Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 294 A beautiful scene

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Faced with the two options, Lin Yuan thought for a little while.

In fact, either one he chooses, the impact on him is not that great.

Both rewards are actually very useful.

But the cooking skills, he does not intend to do it often.

Of course, the hacking skill isn’t also commonly used.

At this time, Gui Qingtong hugged Lin Yuan’s arm and shook it a few times.

Lin Yuan saw Gui Qingtong slightly pouting her mouth and there was a begging look in her eyes.

Lin Yuan then immediately decided what to choose.

【The second option is selected! Do not tell Xie Shixuan your real identity!】

【Reward: Advanced hacker! (Issued after the selection were performed)】

After choosing, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Yes. I am Gui Qingtong’s father.”

“Hehe.” Gui Qingtong laughed happily when she heard Lin Yuan’s answer.

Lin Yuan chose the second one because he came today as Gui Qingtong’s father. If he admits that he is only her brother now, Gui Qingtong will probably be a little unhappy.

And the reward of having hacking skills will be more useful than the cooking, right?

If he chooses to introduce himself as the elder brother, it would obviously be better from the loli twins&#apos; perspective.

As for the strategy of winning the loli twins, Lin Yuan is still confident.

So, he is not in a hurry at this time.

It doesn’t matter if he clarifies it later.

Hearing Lin Yuan ascertaining that he is indeed his father, Gui Qingtong was very happy.

Xie Shixuan was a little disappointed.

But Xie Shixuan is still satisfied since she was able to get Lin Yuan’s contact information.

After chatting with Lin Yuan for a while, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin also left.

After leaving, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin talked to each other.

Xie Shixuan: “Sister, do you think that brother is really Qingtong’s father? I still can’t believe it! How can he be so young and he also told us that he prefers we call him ‘Brother’. I think he is definitely not her father.”

Xie Shiyin: “I also don’t know…”

Xie Shixuan: “Well, sister, you seem cold and not interested. I’ll think about it myself…”

“In all likelihood, this brother is not Qingtong’s father. He is lying to me! I checked his WeChat and sure enough, this brother is surnamed Lin, not Gui!”

“But Gui Qingtong and brother Lin both admitted…I heard that Qingtong’s family is actually very rich, especially her mother…”

“Could it be that brother Lin was being raised by Qingtong’s mother, a rich woman, and is now bearing the burden of making it up to Qingtong’s family?”

“Brother Lin is so handsome. The possibility that he is not Qingtong’s father is very high! I have to investigate further. If it is true, I shall rescue Brother Lin!”

Xie Shixuan clenched her small fist and in her mind, she had already produced scenes from an afternoon drama.

It seemed like she felt the same burden Lin Yuan was carrying, trembling under the abuse of a rich woman.

Lin Yuan had no idea that Xie Shixuan was already thinking such things in her mind.

Lin Yuan only concentrated on the matters discussed during the parents’ meeting.

After instructing Gui Qingtong on some more important matters, Lin Yuan was about to leave.

This was because he doesn’t need to accompany Gui Qingtong in the other proceedings since all were just some sort of formality.

Lin Yuan planned on looking for Chi Qian.

Before going out of the conference room, Lin Yuan messaged Chi Qian.

Chi Qian actually asked him if they can practice ensemble when they both have the time.

Lin Yuan promised that he would help Chi Qian out and Chi Qian only wanted to play with Lin Yuan.

Gui Qingtong actually has to do things that will need queueing up, so Lin Yuan need not accompany her.

Gui Qingtong had to go to other places and she had to undergo all these alone.

So, Lin Yuan planned on going to Chi Qian first and told Gui Qingtong to do the rest on her own.

Having accompanied a very smart and independent girl, it would not be a difficult task for Gui Qingtong.

After telling Gui Qingtong that she had to do the rest alone, Gui Qingtong nodded in agreement.

After all, Gui Qingtong is not a kid anymore.

On the contrary, she is very mature and independent coming from a single-parent family.

Since Mei Yuxian is always busy, she had learned to do things on her own.

Lin Yuan touched Gui Qingtong’s little ear and then walked out of the conference room.

As soon as he walked out, he received another message from Chi Qian.

Chi Qian: “Brother Lin Yuan, come and do an ensemble with me. It’s been a long time since I last played with you. I am kind of looking forward to it a little. (smile)~…”

Seeing that Chi Qian’s problem with the use of smileys hasn’t changed, Lin Yuan smiled. Shook his head and said, “Okay. Where are you? I’ll go there now.”

