Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 298 Fascinated!

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After much contemplation, Lin Yuan sorted out the thoughts in his mind.

Then he paused for a while and put on new clothes.

He is now ready to go to Yan Ruyue.



Lin Yuan drove to the Yanyue Group where Yan Ruyue was at the moment.

Soon, he arrived at the building grounds.

After informing Yan Ruyue of his arrival, Lin Yuan got out of his Bugatti Veyron.

Looking at his car and the way he is dressed, he is really not an ordinary person.

The man at the door and the security guard respectfully let him in.

But after Lin Yuan entered, they whispered: “It seems that the young master of the Lin family is here again. I haven’t seen him for a long time. I thought he was not coming anymore.”

“Right. That is indeed the young master of the Lin family.”

Their voices were low, after all, they were talking behind his back.

But Lin Yuan’s attribute is over 200 points so he can hear their whispers clearly, just like superman.

Lin Yuan looked back at them lightly.

Seeing Lin Yuan turn his head, the doorman and the security guard felt Lin Yuan’s cold and sharp eyes.

The two shut their mouths instantly and began to sweat.

Lin Yuan, without saying anything, walked further inside.

His superb appearance attracted almost everyone’s attention as he came in.

Almost all of the staff looked at him, be it men or women.

And like the doorman and the security guard, they all began whispering.

They all suppressed their voices, but Lin Yuan can still hear them very clearly.

After hearing their discussions, Lin Yuan knew why they are like this.

This is the fault of the previous licking dog Lin Yuan.

“I haven’t seen him here for a long time. I guess the young master of the Lin family is still chasing Miss Yan. It’s really an infatuation.”

“Hehe. Infatuation? He is just a licking dog! President Yan doesn’t even like him but he keeps on pestering her, like a man with no dignity. There is nothing good about him.”

“Shut up, you trash. At least he is the young master of the Lin family. He is rich.”

“But you can’t deny the fact that he is a licking dog. I guess he’ll bother our president again this time…”

Many people had the same thoughts of Lin Yuan being a licking dog.

Lin Yuan knows. It is because his predecessor had come to the company and left a very bad impression.

They are not aware that they have put off their engagement since no news was published in such a not so glorious event.

While these people were talking behind Lin Yuan’s back, Yan Ruyue was in the elevator going down.

As soon as Yan Ruyue was there, the employees bowed their heads immediately and pretended to work seriously.

But in fact, their eyes are still on Yan Ruyue and Lin Yuan.

Who would not be interested in the relationship of their boss?

Although they know what is going to happen, that Yan Ruyue would send Lin Yuan away, they still couldn’t help but watch.

In the company, Yan Ruyue had always been the ice-cold female president.

But what happened next stunned them hard.

Yan Ruyue who was wearing a formal outfit walked towards Lin Yuan and showed a brilliant smile.

Yan Ruyue smiled and said: “You’re finally here!”

Lin Yuan nodded and responded: “Good afternoon.”

They were surprised to see Yan Ruyue smiling happily at Lin Yuan.

They have never witnessed this before.

And the employees were surprised even more by the president’s next actions.

Yan Ruyue took Lin Yuan’s hand!

Yan Ruyue smiled and said: “I still have some stuff to clean in my office. Go up with me first.”

Seeing Yan Ruyue’s white and slender hands actively grasping Lin Yuan’s hands, everyone was surprised.

How can this be?

Is this still Yan Ruyue, the ice-cold female president?

She had always been notoriously indifferent.

And she had always been cold towards Lin Yuan.

In other words, being cold is part of her personality!

Yan Ruyue never had any contact with the opposite sex, even with Lin Yuan before!

Now she even took the initiative to hold his hand?

Before, Lin Yuan came many times but she sent him away without even seeing him.

But now, not only did she come down to personally see him, she even held his hand?

Isn’t Lin Yuan the licking dog?

Why does it seem like it is the other way around now?

Why is Yan Ruyue so good to Lin Yuan now?

Feeling Yan Ruyue’s enthusiasm, Lin Yuan was also a little surprised, but he knew why.

Yan Ruyue must have heard what the employees were whispering about.

Yan Ruyue is also well aware of how she treated Lin Yuan previously.

In order to save Lin Yuan’s face, she made this move to improve the employees’ impressions of him.

Lin Yuan’s guess is actually right.

