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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1227

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Chapter 1227

Naomi got up on her own, but her ankle hurt badly after taking two steps forward.

Francisco walked over and grabbed her arm. “There’s no need for you to force yourself to walk if it
hurts.” Just as she was about to withdraw her arm, Francisco suddenly picked her up in a bridal carry.

Naomi was shocked. “You-”

“I’ve never seen a woman as dumb as you.” He gnashed his teeth and left the scene with her in his

The sudden plot twist made Naomi feel extremely flustered, and she did not know where she should
keep her eyes fixed on. All she could do was stay in his arms

obediently and quietly, listening to her heart beat at an unreasonably fast rate.

They came to a lounge that was located next to the banquet hall. Francisco put her on the couch and
frowned when he saw that she had been holding her palm. “Open your hand.”

She spread her palm obediently, and a few drops of blood oozed out of the wound on her palm.

Francisco went out and asked the waiter to get him a first-aid kit. After a while, he came in with a first-
aid kit and sat down right next to Naomi.

Naomi looked up at him. “I’ll do it myself.’

“Is it convenient for you to apply ointment with your left hand?” Francisco grabbed her hand, pulled it
closer to him, and started applying the ointment on her wounds without even lifting his head.

She hissed and wanted to withdraw her hand, but he tightened his grasp. “Don’t move.”

Naomi stopped moving and looked scrupulously at how he was applying ‘medicine to herself. The
distance between the two of them was obviously not close, but she felt that it was their first time coming
so close.

She was so close to him that she could count each and every strand of his eyelashes, and the scent of
his shampoo seemed to smell nice. She gulped, but that was when Francisco lifted his head too.

She was startled, so she lowered her head hurriedly, looked away, and withdrew her hand. “Okay.”

She then thought of something and pouted.

“Thank you.”

“What do you like about me?” He stared at her.

Naomi paused for a bit, lowered her head, brushed the gauze that was covering the palm of her hand,
and said casually,” Whatever I like about you, will you change it?” Francisco burst into laughter abruptly
but quickly restrained himself and put on his ordinary look. “Why would you trust me so easily? Are you
not afraid that I’ll deceive your feelings?”

“Usually, men that say this are definitely not cheaters or players.” Naomi murmured. “Because a
cheater or a player won’t reject others.”

Francisco squinted slightly. “Ms. Topaz, do you know anything about playing hard to


She wondered. “Then are you playing hard to get?”

He smiled. “Do you think that I’m doing so?”

She shook her head in a daze. “You… I don’t think so.” Francisco pinched her chin all of a sudden, and
she was stunned as his gradually approaching face filled up her pupils.

She stopped breathing. It was so nerve-racking that she closed her eyes, but all she heard was his
laughter after a while.

Naomi opened her eyes and saw him leaning against the back of the couch and smiling with his palms
covering his face. It was a joy that she had never seen before in her life. She felt like she had been
played again, which made her feel so exasperated that her cheeks started to warm up.

‘That was so embarrassing!

He opened his fingers and looked at her through the gaps. “Did you expect me to kiss you just now?”



“No.” She turned her head away, but her pounding heart had already betrayed her. The atmosphere of
them getting along like this felt very subtle, and it seemed to be a rather scarce scenario.

“It’s time for you to get back to the banquet hall.” Francisco reminded her while supporting his forehead
with one hand.

Naomi remembered instantly that her father was still waiting in the banquet hall. She grabbed her
evening dress and stood up. Her ankle did not hurt as much after a short rest.

She was already at the door when Francisco stopped her. “Naomi.” Naomi stopped and turned her
head in doubt, and the approaching figure stretched out his hands and held her cheeks in his palms.
Not long after that, a warm kiss landed on her forehead.

Naomi was astonished. The facial features that were approaching her eyes became blurred under the
dazzling lights-it was as surreal as a dream.

She still could not return to her senses after Francisco had left. The only sensation that she could feel
at this moment was the warmth on her forehead.

She raised her hand and rubbed the spot.” What… What does that mean?”

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