Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 292 Can’t keep up!

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Lin Yuan continued to play.


When the tune came to the climax of the piece, the already harsh sound became even more high-pitched and sharp.

As Lin Yuan played the climax, Xie Shixuan who was Lin Yuan’s accompaniment couldn’t keep up.

Xie Shixuan’s fingers were already aching, and her emotions very tense as if she was about to lose control. Lin Yuan’s influence on her is really unbearable!

Xie Shixuan accompanied Lin Yuan following her own beat.

Soon, Lin Yuan’s speed became too fast and the tone was too weird.

Her piano skills are good, but Lin Yuan’s violin skill is way better.

So at this time, Xie Shixuan’s playing the piano is already one or two beats slower than Lin Yuan.

Xie Shixuan’s piano could barely follow Lin Yuan’s violin!

Moreover, the original music score that Lin yuan provided Xie Shixuan was even more harsh.

For the people in the audience, she continued to play.

If not for them, she couldn’t stand it herself.

Because the sound was too harsh and uncomfortable, although she still wanted to listen, she couldn’t keep up with Lin Yuan’s speed.

So, Xie Shixuan’s accompaniment slowed down and became soothing and soft.

This soft accompaniment made people feel a little comfortable.

Listening to Lin Yuan’s violin, some people were already shaking. Their pupils dilated and trembled.

There were also tears on their faces, their fists clenched, and they felt extremely overwhelmed.

If it weren’t for Xie Shixuan who is like a soft angel, and her piano sound so soothing and soft, the people in the audience would have been out of control.

Good music can really arouse people’s emotions.

Most music affects the emotions of truth, kindness, and beauty, which make people happy.

There is sweetness even in the memories of sorrow.

But this ‘Devil’s Trill’ is not the case.

It is like there is a devil in hell that seduces the darkest side of your heart and exposes it to the sun.

It makes you experience, confess, reflect, and judge yourself…

This is the art of music, a real art!

With Lin Yuan’s amazing hands, he played the ‘Devil’s Trill’ perfectly!

Until the violin bow in Lin Yuan’s hand stopped, everyone is still immersed in the hell-like scene.

Most of them look frightened and had traces of tears in their eyes.

It took a long time for them to come to their senses.

All of the people who were carried away looked at Lin Yuan in horror.

Lin Yuan is so handsome, but he looked like a devil just now, which made them have a lingering fear of him.

Gui Qingtong looked at Lin Yuan blankly.

She didn’t expect that Lin Yuan can do other things besides singing and playing the piano.

He also plays the violin and even better than her!

But it isn’t a bad thing since she can pester Lin Yuan to teach her more violin.

Xie Shiyin also looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

She also knew Gui Qingtong and she has a good relationship with her.

Gui Qingtong’s father played the violin so well…

She has never seen such a level of violin skills in her life. It was an amazing performance!

And the one who is most surprised is Xie Shixuan, Lin Yuan’s accompaniment.

At this time. Xie Shixuan looked at Lin Yuan blankly while catching her breath.

Playing with Lin Yuan just now made her awfully tired.

It was because Lin Yuan’s speed was really terrifying.

Not only did he play the violin so well, but the tune itself was also very strange so it was difficult for Xie Shixuan to keep up.

Her piano was completely overpowered by Lin Yuan’s violin and was basically behind by half a beat.

The gap became even more obvious later and she was completely dominated by Lin Yuan’s violin.

But the feeling of being completely dominated just now did not make her feel bad.

After the performance, she felt the shock not just in her body but up to her soul.

After playing with Lin Yuan, she realized that she felt overjoyed.

It was so amazing.

Lin Yuan’s violin skills are out of this world.

After the ensemble, Xie Shixuan felt as if her piano skills had improved a little.

It was then the other people’s turn to react this time.

“That was a great performance. The violin is too good! I also play the violin but it is incomparable to this classmate’s father!”

“He looks so handsome, rich, and he also plays the violin so well. But… but he is the father of someone else’s family!”

“What kind of tune was that? It is too horrible!”

“Why is this piece too scary! It’s too difficult and scary to play!”

Everyone in the audience had the same sentiments.

The violin played by Lin Yuan just now made them feel like there was some kind of fear in their hearts.

The people in the audience all looked at the teachers and the vice-principal, curious about what they will have to say, being the most accomplished ones in the field.

Being able to be teachers of the Jiangbei conservatory of Music themselves means they have some exceptional skills up their sleeves.

He Tao, the vice principal of the Jiangebei Conservatory of Music stood up and said: “The piece is called ‘The Devil’s Trill’. It is actually one of the classic violin pieces. Of course, it is not too popular because of its style, but it is definitely one of the classic pieces.”

“The composer of ‘The Devil’s Trill&#apos; is Giuseppe Tartini. Legend has it that Giuseppe Tartini dreamed of learning the most difficult and amazing violin techniques in the world, so in a dream, he once sold his soul to the devil in exchange for such amazing violin skills. It is said that the devil played for him this terrifying piece of music.”

“After waking up from his dream, he immediately wrote down the music scores from his memory, which is the piece we know now. And, even Tartini himself once admitted that he might not be able to perform the piece perfectly. So this piece is a piece that only the devil can play!”


