Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 299 The butterfly effect!

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Yan Ruyue said that the mask supplier has increased its price to a large margin!

This is inconsistent with what happened in the original novel for as long as he can remember.

Lin Yuan was sure that he remembered correctly.

And Yan Ruyue would not lie about such a matter.

Things turned out this way, probably because of the butterfly effect.

His actions led to a change of events in the novel.

When Lin Yuan lowered his head to think, Yan Ruyue continued: “The original price of the mask had risen sharply. It is basically impossible for us to change our manufacturer instantly. If we accept their price, we will almost be unable to make a profit. So we are in a dilemma now. And this is not the only problem.”

“The other problem is that we got a new model and endorser for our product since we had to terminate the contract of the old endorser due to a number of reasons.”

“Everything was going quite well since we had worked with her before and we have a good relationship with her. “

“But there happened a small accident just a few days ago. It was not that serious but the actress had to stay in the hospital for a while and won’t be able to shoot any endorsements for the time being.”

“Because of these two issues, Yanyue company began to be in turmoil. I am the president, but I am not the only shareholder.”

“Now, the company is divided into two factions. One says that the fish are already dead, and the net is already broken. They disagreed firmly with accepting the original manufacturer’s price increase and asked the company lawyer to sue the original manufacturer. However, a case usually takes too long and the company cannot afford the delay anymore. Even if I find a temporary manufacturer, it would be difficult to achieve the current quality of the masks.”

“The other faction agreed to accept the price temporarily and find a new manufacturer who can meet our standards. But the new product will be uncertain. The new manufacturer has to shell a big amount initially. Funds will be difficult to procure and it will be a big bet to the company. And the risk of not finding a new model and endorser is too great.”

“I have not yet rolled out how I will address the issues and these shareholders are urging me to find a way, otherwise I will be forced to offer stocks to the market at a low price and I will have to find another partner.”

“If someone sells the company stocks at a lower price, it will greatly affect the company’s image and cause an immeasurable impact. Moreover, some people want to take this as an opportunity to snatch my position and take a lead in the management and influence the company’s development.”

“That being said, the contradictions and divisions within the company is another problem.”

“These three problems, one by one, has formed a dead knot which made me feel a little overwhelmed. I couldn’t think of a good solution.”

Yan Ruyue leaned on the back of the chair and put her palm on her forehead and frowned.

It’s not that Yan Ruyue is not that good in management.

Yan Ruyue actually had analyzed the issues very clearly and also told Lin Yuan several options.

But the problems are indeed not easy to solve.

Because these problems are not commonly encountered all at once.

It’s like someone is manipulating things from behind.

Lin Yuan looked at Yan Ruyue and said directly: “These things when they happen in isolation are all coincidences. But if they happen all at once, it not a coincidence anymore. Do you think so?”

“Hmmn.” Yan Ruyue nodded.

“There should be someone behind these, targeting you and your company.” Lin Yuan said.

“I think so too.” Yan Ruyue nodded in agreement.

Then Yan Ruyue said again: “Although I think so too. And I have asked someone to look into it too but didn’t find any clues. I couldn’t find the culprit.”

Lin Yuan rubbed his fingers and then said: “With all these clues, it is basically certain that someone is doing something. And that person is aiming at your company. But there could only be few people who would do such things.”

“The first would be, your competitors. Is there any new development on the old makeup or skincare companies or some new ones that have opened recently?”

Yan Ruyue shook her head and said: “No. I have already thought about that, so I asked some people to investigate. Old rivals in the same industry had been watching, but they have no movements. Also, there are no new competitors in the industry.”

Lin Yuan said again: “The second possibility could be that you have done a grave sin on someone and that person is now seeking revenge. Have you offended anyone recently?”

Yan Ruyue was clueless.

There are actually a number of people she could think of, but it is impossible to pinpoint just one.

However, Lin Yuan had actually thought of a few people.

Lin Yuan spit our two words and said gently: “Ye Feng.”

“There is also the Chen family.” Lin Yuan said again.

“Ye Feng? And the Chen family?” Yan Ruyue was a little confused.

Lin Yuan nodded and then said: “You know my relationship with Ye Feng and the Chen family? It is basically only one should live and the other must die.”

“The Lin and the Yan family have a very good relationship. And you and I are also very close. They may target you, therefore. Or they might be using you to target me and the Lin family.”

“I have sent some people to watch the Chen family and Ye Feng’s movements.”

“Although they hid very well, I have few hidden clues. So, I got the news that the Chen family and Ye Feng have sent people to talk to several owners of companies. I managed to come up with the general list as well.”

“Well, you tell me first. Who owns the manufacturing company that Yanyue is partnering with? Let’s us confirm whether Ye Feng and the Chen family are actually playing tricks behind them.”

In fact, Lin Yuan has basically confirmed that it is the Chen family and Ye Feng who are making all this trouble.

This is mainly because the manufacturer that Yanyue company is cooperating with had only not increased their prices slightly, but the increase was too significant.

In the original novel, Yan Ruyue was quite annoyed by the small price increase and Ye Feng helped her solve the problem.

But now that he came into the picture and he and Ye Feng have a feud, Yan Ruyue hates Ye Feng very much.

Ye Feng also hated Yan Ruyue even more.

So the change in events is definitely the butterfly effect that he caused.

Because of his butterfly effect, small amplitude intensifies.

The manipulator working behind the scenes are definitely Ye Feng and the Chen family!

Lin Yuan knows the plot and makes judgments based on it.

Lin Yuan even guessed Ye Feng’s plan to use Yan Ruyue to lure him out.

With this judgment in mind, Lin Yuan was very confident, but he still had to confirm the same.

He asked Yan Ruyue directly to tell him the name of the owner of the manufacturing company who is causing her trouble.

He would refer to the list someone had procured, and then he can confirm his guess.

Yan Ruyue, unaware that Lin Yuan had already made his judgment, nodded when he heard Lin Yuan.

“The owner’s name is Feng Dahai.”

After Yan Ruyue finished speaking, Lin Yuan did not hesitate and directly called Long Wu.

“Long Wu? Remember when I asked you to investigate the identities of the people whom the Chan family has contacted? You have discovered their identities, right?” Lin Yuan asked.

Long Wu then replied respectfully: “Yes young master! There are about seven to eight people, and I have made a record of their identities.”

“Then, can you read the names of those people out loud to me?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Yes! Master!” After speaking, Long Wu began to recite the names clearly.

“Niu Zhenge, Wang Qin…Feng Dahai…”

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