Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 304 President Yan’s boyfriend!

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Because Lin Yuan rubbed her shoulders which she didn’t expect to be so sudden, Yan Ruyue was not ready. Her cry was soft and charming, and it was a bit loud.

Fortunately, it is only Yan Ruyue’s office on the topmost floor and there are no other people on the floor.

However, Xiaoyun who was still waiting for the elevator vaguely heard the strange cry at this time.

‘What exactly are President Yan and Young Master Lin doing in the office?’

‘Could it be that…’

Xiaoyun is imagining what could be happening in Yan Ruyue’s office.

Back in the office, Lin Yuan was just massaging Yan Ruyue.

Of course, Yan Ruyue’s level of comfort at this time seemed to be about the same as the shame she felt when she was dreaming of Lin Yuan at night.

After all, all of those were just imaginary. This is a real massage!

Feeling Lin Yuan’s massage, Yan Ruyue felt the gentle and considerate touch.

Not only did her body felt it, but her heart is also warm and sweet.

【Ding! Yan Ruyue&#apos;s favorability +2! Reward 800 counterattack points! 】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Lin Yuan was not surprised.

Lin Yuan then pressed Yan Ruyue with both hands for about half a minute.

Then he changed to just one hand freeing the other so he can pick up his phone.

He is now ready to solve the first problem which is the problem with the manufacturer.

Yan Ruyue felt that Lin Yuan switched to one hand and took out his mobile phone.

Yan Ruyue also knew that Lin Yuan may be up to solving the first problem now.

Lin Yuan dialed a number directly and said, “Hello? Cao Yaqing? Boss Cao?”

“Yes, it’s me. May I ask who is calling? What’s the matter?” Cao Yaqing, who was on the other end, responded.

“This is the case, our company is in need of sheets used in facial masks. Doesn’t your company specialize in the production of facial mask sheets? I want to propose cooperation with your company. By the way, our company is Yanyue company.”

“Sure!” Cao Yaqing readily agreed when a customer suddenly came to the door.

“When can you supply it?” Lin Yuan asked.

“After signing the contract and confirming the type that your company needs, we can supply a small amount in just three days, and supply more on the seventh day.” Cao Yaqing replied.

“Ok, it will take about three to seven days. I will send someone to your company and sign a contract with you now.” Lin Yuan said.

“Okay!” Cao Yaqing also responded immediately.

People who know his mobile number are generally not very ordinary people and are someone who would make fake offers.

It sounds like a big client, and the other party is very open. Cao Yaqing naturally is very open to new opportunities as well.

After saying something more, Lin Yuan hung up the phone.

But after Lin Yuan and Cao Yaqing finished talking, Yan Ruyue frowned slightly.

“Problem solved. It’s over.” Lin Yuan said to Yan Ruyue with a smile as if he didn’t see Yan Ruyue frowned just now.

“This…this…are you finished talking? But boss Cao will be able to supply only after three days. It will be too late for me to replenish my stocks.“

"Actually, I sent someone to look into other suppliers of facial mask sheets. And this boss Cao is among the suppliers whose integrity is at its best and which facial mask sheets supplied are of the best quality.”

“But the situation right now is that the facial mask sheets supply is too scarce. I am afraid that it will not last that long. I have to wait three days. I can’t wait that long.“

“Also, they can only supply a small amount in three days. It will not be enough. I need a lot of facial mask sheets. I have actually thought about the same, but I already know it wouldn’t work!”

Yan Ruyue was a little anxious.

But Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I just said that the talk was over. I didn’t say I was done.”

“I am just preparing ahead of time for this kind of problem not to bother us again in the future. This boss Cao is very good in his business and has a very good relationship with the Lin family, so he can definitely meet our requirements. Then, we will set up a few facial mask sheets production plants of our own, so we won’t be restricted anymore in supply.”

“Of course, you probably understood this too.”

“Preparation in advance is a permanent cure. Right now, what is more pressing is that we treat the symptoms.”

“Now the company is in urgent need of facial mask sheets, and the requirements are a lot. The gap is too big and the reason is that Feng Dahai doesn’t provide unless you agree with their price. So, let us make him urgently provide the same to Yanyue company."

“You give me your phone first.” Lin Yuan said.

Yan Ruyue dubiously took out her phone and handed the same to Lin Yuan.

She understood.

Lin Yuan intended to confirm future cooperation with Boss Cao to avoid the same problem again in the future.

