Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 293 Cute things!

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After Lin Yuan helped Xie Shixuan get up from the stage, he then returned to his seat.

After Lin Yuan’s performance on behalf of Gui Qingtong, the final review became difficult to proceed with since he had set a very high standard.

Originally, it was just some sort of formality, but Lin Yuan’s performance sets the bar high.

The devilish sound is still lingering in their minds and they couldn’t listen to anything else.

Fortunately, it was just a formality otherwise the people in the audience would have reacted negatively and there will be problems with teachers’ grading.

As soon as he returned to his seat, Gui Qingtong looked at Lin Yuan with a trace of admiration in her small eyes.

“Wow! Brother Lin Yuan… I mean Dad, you can also play the violin?” Gui Qingtong was very surprised.

“Of course. Did you forget? I taught you?” Lin Yuan smiled.

Noticing the strange gaze around, Gui Qingtong nodded quickly and said: “Hmm, Dad, you have to teach me more when we go back home!”

The final review and introduction will soon be all over.

After this, there will be an intermission and then there will be a parents’ meeting. This will be when they will introduce the general enrollment procedures and so on.

During the break time, a lot of girls leaned towards Lin Yuan openly some secretly.

Lin Yuan looks very rich and handsome.

And he doesn’t look like an ordinary man.

He even looks much better than top male stars.

He owns a 50 million Bugatti Veyron and a more than 10 million watch.

Coupled with the amazing violin skills, it really makes people feel mysterious, elegant, and handsome.

Some of the girls were pushed by their parents to get closer to Gui Qingtong and Lin Yuan while some others were just fascinated.

Most of the young girls who study music have good looks.

The beautiful young girls who come to him are also a feast for the eyes.

So just like that, Lin Yuan saw many beautiful women, but his facial expression did not even fluctuate.

He just dealt with them casually.

And Gui Qingtong who was planning on protecting Lin Yuan did not expect to be poked and called by someone.

Gui Qingtong saw her good friends, the loli twins, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.

After greeting Lin Yuan, Gui Qingtong squeezed out immediately.

“What’s the matter?” Gui Qingtong asked the loli twins.

Xie Shiyin’s complexion was cold and she didn’t speak.

Xie Shixuan took the initiative to smile and said: “Qingtong, I just want to ask, is that really your father? I have never seen your father before. He is so young and handsome. Is he your brother…”?

“No! He is my father! Xie Shixuan, why did you ask?” Gui Qingtong interrupted Xie Shixuan without even letting her finish.

As a woman, no as a girl, she sensed something with her instincts and felt that Xie Shixuan was a threat in her relationship with Lin Yuan!

Being suddenly interrupted by Gui Qingtong, Xie Shixuan became stiff and then smiled and said: “He is really your father? I was just curious and wanted to meet your father. Your father’s violin is really good. I felt very good being his accompaniment. It had made a lot of improvements in my skills, so I want to get to know him more.

“Hmm…Aren’t you good already in piano? The violin seems to have nothing to do with you…” Gui Qingtong put her fingers on her lips, and she looked a little confused.

Xie Shixuan had no idea why Gui Qingtong’s face looked wary.

Only Gui Qingtong knew that there are already beautiful girls lurking around Lin Yuan.

There is Yan Ruyue, Chi Qian, Qiao Siying… As for Yu Shanshan, she doesn’t know if she is counted.

In short, there is already a lot.

She is very determined to marry Lin Yuan in the future, so she must be cautious of all the other women.

She knows very well how cute Xie Shixuan is!

Xie Shixuan was still clueless as to why Gui Qingtong was so defensive.

Turning her head, Xie Shixuan said: “Although your father plays the violin and I play the piano, I really felt a lot of improvement in my skills just after our ensemble. I suppose he also plays the piano very well. I really want to get to know him!”

Gui Qingtong was quite surprised when she heard Xie Shixuan’s words.

Did she know Lin Yuan even plays the piano?

Is Xie Shixuan really just amazed and wanted to ask for more advice?

“Okay!” Gui Qingtong finally nodded. After all, they are classmates and she has a good relationship with Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.

Then under the leadership of Gui Qingtong, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin approached Lin Yuan.

The loli twins are really cute.

One is with a double ponytail and wore a black lolita dress.

The other is with a single ponytail, wore a JK uniform, and white knee-length socks.

They look like cute things which can make otakus get excited when they see them.

The two being together even doubles the excitement!

Lin Yuan didn’t expect that the loli twins would take the initiative to approach him.

It seems that it was Xie Shixuan who initiated to approach him. She is the lively and cheerful one after all. Xie Shiyin has nothing to do with this since her personality is more introverted.

Lin Yuan noticed that Xie Shixuan looked at him with a little excitement and shyness in her eyes.

As for her sister Xie Shiyin’s eyes, they are relatively cold.

He deduced consistent with their personalities.

Lin Yuan asked with a smile on his face: “Qingtong, what’s the matter?”

Gui Qingtong started to introduce the twins: “Dad, these are my classmates and my friends. You should have seen them when they introduced themselves just now. This is Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.”

“Uncle…Hello Uncle…”

“Hello, uncle…”

When both of the loli twins called Lin Yuan ‘Uncle’, Lin Yuan looked stiff.

But after thinking about his introduced identity as Gui Qingtong’s father, it seems to be just fine.

“I still preferred to be called ‘Brother’.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Xie Shiyin did not speak.

Xie Shixuan smiled immediately and said, “Hello Brother.”

Hearing Xie Shixuan’s sweet greetings. Gui Qingtong’s eyes looked suspicious.

So Gui Qingtong immediately interrupted: “My classmate said she wants to ask you about piano skills…”

When Gui Qingtong spoke, Xie Shixuan nodded immediately. “I feel that my piano skills have improved a lot very quickly after working with you Brother! So, I want to ask Brother about music. Can I have your contact information? QQ, WeChat, Alipay is fine!”

Without waiting for Gui Qingtong to finish speaking. Xie Shixuan said a lot of words out of anxiousness.


“Uh…Slip of the tongue…”

Lin Yuan is obviously not a very decent gentleman. He is originally interested in the loli twins so he naturally agreed to Xie Shixuan’s request and gave his contact information.

In order not to look as if she was rushing, Xie Shixuan asked Lin Yuan several questions about the piano.

Lin Yuan answered all of them one by one.

Then Xie Shixuan asked suddenly: “Um…Are you really Gui Qingtong’s father? You are so young and handsome…”

Although Xie Shixuan asked Gui Qingtong just now, Xie Shixuan still feels there is something wrong since Lin Yuan is too young which makes it impossible for her to believe.

Not only was Xie Shixuan curious, but even her sister Xie Shiyin is also curious about this.

Those calm eyes also stared at Lin Yuan and waited for an answer.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect them to ask about it.

At this time, a system prompt appeared in Lin Yuan’s mind.

【Ding! Xie Shixuan is curious about the relationship between you and Gui Qingtong! Please make a choice!】

【Option 1: Tell Shixuan your real identity that you are not Gui Qingtong’s father. Reward: ‘Advanced Chef’!】

【Option 2: Don’t tell Xie Shixuan your real identity and admit that you are Gui Qingtong’s father. Reward: Advanced Hacker!】

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