Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 297 Vice President Lin Xiang!

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After leaving Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, Lin Yuan sent Gui Qingtong back to the Mei family mansion.

He stopped at the entrance and dropped Gui Qingtong.

After getting of Lin Yuan’s car, Gui Qingtong was obviously still very reluctant.

Standing in front of the Mei family mansion, Gui Qingtong turned her head and said: “Brother Lin Yuan, are you just leaving like this? Would you like to stay for lunch?”

“No Qingtong. You just have to eat well. You are weak so you must eat well.”

“Okay…” Gui Qingtong shut her mouth, and she just couldn’t bear parting with Lin Yuan every time.

She wanted to be with Lin Yuan forever.

The Mei family mansion is obviously big. If her mother agrees…

However, she knew that Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan are both very busy people, and her mother won’t agree with them living together.

After thinking about it, Gui Qingtong leaned the violin bag on her back against the door and then ran towards Lin Yuan.

When she came to the car, Gui Qingtong said: “Brother Lin Yuan, I want a hug before you leave.”

Lin Yuan smiled and shook his head.

Then he reluctantly went out of the car and said: “How did you become more and more clingy Qingtong.”

“Because Mom said that I can marry Brother Lin Yuan after I got admitted and graduated from the university. I’m one step closer, and of course, I have to stick myself to you well so you won’t be snatched away from me by other bad women!” Gui Qingtong said directly.

Lin Yuan smiled helplessly and shook his head as he witnessed the serious look on Gui Qingtong’s little face.

Gui Qingtong already acts like this. He couldn’t imagine what would happen if Gui Qingtong learns about the relationship between him and Mei Yuxian…

Gui Qingtong didn’t know what Lin Yuan was thinking at this time.

She opened and stretched out her hands directly, and hugged Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also stretched out his hands and hugged Gui Qingtong.

Originally Lin Yuan thought that Gui Qingtong just hugged him and that was it.

But what he didn’t expect was after he hugged Gui Qingtong’s petite body, Gui Qingtong tiptoed, pursed her lips, and kissed him.

Obviously, at this time, Gui Qingtong’s goal was very ambitious.

Compared to her kisses earlier which were on the cheeks, Gui Qingtong aimed at Lin Yuan’s lips this time!

She is still very young, but she wanted to experience these things.

But due to the height difference, Gui Qingtong only managed to kiss Lin Yuan’s chin.

The scene was a bit awkward.

Gui Qingtong&#apos;s cheeks turned red.

Wiping the saliva from his chin, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “What’s on your mind little pervert?”

“Who makes Brother Lin Yuan so attractive?” Gui Qingtong smiled and seemed to have recovered from embarrassment.

Gui Qingtong’s words made Lin Yuan felt a little bit contradictory.

She is such a cute girl yet speaks like an old lady.

Lin Yuan smiled and held Gui Qingtong’s little head, and then kissed her on the forehead.

Feeling the warmth and moistness of Lin Yuan’s lips, Gui Qingtong’s face was surprised and blushed.

“Go in. Eat well. I’ll leave first.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Okay!” Gui Qingtong nodded with excitement.

Watching Gui Qingtong come in, Lin Yuan returned to the car and picked up his phone.

Lin Yuan just said to Qiu Wanxi that he would ‘eat’ her tonight.

Qiu Wanxi also replies: “Okay…I will wait for the young master to come home tonight…”

Seeing Qiu Wanxi’s reply, Lin Yuan could imagine how shy she would have been at this time.

Indeed, Qiu Wanxi who was staying at Lin Yuan’s Riverview villa was looking at the phone with blushing cheeks.

After instructing Qiu Wanxi to eat well and take care of her body, another message popped up.

It was a message from Yan Ruyue.

The message from Yan Ruyue read as: “Can I ask you out to go out this afternoon? You said I need to be in touch with you for my treatment…”

Yan Ruyue said earlier that as long she has the time, she would go out with him these coming days.

Lin Yuan had refused once before because of something.

This time he agreed and didn’t refuse the invitation.

Lin Yuan replied: “Okay.”

Yan Ruyue said again: “Could you please come and pick me up at the company? If it’s inconvenient for you, I can go to where you are.”

Lin Yuan replied: “Okay. I will go your company to find you in the afternoon.”

After all, Yan Ruyue went to the Lin Group to find him before.

This time Lin Yuan went to Yan Ruyue’s company to pick her up.

