Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 296 Chi Qian and Qingtong’s encounter!

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Lin Yuan and Chi Qian looked and smiled at each other again.

This kind of tacit understanding influences others to feel good as well.

Chi Qian smiled and said: “Although Brother Lin Yuan, you can really play the violin very well, let me play it instead and you play the piano. After all, my current exam project is the violin.”

“Okay.” Lin Yuan smiled and nodded.

Then he practiced with Chi Qian for a while.

Yu Shanshan, however, who had planned on taking Lin Yuan to Chi Qian and leaving with her wives was listening to the intoxicating words of her wives who didn’t want to leave until their feet are sore.

This is because the sound of Lin Yuan’s piano and Chi Qian’s violin this time is so nice.

Both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian played a kind of music that can cleanse the body and mind.

It was not just Yu Shanshan and her wives who stood outside to watch.

After the piano class in the next room has ended, the students and teachers swarmed over to watch.

The level of the two is indeed comparable to that of the teachers of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Most of the students were girls and they all looked closely at Lin Yuan.

Of course, there are also those whose eyes were fixed on Chi Qian.

This is because their looks are really perfect.

“They are amazing! I feel that they are playing very well. The piano sounds well, and so does the violin!”

“Yes! And their looks are good! I really like them! So handsome and beautiful!”

“It makes me feel a bit sour. They are so good-looking, and they have such great music skills. They look so good together.” Someone from the crowd of onlookers said.

After Lin Yuan and Chi Qian played together for a while, they stopped at the same time.

“Are we almost done?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Yes. Almost.” Chi Qian nodded.

They have such a high degree of understanding that translates into the ensemble.

It’s as if they can almost clearly perceive each other’s emotions.

With slight fluctuations, the two stopped almost at the same time.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian felt that they were almost done practicing.

And there are already too many onlookers which grow every minute.

So, after packing up their things, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian planned to leave.

In the eyes of everyone who followed them closely, Lin Yuan let Yu Shanshan, the campus bully, clear the way.

After going downstairs, Yu Shanshan slipped away and Lin Yuan and Chi Qian were left in front of the building.

“I’m going to find Qingtong.” Lin Yuan said.

“Let me accompany and show you and your friend around the campus.” Chi Qian smiled.

Lin Yuan had thought that maybe Chi Qian could show Gui Qingtong around the campus, but Chi Qian actually took the initiative to mention it.

“The direction to your dormitory is over there. Let’s go together so you can return your violin first.” Lin Yuan said.

Chi Qian then said: “No need. Give me the violin. I will just carry it on my back.”

When they were going downstairs through the people from the crowd, Lin Yuan carried Chi Qian’s violin on his back.

Chi Qian is still a little embarrassed to trouble others even if she is already familiar with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “It’s okay. Let me help you carry it. I am strong after all. Have you forgotten that you lost when we were fighting?”

Hearing Lin Yuan making her remember their fight, Chi Qian suddenly remembered that physical contact they had, and her pretty face turned red.

Then, she nodded immediately and said: “Okay. I shall trouble you.”

Lin Yuan sent a message to Gui Qingtong to which Gui Qingtong responded that she is also almost done with all the procedures for the admission.

Then, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian went to where Gui Qingtong was.

What they didn’t expect was they ran to Gui Qingtong while on the road.

“Brother Lin Yuan…Dad!” Lin Yuan heard a female voice and immediately turned his head only to find out that it was Gui Qingtong.

Lin Yuan immediately walked over to Gui Qingtong with Chi Qian.

“Dad, you’re here.” The dress Gui Qingtong was wearing swayed as she also rushed towards Lin Yuan with some small steps.

“Why are you here Qingtong? Are things going well?” Lin Yuan touched the tips of Gui Qingtong’s ears.

“There is no problem.” Gui Qingtong shook her head.

Then she spoke again and asked, “This is…?”

Gui Qingtong had a wary look in her eyes.

There is a pretty girl again, and she is a super pretty one!

And she noticed that Lin Yuan was carrying a violin bag on his back, probably owned by this beautiful girl next to him.

Gui Qingtong felt that she had seen her before. She just didn’t pay attention to her name.

Chi Qian also looked at Gui Qingtong.

Hearing Gui Qingtong calling Lin Yuan ‘father’, and Lin Yuan having no objection, Chi Qian smiled.

Although she didn’t understand why, she thinks it’s a bit funny to hear Lin Yuan being called a ‘father’.

Lin Yuan immediately introduced each other to both parties.

“This is your senior and my good friend, Chi Qian. Her music skill is also very good, and she knows a lot of things. You can ask her if you have any questions in the future.”

“This is Gui Qingtong, a very cute kid.”

“She is a freshman admitted to your school this year. Her mother and I are good friends, so please take care of her. I came here today to accompany her to go through the formalities and attend the parents’ meeting.”

Lin Yuan introduced Chi Qian and Gui Qingtong to each other.

This may be the reason why Gui Qingtong called him father.