But Yan Ruyue actually had some other reason.

It was after the time he saw a movie with Lin Yuan and went home that she put together a letter of engagement.

She was ready to snatch Lin Yuan away from Chi Qian.

Feeling Yan Ruyue’s soft little hands, Lin Yuan didn’t resist either.

He let her pull him towards the elevator door.

But when she was about to reach the elevator, Yan Ruyue did not get in directly, instead, she turned around and said: “I hope you all can concentrate on your work. Refrain from whispering about things that shouldn’t be discussed.”

“And you two, pack your things and go up to the Finance Department to get three months-worth salaries as your severance pay.”

“If someone commits the same mistake, the end will be the same.”

Yan Ruyue directly fired two male staff who were seated not far from the elevator.

Lin Yuan remembered that those two male staffs were the ones discussing how much he is of a licking dog the most.

It seems that Yan Ruyue also heard them.

Hearing Yan Ruyue’s words, the faces of the two male staff turned pale.

They didn’t expect to lose their jobs just by talking too much.

But Yan Ruyue’s decision would not change.

So although they were extremely sad, they could only pack up their things and leave.

Seeing this scene, the other staff also were shut silent.

They originally thought that gossiping about Lin Yuan is not a big issue.

After all, although he is the young master of the Lin family, he is not from their company, not even their immediate boss.

And they also spoke in a low voice.

But it appears Yan Ruyue had become so close to Lin Yuan now.

Two people were fired directly just because they talk ill of him.

Lin Yuan glanced back at the employees again.

No one dares to whisper behind his back anymore.

They are all working seriously, their heads down at this time.

Yan Ruyue squeezed Lin Yuan’s hand tightly.

Lin Yuan looked at Yan Ruyue’s face who was smiling at this time.

Knowing what she meant, Lin Yuan also pressed Yan Ruyue’s hand lightly.

Then Yan Ruyue smiled happily at him.

They did not pay attention to the employees anymore and walked into the elevator and pressed the topmost floor.

The employees on the first floor were all relieved as soon as the elevator door closed and the arrow indicated that it was going up.

They all looked at each other.

All of them were scared.

They dare not gossip anymore.

However, they are still in shock with the change in Yan Ruyue’s relationship with Lin Yuan.

Why did Yan Ruyue suddenly have a good relationship with him?

They were all surprised.

Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue finally reached the office on the topmost floor.

Yan Ruyue’s office is spacious and neat.

From the tables and chairs, you can tell that the furniture’s are brand new.

Moreover, the view from her office is very good.

There are many surrounding buildings but the view is unobstructed.

It was the first time Lin Yuan ever saw Yan Ruyue’s office.

Today, Yan Ruyue really acted like the ice-cold female president.

Her soft black hair is rolled up on her head like a bun.

Her face had an unparalleled charm coupled with the formal clothes she was wearing.

Her temperament adds a lot of charm.

That formal dress also set off vividly Yan Ruyue’s perfect figure.

Those straight long legs under the skirt are very appealing.

There is really no man who won’t look at them.

And there is a layer of high-grade stockings wrapped around her legs.

It looked really charming.

Looking at the charming Yan Ruyue in such an outfit, Lin Yuan naturally thought of impure intentions, being with such a beautiful president in this beautiful office environment…

‘Hmm…Don’t think about it for now…’

Yan Ruyue was packing her things while chatting with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan noticed it.

Today, Yan Ruyue is more proactive than usual.

They were talking very harmoniously.

Yan Ruyue said: “I have booked a ticket for the newly opened pottery art museum next to the Wanda business district. We are going there by the way.”

“Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded.

What Yan Ruyue booked for is quite interesting. It seems she has put a lot of effort into this ‘date’.

Now, the treatment has basically become an excuse.

Yan Ruyue also used this pretense to see him and Lin Yuan just let her be.

Lin Yuan is well aware of it as well.

“That…” Yan Ruyue did not finish speaking because a series of knocks were heard from the door.

Boom, boom, boom…

“President Yan?” A voice can be heard from behind the door.

“What’s the matter? Is it Xiaoyun? Come in.” Yan Ruyue turned to the door and said.

Xiaoyun is Yan Ruyue’s female secretary. Generally, Xiaoyun conveys to Yan Ruyue if there is anything.

After Yan Ruyue told the person behind the door to come in, a young and delicate female secretary walked in.