Hearing He Tao’s comments and insights, everyone was surprised and stunned.

This is the devil’s tune in exchange for his soul.

It appears like a myth, but after listening to Lin Yuan’s performance, it makes it more believable.

No wonder they felt uncomfortable and anxious when they heard it for the first time. It was as if they fell down in the Abyss of Hell, but they still chose to stay and listen further.

He Tao, the vice-principal, then continued: “There is no need to elaborate more on this myth. It should all be based on the specific effect the performance leaves to its audience.”

“I have attended countless major concerts and met with a countless internationally renowned violinist who attempted to play this piece, and I have never seen such a successful performance.”

“But I saw one today! The father of Gui Qingtong played such a difficult piece perfectly! The masters I have encountered before do not even have a tenth of your skills!”

“But this mister really played the piece perfectly. Too great!”

“Can I take this opportunity to ask this gentleman’s name?” The vice-principal asked cautiously.

As an artist, he sincerely admires the level of Lin Yuan’s violin skills which is comparable or even surpassing that of a master.

So there was a kind of respect even in the vice principal’s tone.

Lin Yuan replied with a smile: “of course, my name is uh…Gui Yuan.”

“Gui…Gui Yuan?” The vice-principal suddenly swallowed and felt that the name sounded a bit strange. Also, he hasn’t heard any violin master by this name.

Others also felt that there was something strange in the name.

Gui Qingtong looked surprised when he heard Lin Yuan change his surname to ‘Gui’.

And Xie Shixuan muttered silently and looked at Lin Yuan.


After doubting for a few seconds, vice-principal He Tao finally remembered the main purpose why he asked the gentleman’s name. Then he quickly said: “Mr. Gui Yuan, I have a shameless request!”

“The level of your violin skills is the best thing I have ever witnessed in my life. I have seen the best of the best in the past 40 or 50 years, but none can compare to you! Our school is short of violin masters. Can I invite you to teach in our school? This school is willing to give you the highest salary!”

Everyone was surprised that vice principal He Tao had so sincerely invited Lin Yuan to teach in the school.

But when he heard vice-principal, He Tao’s words, Lin Yun shook his head and refused: “Sorry, I am not very interested in teaching.”

He Tao was sincerely amazed and wanted to recruit Lin Yuan into the school. He gritted his teeth and added a price tag: “In addition to the highest salary, I will also give you the same status as me. I will suggest it to the principal and I promise you that it is possible!”

Hearing He Tao’s words, everyone was even more surprised.

Lin Yuan still shook his head and said: “Thank you for the vice principal’s attention, but I am really not interested.”

The vice-principal He Tao shook his head and sighed and could only sit down helplessly.

He felt a little bitter.

Although he did not see Lin Yuan’s Bugatti Veyron, he could see that Lin Yuan’s watch is a limited edition Vacheron Constantin, which was probably worth over ten million.

He was also wearing a kind of customized suit which is from a not so famous brand, but very luxurious and low-key.

He is probably not just an ordinary person.

The fact that he tried to persuade him into giving him the same position as his and various top treatments are really enticing for ordinary people.

But it doesn’t seem attractive to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan put the violin down and was ready to return to Gui Qingtong.

But Lin Yuan suddenly remembered the phone he gave to Xie Shixuan which contained the music score.

Lin Yun went to take the cellphone.

Picking up the phone, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Thank you classmate Xie Shixuan for your accompaniment.”

“It’s okay. I know Qingtong. You can just call me Shixuan.” Xie Shixuan was seated at the piano bench and shook Lin Yuan’s hands repeatedly.

“Are you not getting up?” Lin Yuan asked Xie Shixuan who looked as if she was glued on the piano stool and was sitting on it with a very weird posture.

“Uh…that…my legs are a bit weak…” Xie Shixuan was still trembling at this time and there was a lot of sweat on her little head.

Lin Yuan knew why.

Because Lin Yuan just played ‘The Devil’s Trill’ with his divine-level violin skills plus this horrible piece is really terrifying.

And Xie Shixuan who accompanied him was the one who obviously received the biggest impact.

This kid must still be suffering.

Lin Yuan knew this too so he asked specifically with a gentle smile on his face while stretching put his hand, “Should I pull you up?”

“Ah?! O…Ok! Thank…Thank you!” Xie Shixuan’s heart beat a little fast inexplicably when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

Then Xie Shixuan stretched out her small white hand and held Lin Yuan’s big hand.

Lin Yuan grabbed the tender white hand and pulled Xie Shixuan up to her feet.

“Ok…Ok!” Feeling the warmth from Lin Yuan’s palm, Xie Shixuan’s heart beat a little faster.

Although she had never held hands with the opposite sex before, she tried not to have any malice in her head. After all… this man is Gui Qingtong’s father!

She and Gui Qingtong are good friends and have a good relationship!

How could she have weird thoughts for the father of her friend?

It’s a big no!

That’s not right!

Xie Shixuan shook her head and expelled the strange thoughts about Gui Qingtong’s father, wanting to get into her head.

But she found out it wouldn’t work.

So Xie Shixuan made a decision.

After stepping down, she decided she would go directly to Gui Qingtong to find out the real identity of this man.

She might also ask for his contact information!

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