Chi Qian knew him after all, and there is nothing to hide.

Chi Qian nodded indicating that she understood and Gui Qingtong also nodded.

The look in Gui Qingtong’s eyes was quite alert because Chi Qian is so good-looking.

Regardless of appearance, temperament, and figure, they are all perfect.

She appears much better than Yan Ruyue, the strong rival she thought of before.

This person seems too difficult.

And it seems that Lin Yuan calls her Qian Qian?

How could this be?

Gui Qingtong’s small head was spinning fast.

And just when Gui Qingtong was thinking, she suddenly saw a white and delicate hand stretched out in front of her.

“Hello, schoolmate Gui Qingtong.”

Gui Qingtong looked up and saw Chi Qian’s beautiful face.

Chi Qian took the initiative to greet her and shake hands first.

Gui Qingtong quickly stretched out her small white hand, grabbed Chi Qian’s hand, and shook it.

“Hello, Senior sister Chi Qian.” Gui Qingtong said hello as quickly as she can.

Because of the mixed thoughts in Gui Qingtong’s little head, her reaction was slow at this time, her movements a little stiff.

But it was a little cute.

Chi Qian’s face also had a light smile.

Seeing Chi Qian’s perfect face with a fascinating smile, Gui Qingtong let out a short breath.

This girl is too good-looking.

She is too perfect.

Even if she is tall, and had a very perfect appearance, her every move is so decent and attractive.


Gui Qingtong was a little desperate.

She felt that she can’t fight against such a perfect girl or even be hostile towards her.

But what if Chi Qian is willing to fight against her for Lin Yuan.

She can’t just give up.

After Gui Qingtong and Chi Qian were introduced to each other, Lin Yuan asked them to exchange contact information and so on.

Then, Chi Qian and Gui Qingtong walked around Jiangbei Conservatory of Music with Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian, the school flower walking around, naturally attracted the attention of a lot of people.

Seen with the same youthful and beautiful Gui Qingtong, they attracted even more attention.

And seeing Lin Yuan walking in between the two beautiful girls, countless men’s eyes were full of envy.

Chi Qian doesn’t say much.

She is the perfect goddess, the undisputed invincible school flower.

And there was this another girl who looks pure and cute.

And she looks like a fresh man who just got admitted.

Who can stand such a sight!

Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Gui Qingtong ignore the gazes of the people around them.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian accompanied Gui Qingtong around the campus.

After looking around for a while, the awkwardness passed and Gui Qingtong was also much relaxed.

At this time, Gui Qingtong saw again Chi Qian’s violin bag on Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

Thinking of Chi Qian again, she suddenly felt a little sour.

She still couldn’t help but said, “Brother Lin Yuan, I have been carrying the violin all this while…I feel so tired…”

Gui Qingtong is acting like a baby directly.

And her meaning is so obvious.

The expression in her eyes was also very obvious, and her love for Lin Yuan isn’t hidden or concealed at all.

Both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian noticed it.

Chi Qian also smiled lightly.

Lin Yuan also smiled.

Chi Qian spoke first. “Brother Lin Yuan give me mine. I’ll just carry it on my back.”

Chi Qian took the initiative to say.

Lin Yuan shook his head, then touched Gui Qingtong’s head and said, “Sorry Qingtong. You are tired. I forgot that you are also carrying your violin bag. Give it to me and I will carry it for you.”

Gui Qingtong is not very tired, in fact.

She just asked Lin Yuan to put down Chi Qian’s and then carry hers.

But she didn’t expect Lin Yuan to take hers directly.

Lin Yuan carried both of the violin bags.

“Brother Lin Yuan, I’m actually not tired. I’ll just carry it on my own.” Seeing Lin Yuan carrying two violin bags on his back, Gui Qingtong felt a little distressed.

“Brother Lin Yuan, you should give me mine.” Chi Qian also smiled.

Lin Yuan shook his head and said: “It’s okay. It’s really not that heavy.”

For him who had 200 physique attributes, there is really little difference between one or ten violins.

Hearing this, Chi Qian and Gui Qingtong couldn’t say anything.

Gui Qingtong regretted for acting like a baby and for being jealous.

She then took the initiative to take Lin Yuan’s arms.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian couldn’t help but laugh.

Chi Qian took Gui Qingtong and Lin Yuan around the campus.

And then, Lin Yuan sent Chi Qian back to the dormitory.

Lin Yuan also left Jiangbei Conservatory of Music because everything that needs to be done is basically done.

After sending Gui Qingtong home, Lin Yuan contacted Jiang Rou and Qiu Wanxi on the phone and sent them a message.

It is said that Qiu Wanxi was discharged from the hospital.

Then, it was because it was necessary to recuperate, Qiu Wanxi stayed in Lin Yuan’s Riverview villa.

Qiu Wanxi then replied: “Young Master, I will clean the villa and wait for you.”

Lin Yuan smiled and replied: “Not only must you clean the villa, but Wanxi must also wash herself clean. I will ‘eat’ you when I get there.”

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