tender ears.

Looking at this scene, many girls around them looked pitiful.

This kind of move of Gui Qingtong combined with such gentle behavior from a handsome man was too flirtatious.

Although the girls next to the handsome man were not them, their hearts were touched severely.

If it were their ears who were pinched, how nice it would have been…

Gui Qingtong snorted when she noticed the envy on the faces of the girls around them.

Then she took Lin Yuan’s arms directly and said: “Brother Lin Yuan… Dad Lin Yuan, let’s go!”

“Let’s go.” Mei Yuxian was not here anyway, so Lin Yuan allowed Gui Qingtong to declare her sovereignty, and accompanied Gui Qingtong into the school.

Lin Yuan glanced around before he walked in.

Then his eyebrows raised slightly because he saw the twin girls…

Or rather twin Loli?

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