Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 290 Double happiness?

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Gui Qingtong was not particularly nervous.

After all, she had been studying music and practicing for a long time and has never been embarrassed in front of other people.

It’s just that Lin Yuan is present today that she wants to perform a little better.

And because she caught a cold today, it may have some effects on her performance.

But under Lin Yuan’s encouragement, Gui Qingtong is full of energy again.

Gui Qingtong mainly performed by showcasing her vocal talent.

She sang a classic song on stage.

Her voice was crisp, and the intonation was clear.

The vice-principal and the teachers nodded.

“Student Gui Qingtong’s singing is very good. But can you try with an instrument?”

It’s really not good to just sing acapella when you are performing.

Other students’ performances are also accompanied by playing the instrument.

This makes an acapella performance a little monotonous.

Gui Qingtong nodded then walked towards Lin Yuan’s seat to ask for her violin.

Instead of handing the violin at once, Lin Yuan extended his arms and reached for Gui Qingtong’s forehead and small face.

Her forehead and face were a little hot.

She has a slight fever since she caught a cold this morning and was coughing.

It was a good thing that Lin Yuan gave Gui Qingtong some medicine earlier which made her feel a little better.

However, Gui Qingtong’s singing was quite physically exhausting just now.

It would not be good for her to sing once more since her throat hasn’t fully recovered yet.

This final review is just for formality’s sake.

Although Gui Qingtong thinks it is perfectly fine for her to sing again while playing the violin, Lin Yuan thinks otherwise.

Lin Yuan felt a little uncomfortable.

So, Lin Yuan didn’t hand her the violin and said, “If you feel uncomfortable, you don’t need to perform. The final review is actually just for formality.”

“Uh…actually, it’s nothing…” Gui Qingtong hesitated.

Although Lin Yuan was right that the final review was nothing important, but this was the students’ first performance and meeting.

Also, everyone else did their best and performed with a musical instrument.

If she can only sing clearly and play the violin, it would have been a bit special.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I understand what you mean. I am saying you don’t need to perform. I didn’t say not to play the violin.”

“Huh?” Gui Qingtong was puzzled.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Your music has a share of what I teach, so if I play, it’s like you played also. Is that okay?”

“Uh…Dad, do you also play the violin? Okay.” Gui Qingtong asked curiously but after feeling Lin Yuan’s genuine concern, she also agreed to him.

She is indeed slightly uncomfortable if she performs forcibly.

Lin Yuan wanted to let Gui Qingtong sit down and rest.

Lin Yuan then stood up.

Lin Yuan smiled directly at the teachers and the vice-principal on the stage and said: “Hello teachers. I am Qingtong’s father. Qingtong is a little sick today. I usually teach her the violin to prepare for this final review. She should have been able to play, but she doesn’t feel good today. How about I play for her? I am confident that she can be at the same level as me.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, the teachers looked at Gui Qingtong.

Gui Qingtong then nodded.

Seeing that Gui Qingtong did seem not looking well, the teachers couldn’t say anything.

There was also a parent and child ensemble before.So, the vice principal nodded and said, “Okay, we can’t let her perform if she is not feeling well… Her Dad can perform for us.”

Lin Yuan is too young.

So when the vice principal addressed Lin Yuan as Gui Qingtong’s father, he felt strange.

Then Lin Yuan, the ‘parent’, came on the stage with Gui Qingtong’s violin on his back under the curious eyes of everyone.

Countless eyes stared at Lin Yuan from the moment he got up on stage because he is really handsome.

Gui Qingtong’s violin bag is pink, but no one thinks it is very feminine having Lin Yuan carry the same on his back, instead it makes people feel gentle and makes Lin Yuan look very handsome.

After coming on stage, everyone looked at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan took out the violin from the pink bag slowly.

After taking out the violin, Lin Yuan spoke again: “I want to ask a classmate of my daughter to help accompany me. Will it be okay?”

The teachers nodded, indicating that it doesn’t matter.

And those classmates of Gui Qingtong, especially the female classmates, upon hearing Lin Yuan asking if someone can accompany him, their eyes lit up!

Lin Yuan looked around for a while and seemed to have glanced upon the double-ponytailed loli Xie Shixuan seated at the front row and said: “I just watched classmate Xie play the piano and did very well. Could you please be my ensemble?”

“Me?!” Xie Shixuan said as she was suddenly spotted by Lin Yuan and was taken aback and surprised.

“Is it okay? Lin Yuan asked with a smile.

“Of course, Xie Shixuan replied quickly.

Many girls around Xie Shixuan had a trace of envy in their eyes.

Because although Lin Yuan claims to be Gui Qingtong’s father, his temperament and appearance are like that of a prince charming.

They find mature men very handsome and more attractive!

Xie Shixuan was actually quite interested in Lin Yuan.

She played the piano very well and was so happy that she can perform next to Lin Yuan on stage.

The double ponytailed loli quickly sat in front of the piano.

Lin Yuan quickly checked his mobile phone and gave Xie Shixuan a music score, “Student Xie Shixuan, did you know Qingtong? Excuse me, just follow this score.”

“Hmm! Okay!"

Seeing Lin Yuan smiling gently at her with that handsome face while talking to her, Xie Shixuan felt that her heart beat faster.

This is mainly due to Lin Yuan’s appearance!

He definitely does not fit being Gui Qingtong’s father!

Also, she has never heard of Gui Qingtong’s father!

It is more probable that he is Gui Qingtong’s brother!

Xie Shixuan is ready to catch up with Gui Qingtong and seek the truth after the final review.

Lin Yuan could see the strange look of Xie Shixuan.

For Lin Yuan helping Gui Qingtong play;

The main reason is that Gui Qingtong wasn’t feeling well that Lin Yuan thinks it would be best for her not to play.

But after helping Gui Qingtong, Lin Yuan is also determined for Xie Shixuan to accompany him.



But of course, it is still more important to help Gui Qingtong with her final review.

So, Lin Yuan slightly shouted to Shen Lan in his mind to add significant attribute points to his violin skills.

He raised it directly to the divine level.

Lin Yuan likes to do things perfectly always.

Putting the bow on the violin strings, Lin Yuan said: “What I want to play is a classic violin piece: ‘Devil’s Trill Sonata’, someone must be familiar or has heard it.”

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