Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 288 Lovely!

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Lin Yuan is familiar with these twin loli girls.

Because the twins were the girls he saw when he sent Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan back to their dormitory last night.

The lights were dim at that time and it was difficult to see clearly.

Now that the sun is shining brightly in the morning, he can see a lot more clearly.

The physical appearance of these twin loli girls is basically 99 % similar. Lin Yuan didn’t see the difference at first glance.

And they both look very nice and cute, not much worse than Gui Qingtong’s cuteness.

It’s no wonder Yu Shanshan drooled over at the sight of the twins last night.

Today he met again the twins at the gate of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music like he was there yesterday.

The two girls should be the same age as Gui Qingtong. All of them are high school graduates.

But it appears they are very immature and more tender-looking than Gui Qingtong.

It appears the twins had already known about their admission to the school since yesterday. Could it be that they have been notified in advance?

Or it could be that Gui Qingtong has received the news rather late?

All these thoughts flashed through Lin Yuan’s mind.

Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong entered the campus directly.

Walking into the campus, you can see the students from time to time, as well as the architectural sceneries of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Lin Yuan wasn’t able to look so much as Gui Qingtong had pulled him while walking.

Gui Qingtong is a very young girl who hasn’t seen very much of the world, so she seemed excited as she looked at the surroundings.

Touching the tip of Gui Qingtong’s ears, Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong quickly followed the flow of people and the arrows on the ground.

All of them came to the final review session as stated in the notice received by Gui Qingtong.

In fact, they are all admitted already. The final review is just for formality’s sake.

So this event which holds all of the newly admitted students accompanied by their parents in one place can be regarded as a parents’ meeting.

The main thing to do today is to accompany Gui Qingtong as she goes through the formalities.

Soon, Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong both entered the large conference room where the students and their guardians will be gathered together.

There were already quite a few people in the large conference room at this time.

There are also some whom Lin Yuan is familiar with as he had encountered them at the gate earlier.

The people’s attention was caught by Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong.

At this time, seeing Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong come in, the eyes of the people who were already seated, lit up.

This was because Lin Yuan was too handsome and very eye-catching!

And Gui Qingtong looked so pure and lovely, charming, and beautiful.

Lin Yuan looked at the people inside and estimated that there should be thirty to forty people seated already inside.

And on the high platform in front, there are already three teachers seated.

Lin Yuan took Gui Qingtong to their seats and sat down casually.

After sitting down, Lin Yuan saw three teachers on the stage

The man and the woman probably in their 30s and 40s are teachers, while the one in the middle in his 60s was the vice-principal.

After waiting for about five minutes, a voice identified to be from the vice-principal of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, announced the start of the parents’ meeting.

Then after saying some general remarks, the vice principal said: “In fact all of you students here who were recommended all passed our assessments and met our requirements remarkably. We basically have encoded already your enrollment details and information. Today’s final review is just to formally let you all know about your admission to the school.”

“Each of you will have to introduce yourselves and perform your respective musical talents and then you all pass the final review.”

After speaking, the vice principal finally began calling out names.

Those whose names were called introduced themselves and performed their talents, either by singing or being accompanied by their own musical instruments.

About a dozen of people came on stage one after the other.

The vice-principal then read: “Xie Shixuan, Xie Shiyin, please come to the stage.”

Hearing the vice principal’s call, many people looked over to the stage.

It was not because the vice-principal called two peoples’ names at one time. There were also cases when friends get enrolled in groups before or friends who wanted to perform together. There are also these incidents in the previously concluded final reviews.

However, the two names seemed to be names of sisters.

Everyone cast their eyes onto the twin loli girls seated in the front row.

And Lin Yuan also looked at the twin lolis.

He raised his eyebrow when he heard the vice-principal say their names.

Seeing the twins getting up and prepared to go to the stage, Lin Yuan confirmed his theory.

The loli twin’s names should be Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.

As the pair came to the stage, Lin Yuan looked at them with a slight brightness in his eyes.

Although the faces and the figures of the twins are almost the same, they dress differently.

One of the loli twins wore a double ponytail and wears a very cute lolita dress, which made her look more adorable.

There is a shallow smile on her face and had two small dimples. Her personality is obviously more cheerful, lively, and lovely than the other.

The other twin had a single ponytail and wore a JK uniform similar to the one worn by Gui Qingtong. She looks very cute and pure.

There is no expression however on her face which looked rather cold, and the personality is obviously not very cheerful and sunny.

The loli twins looked very cute and pure.

They are both thin and not so tall, probably shorter than Gui Qingtong.

Their appearance is at least 93 points or more base on Lin Yuan’s perspective.

The two have their own characteristics and look very similar, but because they are loli twins, it makes people feel double the cuteness.

Lin Yuan’s eyes were bright mainly because of the names of the loli twins.

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin!

The names of the twins ring a bell as they are also the heroines of the original novel!

But their plot has to be right later.

It seems due to him knowing Gui Qingtong and the others in advance which led him to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music in advance.

He also accompanied Gui Qingtong in her final review and parents’ meeting.

So, he saw the loli twins in advance.

If Lin Yuan guessed it right, the one with the livelier personality and with a double ponytail is the younger sister, Xie Shixuan.

And the one with the colder personality with a single ponytail is Xie Shiyin.

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