Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 301 Yan Ruyue is curious!

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Yan Ruyue directly asks Lin Yuan how they would proceed in solving the problem with the manufacturer and also regarding the problem with the model and endorser.

Yan Ruyue’s beautiful eyes stared at Lin Yuan curiously.

However, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I do not plan on solving the first two problems first. Although the first two problems create the third problem, I think it would be better to address the third problem first.”

“I hate that there are internal problems, so let’s begin with solving the third one first.”

“Didn’t they tell you to sell the stocks at a low price? Repurchase them all. I want you to increase your shareholding in the Yanyue company so that the entire company will only have one voice. There is no need for a second voice.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Yan Ruyue began to think.

After thinking for a while, Yan Ruyue said: “In fact, I also don’t like multiple voices. The urging of those shareholders this time really annoys me. But if I hold too many shares, then I shall have to take all the risks. If something bad happens to the company, then I shall suffer bigger losses.”

“But if you can really solve the first and second problems, then I totally agree to buy back those shares.”

Lin Yuan’s idea to directly repurchase the shares is tantamount to taking all the risks and benefits of Yanyue company to herself.

This is a courageous, yet high-risk and high-yield approach.

And doing so at such a critical time of the company is tantamount to gambling with a small chance of winning.

However, Yan Ruyue really believed in Lin Yuan.

What she meant was that as long as Lin Yuan can solve the problem, she would buy back the shares and assume the risk.

Lin Yuan knew what Yan Ruyue meant. Lin Yuan smiled and said, “No. I just hate too many voices and people screaming. And some of the shareholders, in fact, you should understand that they are unruly.”

“But I don’t mean you should be solely responsible. I just want you to completely control your company, not only in management but also in shareholdings because I also would want to get involved in your company and cooperate. We will bear the responsibility together.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yan Ruyue asked unexpectedly: “Cooperate with my mask company? When did you have an interest in a beauty company?”

Yan Ruyue was a little confused. She remembered that Lin Yuan already had a lot of companies.

He owns a number of businesses, but she didn’t expect Lin Yuan to have an interest in the beauty industry.

“Our cooperation would be very simple, I will invest in the technology, the new formula of the mask, and other aspects. I guarantee that the results will be outstanding, and your mask will be famous all over the country, and the profit will be dozens of times more than it is now. And you will have to manage the company.”

“The profit will definitely be much higher than you’re getting now. And the brand will not be limited to Jiangbei. It will be the largest facial mask brand in Kyushu and even the world.”

“But I have some conditions, that is I want 70% of the profit, and the right to vote on certain aspects, etc.”

Right now, Lin Yuan can be regarded as showing his fangs.

He had already planned this before.

He wanted to counter Ye Feng’s plan to build a facial mask brand as in the original novel.

Of course, he did not intend to let Ye Feng, just like the original novel, succeed in his plan to have the most popular brand of facial masks in Kyushu and make a fortune.

Ye Feng has succeeded in this aspect in the original novel mainly because of his medical skills.

His medical skills are so good so the formula of the mask is very good, and so the mask became popular.

The consumers like it very much, which is the biggest reason for its success.

But in terms of medical skills, Lin Yuan is confident that he is better, even better than Ye Feng’s master.

From the foundation, he is more solid than Ye Feng.

Ye Feng’s success in the facial mask industry is mainly because of his medical skills, and some protagonist’s aura.

But Lin Yuan’s advantage is greater.

He has better medical skills than Ye Feng, that is, a better mask quality.

He still has more wealth than Ye Feng, and he can burn much more money than him.

He also has a strong network, that is the Lin and the Yan family, and so on.

But what Ye Feng can do now is very limited, and it is not certain whether the Chen family will support everything he plans on doing.

In the original novel, the greater the power Ye Feng acquires, the more and more people are willing to help him.

But Lin Yuan is different.

As long as he wants to do it, the Lin family can definitely help him.

Therefore, Lin Yuan has more advantages than Ye Feng in terms of technology, capital, and network.

He wants to hinder Ye Feng’s success in the facial mask industry and he wants to get the fortune that was intended for Ye Feng.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s sudden words, Yan Ruyue was a little confused by the shock. Lin Yuan’s words were too sudden.

The profit will double by dozen and the facial mask brand of Yanyue will not be limited to Jiangbei only and it will be the largest facial mask brand in Kyushu and even in other areas.

Lin Yuan’s words are arrogant and domineering enough.

He was too confident.

If she heard such words from someone else, Yan Ruyue would certainly have laughed it off.

Yan Ruyue certainly made Yanyue company big on her own. How could she believe other people’s empty words?

But Lin Yuan is very special in her heart.

In all of his endeavors, he has never failed.

It seems that as long as he wants, he can succeed in anything.

So, after thinking for a while, Yan Ruyue began to read in between the lines of Lin Yuan.

She first assumed that Lin Yuan is really capable like what he said.

If Lin Yuan can indeed reverse her current plight with the Yanyue company, then so it must be.

In addition, Lin Yuan is willing to cooperate and even invest money and technology and will only be using Yanyue’s brand.

Then it seems it’s only fair to give him 70% of the profit.

Because the problems the company is facing are really hard to solve, but she can still make a great fortune out of the situation.

Of course, it will all be dependent on Lin Yuan.

If Lin Yuan’s words will not be realized, the Yanyue company will go bankrupt and it will seriously be damaged.

Yan Ruyue looked at Lin Yuan and she discovered Lin Yuan was looking at her with a smile without any other expressions on his face as if those arrogant words had never been said.

That is the kind of self-confidence hidden to the bones!

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