After Xiaoyun came in, she was a little surprised to see Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue in the same room.

But she still reported immediately: “President Yan, that group of shareholders is urging again. They said they want you to give them an update and set up a meeting to discuss the matter.”

Yan Ruyue’s brows wrinkled gradually when she heard Xiaoyun’s words.

Yan Ruyue said coldly: “I have discussed several times that there are still no results. Go and tell them to wait until the results are out!”

“Okay!” Hearing Yan Ruyue’s cold tone, Xiaoyun left immediately.

After Xiaoyun left, Yan Ruyue turned to Lin Yuan and smiled apologetically but with a trace of reluctance in her smile.

“Some small things happened in the company recently.” Yan Ruyue tried to explain.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded expressing his understanding.

Problems really do arise at times in businesses.

Yan Ruyue was about to continue talking when her phone rang suddenly.

She picked up her phone and talked to someone for quite a long time.

The more her brows frowned, the more unsightly her complexion became.

After a long call, Yan Ruyue finally hung up.

After hanging up, her look was entangled for a few seconds before she picked up the coat on the seat.

Then she smiled at Lin Yuan and said: “It’s okay. Let’s go.”

But Yan Ruyue failed to get up from the chair.

Lin Yuan who was standing next to her chair, directly pressed Yan Ruyue’s shoulders and asked her to continue sitting back.

Lin Yuan asked directly: “Did something happen to the company? If you are worried, you will not be happy when we go out later.”

Lin Yuan remembered later in this time period that Yan Ruyue’s company had an incident and a small setback.

Combining the words of the secretary, Xiaoyun, and Yan Ruyue’s recently concluded call, and her reactions, it is very simple to conclude that Yan Ruyue’s company really has a problem.

Yan Ruyue’s company is mainly engaged in skincare and make-up.

Lin Yuan remembered that their problem at this time is because the main facial mask section of the company had a problem.

The original mask supplier seems to have slightly increased the original price of the mask.

While Lin Yuan held her shoulders, Yan Ruyue did not struggle to get up anymore but instead leaned on the office chair.

Yan Ruyue did not hide it.

She knew that Lin Yuan could see it.

So Yan Ruyue nodded and said: “Indeed, something happened to the company. I originally wanted to go out and have fun and relax. But now, I guess it will only get more tiring.”

“Last time when I was at Lin Group, I watched you deal with things perfectly. You were always confident and strategizing. Could you please help me?”

Last time, when he caught Chen Qu, Lin Yuan was really confident, and that left a deep impression on Yan Ruyue. She still remembers it.

Also, Yan Ruyue asked last time if Lin Yuan can help her in the company if anything unexpected happens or goes out of control.

When he heard Yan Ruyue’s question, Lin Yuan nodded and said: “Of course. Didn’t I promise you last time that if anything happens, I can help? You just have to get me paid.”

As Lin Yuan said this, he scanned Yan Ruyue’s exquisite body, especially those long straight legs wrapped in those black stockings.

Feeling the look in Lin Yuan’s eyes, Yan Ruyue’s face blushed slightly.

But she is used to it and has a good impression of Lin Yuan, and even wants to compete and win against Chi Qian.

So Yan Ruyue didn’t hate it and didn’t mind it.

Yan Ruyue pursed her mouth and said directly: “Our company indeed has a lot of problems recently. My company is engaged mainly in skincare and beauty. Facial beauty mask is the company’s main product and it faces the main problem.”

Before Yan Ruyue finished speaking, Lin Yuan smiled and asked: “Is there something wrong with the original mask supplier, your company’s major partner? Did he slightly increase the price masks?”

“How do you know?!” Yan Ruyue was a little surprised when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

This happened only recently.

Lin Yuan is not from their company.

How did Lin yuan know about this?

Yan Ruyue was surprised.

Looking at the surprised Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan smiled without saying a word.

Yan Ruyue felt that Lin Yuan was getting more and more mysterious.

Lin Yuan really made Yan Ruyue be more curious about him.

And this feeling attracted and fascinated her.

Yan Ruyue nodded and said: “Yes. The original mask supplier that has recently cooperated with the company has indeed increased their price.”

“You are right, however not very accurate. That is the supplier did not raise the price slightly but increased it by a large margin!"

“By a large margin?”

Lin Yuan frowned slightly when he heard Yan Ruyue’s words.

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