Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 291 Heart!

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Hearing what Lin Yuan said, most people were quite puzzled and obviously had never heard of it.

They just looked forward and wondered what kind of violin music Lin Yuan could play.

He Tao, the vice principal who was seated in the judging seat, and some people who have some knowledge of the violin, like Gui Qingtong looked at Lin Yuan in amazement.

Especially, He Tao, his eyes were very surprised because he knows very well that the musical piece ‘Devil’s Trill Sonata&#apos; is a notoriously difficult piece.

Very few people can pull it off very well.

Even the original author of this piece may not be able to play it very well!

This is a piece known as the deal with the devil!

Lin Yuan gently pulled the bow in his hand and started to play the violin, ignoring the eyes of everyone.


Lin Yuan’s first sound was a slightly harsh sound, without the beauty of music, rather a bit harsh and noisy as if scratching a sharp object on the smooth glass.

Many of the parents present couldn’t help but frown.

Lin Yuan’s performance made them doubt a little that he might have forced himself to perform on the stage because he was worried about his daughter.

Gui Qingtong also looked at Lin Yuan with a trace of worry in her eyes.

But those people who have a knowledge of the piece have their eyes brightened.


Lin Yuan continued to play and the sound coming from the violin suddenly brightened and became high-pitched and then a little lower.

But the sound is still the same as the first sound making people feel uncomfortable.

The sound was a kind of piercing noise made when they used their own nails to scratch the glass.

It’s a kind of sound people simply wouldn’t be happy to listen to.

The parents and the students in the audience were very uncomfortable.

The accompaniment Xie Shixuan also endured the discomfort.

The vice-principal and the teachers, however, looked at Lin Yuan with their eyes becoming brighter. All of them widened their eyes as they stared at Lin Yuan.

After playing several weird and harsh tones in a row, Lin Yuan closed his eyes.

Then, he completely entered a different state.

He immersed his body and mind on the violin in his hand.

Then that slender and white hand, like a devil’s claw, danced slowly and a series of weird and crazy notes immediately came out from the violin in Lin Yuan’s hand.

These weird, wild, and harsh notes spread throughout the conference room at a rapid speed.

Everyone looked at Lin Yuan dumbfounded but still listened inexplicably.

They all felt strange.

The sound coming out from the violin was obviously not good, and even the tone was harsh, but still, the people in the audience couldn’t look away at all.

They obviously cannot close their ears although the sound was very harsh.

But no one covered their ears or anything but instead leaned forward slightly, trying to get as close as possible.

It’s like the whisper of the devil.

Knowing that the sound was bad, they still felt confused.

As Lin Yuan played gradually, everyone in the audience still listened.

As the sound spread to the entire conference room, the originally noisy room seemed like a haunted house.

The sun is still obviously up at this time and there was clearly only the strange and harsh sound, but almost everyone present showed a trace of horror on their faces.

The conference room seemed to turn into a hell-like scene.

It seemed like there are terrifying demons and terrifying faces lurking around them. Those devil’s claws also held a huge horrible sickle about to harvest their lives!

It was like they were exposed in a 4D horror movie, it was really terrifying!


The terrifying atmosphere shocked everyone.

It was actually scarier than watching a horror movie.

All of the people in the audience were shocked, and only a handful of people can remain reluctantly sober.

One of them is He Tao, the vice principal.

“It’s amazing! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! This feeling is horrible! This is ‘The Devil’s Trill’! I didn’t expect him to be able to perform ‘The Devil’s Trill’ so perfectly. This piece makes me tremble! It’s really horrible!”

The eyes of the vice-principal, He Tao, widened and he roared out in silence.

The vice-principal, He Tao, looked at Lin Yuan on the stage in disbelief.

If it wasn’t for the fear of disturbing Lin Yuan, he would have screamed out loud already.

Gui Qingtong also looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

Although Lin Yuan’s violin sounded strange and harsh, but she who also learns the violin knows that Lin Yuan’s playing was very powerful.

The sound was very unpleasant as if one was scraping the glass with nails. It can make the ears swollen and gives one a tingling feeling.

But although the sound was this bad, it still makes people want to listen very much.

It’s a sound that people can’t resist but listen to.

Gui Qingtong only liked Lin Yuan when she saw him playing the piano.

That time when Lin Yuan played the piano was the first time Gui Qingtong saw Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan played the piano very well.

But today, Lin Yuan showed his violin skills.

And it is also very powerful.

She was surprised and curious as to what more was in store from her Brother Lin Yuan!

Gui Qingtong already likes Lin Yuan very much, but now she became more curious and wanted to know him more!

At this time, Xie Shiyin, who had always been cold and quite calm down on the stage, also looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

When she heard the sound of Lin Yuan’s violin, she trembled all over, her eyes widened, her breathing slightly short, and her heart was beating fast.

She, who is cold-tempered, can’t calm down at this time!

There are actually many similarities between the cello and the violin. In fact, Xie Shiyin also likes playing the violin, but the cello is her main expertise.

As for the devil’s trill, she had also played the same.

It is actually a difficult piece.

Playing the violin is not easy. And the devil’s trill is an extremely difficult piece which she herself cannot pull off.

But Lin Yuan looked as if he played it very easily!

It makes people immersed and completely affects their emotions.

Is this really Gui Qingtong’s father?


Xie Shiyin looked at Lin Yuan’s eyes with surprise.

And Xie Shixuan who was Lin Yuan’s accompaniment was equally shocked.

But there was not much trace of shock on her face, only panic and anxiety because compared to the people in the audience, she felt the infectious power of Lin Yuan’s violin more deeply.

It was a wonderful opportunity to accompany a handsome guy like Lin Yuan.

But Xie Shixuan couldn’t be happy.

The sound of Lin Yuan’s violin was too weird and really brought out all the uneasiness, fear, and anxiety in her heart.

She reluctantly looked at Lin Yuan on the stage and felt like there was a devil on the stage. He was not holding a violin, but instead a sickle.

Of course, even if he is a devil, it is a handsome devil…

Xie Shixuan was panting as if Lin Yuan was the devil scratching and hitting hard again and again in her heart!

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