He made sure to meet with Yan Ruyue this afternoon and go to her company to pick her up.

Lin Yuan then closed the conversation box.

Then, Lin Yuan drove back home.

Once at home, Lin Yuan called Long Wu first.

“Hello, young master. Do you have an order?” Long Wu asked respectfully as soon as the call was connected.

“I asked you to monitor Lin Group’s Vice President Lin Xiang. Anything unusual?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Yes, young master. I have been monitoring him for quite a while. I have discovered that he is actually exhibiting the behaviors you mentioned before. We found further that Vice President Lin Xiang secretly does have contact with the Chen family and other families which have a bad relationship with the Lin family. We already secured evidence, about 30 to 40%” Long Wu said respectfully.

Hearing the results of Long Wu’s surveillance, Lin Yuan tapped his steering wheel lightly and began thinking.

After catching Chen Qu earlier and feeding him to the fish, Lin Yuan had thought of the hidden dangers to the Lin Family and the Lin Group.

Lin Xiang is a key member of Lin Group’s board of directors.

The Lin Group board of directors comprises of those from the Lin family and those that have made great contributions to the Lin Group and the Lin family.

And Lin Xiang is a relative from the Lin family branch.

Lin Jianjun and Lin Yuan and some others are mainline of the Lin family.

The blood relationship with Lin Xiang is not very close, although it can’t be denied that they are still actually related.

As for the reason why Lin Xiang becomes a member of the board of directors,

The first reason is because of the indisputable blood relation.

The second is because Lin Xiang’s father, from the generation of Lin Yuan’s grandfather, has made great contributions to the Lin family and the Lin Group.

And so, Lin Xiang inherited his father’s equity and so is a member of the Lin Group’s board of directors.

When Lin Yuan meets Lin Xiang, if he is polite, he would have called him Uncle Lin Xiang.

In addition to the extreme pressure from the outside to destroy a major family and company like the Lin family, there are also forces from inside with such goals.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan jointly hold 51% of the holdings of the Lin Group, making them the absolute majority shares holder.

However, although Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan hold 51% of the Lin Group’s equity, there are also other board members who own shares.

Lin Xiang, for example, also has shares in his hands.

When someone holds more than 50 %, then it can be regarded as a relative holding.

According to the Kyushu state laws and regulations, having a relative holding in a company basically gives you the advantage to determine and decide on the company affairs, because you are the company’s greatest shareholder.

Motions or decisions should be discussed in a shareholders’ meeting and requires 2/3 of the votes of the board of directors.

In other words, 50% is just a relative holding, and 67% can be regarded the absolute holding.

Having relative holdings is actually an advantage.

But Lin Yuan doesn’t want to rely on this single advantage and likes his work to be perfect and foolproof for as long as he can.

Therefore, he plans that Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan to have more holdings.

He wants 67% at least!

He doesn’t like unstable circumstances.

Lin Yuan, therefore, considered how to get more shares from the board of directors.

As for the members of the board of directors, it is Lin Xiang whom Lin Yuan is more concerned about.

Lin Yuan remembers that in the original novel, besides Chen Qu, Lin Xiang is also dishonest.

Lin Xiang would most likely rely on his shares.

In the original novel, when the Lin family was about to fall apart, Lin Xiang together with the others waved the white flag and betrayed the Lin family.

Lin Xing sided directly with Ye Feng and the Chen family.

The original novel was not very detailed.

However, Lin Yuan had guessed that Lin Xiang should not have started just recently.

It may have been premeditated a long time ago.

So, Lin Yuan instructed Long Wu to investigate, and true enough, he is a threat to the Lin family.

Long Wu sent the information about Lin Xiang from the results of their investigation.

These are just trivial matters.

The big issue is that Lin Xiang actually came in contact with the Chen family.

The Lin family had been in a bad relationship with the Chen family for a long time.

Moreover, Lin Xiang is actually in talks with the Chen family and all the other families who have a bad relationship with the Lin family.

He must deal with Lin Xiang first.

Changing the equity of a large company like the Lin Group is definitely a difficult matter.

Moreover, the Chen family is behind Lin Xiang.

So, Lin Yuan let Long Wu investigate first.

After learning the information from Long Wu, Lin Yuan asked: “Where is Lin Xian’s son Lin Tianyi? Do you know any information about him?”

