Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 303 Gamble!

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Lin Yuan is obviously very stubborn.

Yan Ruyue actually already likes Lin Yuan and she wouldn’t let him go anymore.

After thinking about it, their relationship would go public sooner or later anyway.

So Yan Ruyue also said directly: “Xiaoyun, come in.”

Hearing Yan Ruyue’s words, Xiaoyun opened the door and then came in.

As soon as she entered, she saw Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue seated on the same chair.

This scene is too intimate.

Lin Yuan’s hand was still resting on Yan Ruyue’s shoulders.

Yan Ruyue’s face blushed slightly.

Xiaoyun immediately wanted to turn around and leave but she stopped.

After all, Yan Ruyue took the initiative to call her in, so it must be something important.

Xiaoyun lowered her head slightly and did not look directly at them who were seated together at this time.

Because she didn’t know whether President Yan wanted to let others see this scene.

After all, Yan Ruyue has always been the ice-cold female president and is basically always indifferent.

But at this time, she was squeezed into a chair with a man who was also hugging her.

But Xiaoyun could actually understand because this young master of the Lin family is really handsome, so handsome that her heart was pounding at the first glance.

And the key is his temperament.

His aura even next to Yan Ruyue, the ice-cold female president, is very conspicuous.

This is obviously Yan Ruyue’s office, but it makes people look at Lin Yuan first as if he is the master here.

Seeing Xiaoyun lower her head slightly is very sensible of her, Yan Ruyue was quite satisfied, and she breathed a sigh of relief. But the scorching heat of Lin Yuan next to her made her feel a bit strange.

Yan Ruyue said directly: “Did you not say that those shareholders urged me to hold a meeting and threatened to sell the company shares at a low price if I don’t step down from management? You are in charge of watching over the shares that are to be sold. We need to repurchase them all. There are also those shareholders who expressed their opinion of selling their shares at a price that is higher than the market price to recover all of their invested money to a maximum extent.”

“Huh?” Xiaoyun was surprised when she heard Yan Ruyue’s words.

‘What’s going on?’

Yanyue’s shares are still relatively valuable.

But the company is facing a dilemma, if it will not be solved will cause the company’s stock price to fall.

But Yan Ruyue wants to reclaim the shares?

What’s going on?

Xiaoyun was a little confused.

“Did you not hear me clearly?” Yan Ruyue’s tone was a little cold.

“Yes! Yes, I heard you!” Hearing Yan Ruyue’s reiteration, Xiaoyun quickly walked over and took over the files.

She was just Yan Ruyue’s secretary and generally the conveyer of Yan Ruyue’s opinion.

Yan Ruyue gave an order, and she just had to do as she orders. She doesn’t have the need and authority to express her opinions.

When she took over the files, Xiaoyun raised her head subconsciously.

At a close range, she could see Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue more clearly.

Originally, Xiaoyun subconsciously looked up to see how her usual ice-cold female president looked like as she and a man huddled together in the office.

But Xiaoyun&#apos;s eyes floated onto where Lin Yuan was.

Generally, looking at people from a distance, it is easier to look more handsome and beautiful, because one is not able to see the flaws from a distance.

But up close, Lin Yuan still has no flaws. His face is as handsome as the creator’s most perfect masterpiece with his sword eyebrows and starry eyes.

Xiaoyun keenly felt that Yan Ruyue noticed her gaze on Lin Yuan, so after she took the files, she felt bowing her head down.

Outside of the office, Xiaoyun thought intuitively about how to reclaim the shares.

There are generally only a few possibilities that they can do such a thing.

The first is that Yan Ruyue had exhausted the patience of some shareholders who expressed their intention to sell their shares.

But this may not happen since selling one’s shareholding is tantamount to increasing one’s own losses. If they really want to sell their shares, they should do it gradually so that the stock value will not directly hit rock bottom.

Could it be that Yan Ruyue wanted to achieve full ownership of the shares, despite losing money just to buy back the shares?

That is very much impossible. Yan Ruyue had always been rational.

So she should be looking at the other possibility, that is that the stock value will not drop, and instead will rise.

But how would that be possible?

As Yan Ruyue’s relatively close employee, being her secretary, she is well aware that Yan Ruyue had been stressed out from facing the predicaments recently.

She even said her head was aching this morning. How could she have thought of a solution so suddenly?

Could it be that Lin Yuan helped her?

Lin Yuan is indeed handsome, but he helping President Yan? Impossible!

Xiaoyun couldn’t understand.

But she is just a secretary after all. She just needs to follow Yan Ruyue’s orders.

Xiaoyun proceeded to buy back the shares as Yan Ruyue ordered.

In the office, at this time, Yan Ruyue was relieved to see Xiaoyun leaving.

Although she is with Lin Yuan now, she is basically the one who always submits while Lin Yuan seems to be the master.

She has already realized this.

However, she still doesn’t want her employees to see things like this. After all, this is completely out of her character.

As long as Xiaoyun will be the only one who had seen it, it’s okay.

After all, she is her female secretary, and starting gossip is not part of her personality.

As soon as Xiaoyun left, Yan Ruyue said: “I already asked Xiaoyun to buy back the shares. Now that the company is about to face a major crisis, I believe most of the shares can be bought back. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Lin Yuan nodded and replied: “Ok.”

This is true. At this time that there is still no news that the company is facing a major crisis, it is obviously a good time to minimize one’s losses by selling the shares at which time that the stock value is still high.

There won’t be a problem in buying back the shares as many are willing to sell.

Yan Ruyue continued: “Then can we proceed discussing now the solution to the first two problems?”

Although she trusts Lin Yuan unconditionally, she can’t help but be nervous.

Because the idea of buying back the shares is really a gamble.

If Lin Yuan will not succeed with his plans, she will bear huge losses.

Feeling the tension in Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan smiled and stood up.

He first lowered Yan Ruyue’s backrest and then stood beside her.

“Stop worrying. Take it easy. You can get sick easily if you are worrisome. Let’s do some massage on you first.” Lin Yuan said as he put his hands on Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue had been very stressed out recently because of the company’s problems. She is suffering mentally and physically, and couldn’t even think of her own well-being.

Since Yan Ruyue trusted him and risk a lot today, Lin Yun naturally didn’t mind massaging her.

When she heard Lin Yuan’s words and felt the trace of confidence in his tone, Yan Ruyue’s originally snappy posture relaxed a little.

“Thank… Thank you.” Yan Ruyue said.

She had been uneasy and nervous recently.

Feeling Lin Yuan’s hands on her shoulders, Yan Ruyue looked forward to a relaxing massage.

Because before when Lin Yuan helped her mother, Song Xuan, massage was part of her mother’s treatment. Every time the treatment session is done, her mother had always looked refreshed and her body seemed very light and comfortable, so Yan Ruyue was very curious.

And not only does she look relieved, but her face has become younger and more energetic.

So, Yan Ruyue was really looking forward to this massage.

Feeling Yan Ruyue relaxed a little, Lin Yun also rubbed her shoulders.

Lin Yuan’s massage technique is unique as it aimed at the body’s acupuncture points.

The first time Lin Yuan massaged her, Yan Ruyue felt so much relieved that she couldn’t help but groan.


Her voice was so smooth and charming that it can soften and penetrate the bones.

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