Chi Qian:” Building G Room 403. It is the building of the piano department. The room is next to the piano room on the fourth floor. (smile). My phone is out of power and will shut down at any moment. Just come here, Brother Lin Yuan. (smile)”

Lin Yuan: "Okay."

But just after replying, Lin Yuan felt something was wrong.

He thought Chi Qian told him that she was at the teaching building of the piano department.

But where exactly is the teaching building of the piano department?

Lin Yuan hurriedly sent a message and asked where the building was.

But Chi Qian didn’t reply for a long time.

Her phone had probably shut down already.

Lin Yuan checked the map and looked for building G.

He found that there are a number of Building G in the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

There are also several teaching buildings of the piano department.

Lin Yuan was not so clear about where exactly Chi Qian was.

Today, the school gate is locked and he didn’t drive his car in. It would be difficult to search the buildings one by one.

So, Lin Yuan decided to call his guide.

Lin Yuan called Yu Shanshan directly, “Hello? Shanshan?”

“Brother? What’s the matter? Why did you call me all of a sudden? I am a little busy. Hey Xiaofang, come here and eat this piece of meat. Don’t be shy Xiaoxue, this piece of meat is yours, baby…” Yu Shanshan asked while talking as if she was eating with her wives.

“Didn’t I tell you I will come to the school today to accompany Gui Qingtong? I will need to see Chi Qian. She wanted to practice ensemble with me. She said she was in G403. Where exactly is it?” Lin Yuan asked.

“G403 is…” Yu Shanshan thought for a while but she couldn’t think clearly how to direct Lin Yuan.

“Forget it. I will show you the way. I am done with whatever I’m busy with.” Yu Shanshan said cheerfully.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded and liked Yu Shanshan’s response.

Yu Shanshan came quite quickly.

Lin Yuan only waited for about ten minutes.

Yu Shanshan walked over and was coming with three pretty girls.

They are all pretty little girls.

After all, it is the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music that is dominated by beautiful people.

Also, Yu Shanshan is quite picky with her wives.

With her three ‘wives’, Yu Shanshan came to Lin Yuan.

“Cousin, you seem to be lost and troubled.” Yu Shanshan smiled.

"Yeah." Lin Yuan nodded.

“For this little problem of yours, I will help you and will show you the way. But I want to be compensated. I don’t want your money or properties. I just want you to call me Sister Shanshan. How about that? It is not too much, right?” Yu Shanshan smiled.

Thinking that Lin Yuan could call her Sister Shanshan, she was all smiles.

Lin Yuan stepped forward and Yu Shanshan stepped back vigilantly covering her face to avoid being pinched again in the face and be embarrassed in front of her wives.

Seeing Yu Shanshan’s vigilance, Lin Yuan stopped from what he was about to do and said with a smile, “Of course. What you asked is indeed not that excessive.”

“Alright! Hurry up then and call me Sister Shanshan and I shall take you to where Qian Qian is.”

Yu Shanshan thought Lin Yuan had given in and so she had already wanted to celebrate her victorious feat.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “It is not too much, but I won’t accept your help.”

Lin Yuan then turned to the wives of Yu Shanshan and asked: “Beautiful ladies, I take the liberty to ask you. Do you know where G403 is?”

After hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Yu Shanshan’s wives had a trace of pleasure in their eyes.

And, they rushed to answer one by one.

“I know! I know where G403 is! I’ll take you there!”

“Let me take you there too! Are you Yu Shanshan’s cousin? You are so handsome…”

“I go there often for my classes. I know it best! Can you leave me your contact information? You are so handsome!”

Yu Shanshan was dumbfounded as she witnesses her wives cheating in front of her.

She forgot about Lin Yuan’s physical appearance.

With Lin Yuan’s charm, doesn’t it look like she was bringing her wives here as gifts?

Yu Shanshan regretted bringing her wives very much.

Seeing that her wives were fighting among each other on who shall lead Lin Yuan the way, Yu Shanshan lowered and her and said in a sad and frustrated tone: “I’ll show you the way. I lost to you again.”

And Lin Yuan looked at Yu Shanshan with a smile and pinched her in the face.

And so, under the guidance of Yu Shanshan, Lin Yuan found his way to G403.

Before going inside, Lin Yuan peeked at the door.

Sure enough, he saw a beautiful girl waiting inside.

Under the light of the bright morning sun, the beautiful girl seemed to be dressed in a layer of lightly woven gauze.

Her face was so beautiful and enchanting. It was so suffocating.

And the white and slender fingers of this beautiful girl touched the piano keys, flying above it dexterously.

The scene is so dreamy and illusory.

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