Long Wu then replied: “We have completely managed to track Lin Tianyi’s whereabouts. Lin Tianyi is easier to track than Lin Xiang. We already know the addresses of the clubs he often go to. And these are…”

After listening to Long Wu’s answer, Lin Yuan tapped his steering wheel once more and continued thinking.

Lin Tianyi is Lin Xiang’s only son and his weakness.

Lin Xiang’s lineage is inferior by one generation and he couldn’t compare to his father who had made great contributions to the Lin family.

However, Lin Xiang is still somewhat capable, while his son is a happy-go-lucky who just wants to eat, drink, and have fun.

Lin Tianyi is Lin Xiang’s precious son whom he is very fond of.

At the same time Lin Yuan asked to monitor Lin Xiang, he also asked for Lin Tianyi to be followed as well.

And so Long Wu’s discovered just now proves it.

They knew all of the clubs that Lin Tianyi goes to, even the names of the girls he comes in contact with.

He must take back shares of the Lin family and he must start with Lin Xiang.

Lin Tianyi, Lin Xiang’s son, is definitely his weakness.

For as long as he can, he will constantly act on Lin Xiang’s weakness.

Long Wu said again: “Master, we have arranged for someone to monitor Lin Tianyi for 24 hours. As long as you say it, we would take action and capture him! Do you want to do it now?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “No need to hurry. As long as he can’t run, we hold Lin Xiang by the neck. As for Lin Xiang, continue to collect evidence first. Just remember not to lose sight of Lin Tianyi. We shall take care of them both sooner or later.”

“Yes, Master.” Long Wu replied respectfully.

After talking for some more, Lin Yuan then hung up the phone.

He didn’t have the slightest affection for this uncle, Lin Xiang, and Lin Tianyi, who can be regarded as his cousin.

Lin Xiang is a traitor, while his son is completely trash.

Their fate will depend on their choices.

Lin Yuan accompanied Gui Qingtong in the morning to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Lin Yuan had sweated a lot so he took a bath and changed his clothes.

Lin Yuan then checked his properties panel.

【Host: Lin Yuan】

【Counterattack Points: 3000】

【Wealth value: 17 billion】


【Strength: 220+, Speed: 220+, Reaction: 200+, Charisma: 220+, Physique 220+】


【Medical Skills: Divine Level, Piano: Divine Level, Violin: Divine Level, Singing: Divine Level, Equestrianism: Divine Level, Chess: Divine Level, Calligraphy: Divine Level, Fighting: Divine Level, Pistol: Divine Level, Sniping: Divine Level, Hacker: Advanced, Stocks: Advanced, Antique Appraisal: Advanced, Tai Chi: Advanced, Car Skills: Intermediate, English: Elementary,】

【Favorability Panel: 】

【Yan Ruyue: 80, Qiu Wanxi: 99, Qiao Siying: 0, Chi Qian: 28, Gui Qingtong: 95, Mei Yuxian: 86, Xie Shixuan: 20, Xie Shiyin: 5】

【Loyalty Panel:】

【Wang Ergou: 95, Shi Shengnan: 90, Chen Yu: 80】

【Fate Value:】

【Ye Feng: 660 (66% remaining) 】

When he raised his violin skills to the divine level today, he consumed some counterattack points.

But he also earned some.

Then, two more people were added to his favorability panel.

It is the loli twins, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.

Xie Shixuan’s favorability towards Lin Yuan is higher because of her joyful personality.

Xie Shiyin, not so high.

In addition to her personality, the other reason should be because Xie Shixuan accompanied him.

After meeting the loli twins, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin, Ye Feng’s fate value dropped once more and became only 660 points.

Lin Yuan plans on eating Qiu Wanxi tonight.

After doing so, Ye Feng’s fate value should drop again.

Then if he deals with Lin Xiang, Ye Feng’s fate value should suffer once again.

Then there is Yan Ruyue.

If he can speed up the progress with his relationship with Yan Ruyue even just a little bit, and then take advantage of her, it should reduce Ye Feng’s fate value even more.

It’s a pity that Ye Feng had been in hiding ever since that day and relied on the Chen family’s protection.

It must be that he is still recovering.

But his injury should have healed by now.

As soon as Ye Feng resurfaces, Lin Yuan should continue to work on him.

Of course, while Ye Feng is in hiding, Lin Yuan is still making his moves.

Many pits have already been dug, and he is just waiting for Ye Feng to jump in.

There is also the Chen family whom Lin Yuan planned to completely eradicate.

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