To solve the problem, for now, Lin Yuan wants Feng Dahai to continue to provide the facial mask sheets.

But how will that be possible?

Yanyue company also communicated several times before to Feng Dahai but Feng Dahai refused and insisted on the high price they are asking.

Yanyue company both tried threatening them or guaranteeing their profits, but Feng Dahai doesn’t seem swayed.

Thinking about the firm refusal, Yan Ruyue confirmed the cooperation among Feng Dahai, Ye Feng, and the Chen family.

Feng Dahai has already sided with Ye Feng and the Chen family, how does Lin Yuan plan on persuading him to continue with the supply of the facial mask sheets?

According to Feng Dahai, they will not supply unless Yanyue company agrees on the high price.

It looks like they will still incur losses from bearing the high price of the facial masks sheets which is of course still a significant amount. It does not conform to Lin Yuan’s way of handling such problems at all.

So how does Lin Yuan plan to solve it?

While Yan Ruyue was thinking, Lin Yuan had already taken her mobile phone.

Lin Yuan directly dialed the contact number of Feng Dahai.

“Hello? President Yan?” As soon as the call got connected, a voice from a middle-aged man was heard. It should be Feng Dahai himself.

Then the man on the other line continued: “It’s good that President Yan decided to cooperate. Let us get together and relax…”

“I’m not President Yan.” Lin Yuan interrupted directly.

Hearing a male voice, the man on the other line was suddenly silent for a second. Feng Dahai was obviously taken aback.

“Then who are you? How are you related to President Yan?” Feng Dahai asked.

Lin Yuan used Yan Ruyue’s cellphone to dial Feng Dahai, so the man on the other end of the line did not expect to hear a male voice.

Lin Yuan then replied: “President Yan’s boyfriend.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Yan Ruyue’s cheeks turned red, and her beautiful eyes also brightened.

Although they have been engaged previously, and now they are closer than before, she had never thought that she will hear this from Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue felt a little delighted hearing such words from Lin Yuan, that he introduced himself as her boyfriend.

Although she knew that Lin Yuan was only doing this to justify his communication with Feng Dahai, she could not help but be delighted.

Feng Dahai who was on the other end of the line also fell silent for a few seconds.

Feng Dahai is completely aware of Yan Ruyue’s ice-cold personality and so was surprised to hear that Yan Ruyue had a boyfriend.

But after thinking about it, it appears that they are really in a relationship.

Yan Ruyue must asked her boyfriend to discuss that matter with him.

Thinking about it, Feng Dahai became a little impatient and said: “Oh. It is President Yan’s boyfriend. What’s the matter? The situation of my company is not very good. I am very busy. There are some things that I don’t want to discuss further. There’s nothing else you can do. I’ll hang up first.”

Lin Yuan was talking hands-free, so Yan Ruyue also heard Feng Dahai clearly.

Yan Ruyue’s complexion didn’t look good when she heard Feng Dahai’s words because they all seem to be well-rehearsed.

It’s like saying: ‘You guys are just a waste of time. I already said I will not continue business with you and that’s final.’

Yan Ruyue knew that Feng Dahai had already found a backup plan after severing ties with the Yanyue company.

It is understandable but Yan Ruyue hates such kind of behavior to leave his business partner on the brink of the line.

But in response to Feng Dahai’s impatient tone, Lin Yuan still smiles and asked: “Did you recently increased the price of your facial mask sheets that you supply to Yanyue company?”

“I had no other choice but to raise the price. The company has gone through a lot of major setbacks recently and I will go bankrupt if I don’t raise the price.” Feng Dahai’s words seemed persuasive, but his tone revealed something else, that is arrogance.

Upon hearing Feng Dahai’s words, Yan Ruyue looked helpless.

He went on to say how miserable the company has been doing, but he still seemed very arrogant.

“If this is about the facial mask sheets again, then don’t talk about it anymore. If you don’t accept the price increase, then we shall continue to lose partnership. There is no more talk needed.” Feng Dahai’s tone was very impatient and didn’t want to wait for Lin Yuan to speak and was already preparing to hang up.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “In fact, the facial mask sheets are not the thing I want to talk to you about. It’s about another thing.”

Feng Dahai became a little curious upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

Lin Yuan then didn’t wait for Feng Dahai to ask more questions and continued: “I don’t know if Mr. Feng is familiar, but have you ever heard of the Shengli factory?”

Feng Dahai fell silent for a few seconds upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

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