Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 308 Ye Feng: Are you not going to give me any explanation?!!!

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Lin Yuan kind of expected to see Yan Ruyue’s surprised and admiring eyes.

Yan Ruyue was obviously surprised and was full of admiration towards Lin Yuan.

But there was something that Lin Yuan didn’t mention to Yan Ruyue.

That is, his speculation could be wrong.

Feng Dahai might have immediately run away, but he also knew where Feng Dahai would go.

So, he didn’t panic at all.


On the other side, as soon as the phone call was hung up, Feng Dahai’s smile disappeared instantly.

He then immediately called his subordinates and asked them to prepare large quantities of facial mask sheets and send them directly to Yanyue Company.

Then he began to think.

He couldn’t understand how Lin Yuan knew about the murder he committed, but this doesn’t matter anymore

He knew that as soon as Lin Yuan calls the police to investigate him, something unpleasant would happen to him.

What bothered him was that Lin Yuan didn’t even ask for money and instead asked him to continue supplying facial mask sheets to Yanyue Company.

Feng Dahai understands Lin Yuan’s condition for him to continue cooperation with Yanyue Company.

After all, from Feng Dahai’s point of view, Lin Yuan knew him through Yan Ruyue.

Lin Yuan’s original intention could be to solve the problem being faced by Yanyue Company.

But he didn’t ask for money, which is quite bothersome.

It poses a red flag as he didn’t want money.

Who doesn’t like money?

In Feng Dahai’s opinion, from someone who is greedy for money, this is 100% impossible.

So, Lin Yuan must have something up his sleeve.

Damn him!

Because Yanyue Company is in a desperate situation being the supply of its facial mask sheets is low, Lin Yuan was just using him.

In fact, Lin Yuan still wanted to kill him.

The reason he didn’t ask for money is to keep his hands clean.

Just as Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue thought, Feng Dahai understood this very clearly.

And just as Lin Yuan said, Feng Dahai could only get swayed because he had no choice at all!

This feeling of being completely held in the neck is too uncomfortable.

He doesn’t want anyone to control his life forever.

In order to attain this, there could only be two options.

The first would be to kill the person who tried to control him.

But he only knows that he is the boyfriend of Yan Ruyue. He doesn’t even know his real identity, his last name, and all.

Even if he knew him, would he dare to do something to the man who knew about his darkest secret?

Dare not!

So, it could only be the second one.

That is, to run!

It was almost instantaneous.

Feng Dahai planned to run away.

He decided to leave Jiangbei at once.

Just like he left Hexi thirteen years ago.

He intends to leave Jiangbei to once again save himself.

But he can’t be too hasty.

He has to prepare well.

The situation now is different from thirteen years ago.

He had to run secretly, which makes this time more difficult.

But his plight can’t be delayed for too long.

He had an intuition that Lin Yuan would not give him much time.

After his conversation with Lin Yuan today, it made him decide to run away.

So Feng Dahai decided to leave tomorrow because he still had to prepare a lot of money and other things, like how to paralyze Lin Yuan as he absconds.

Feng Dahai was thinking of his escape plan when he suddenly received a call.

Fearing that it might be Lin Yuan, he quickly answered the call.

However, it was not Lin Yuan who called but Ye Feng, who had previously negotiated cooperation with him.

“Hello? President Ye? Do you need something?” Feng Dahai answered the phone, his tone was not very good.

This is because he is being held by Lin Yuan on the neck. How could his mood and tone be good?

Ye Feng didn’t pay much attention to Feng Dahai’s tone. He said directly: “We talked about it before. How are you preparing for the large batch of facial mask sheets? Are they ready? Hurry up and send them to Chen’s house.”

To penetrate the facial masks market, he had talked to Feng Dahai for cooperation.

It was Ye Feng’s idea to draw the snake out of the cave and target Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue’s company.

His plan is to formulate the essence of the mask using his superb medical skills, and then purchase a large number of facial mask sheets from Feng Dahai.

This is like hitting two birds with one stone.

The first is to cut off the supply of facial mask sheets of Yanyue Company. As he successfully targets Yan Ruyue and Yanyue Company, he expects to lead the snake out of the cave.

The second will be to take the opportunity to enter the facial mask industry and open his own business.

So, Ye Feng was very proud of his plans.

It was like he killed two birds with a single stone.

The only problem is that he used the help of the Chen family in convincing Feng Dahai to cooperate with him. So, it has become cooperation with both Ye Feng and the Chen family.

This Feng Dahai, however, still demanded a sum of money to agree with the cooperation.

Part of the two hundred million that Feng Dahai added in his offer to Lin Yuan was actually given by Ye Feng and the Chen family.

But Ye Feng is still satisfied with his plan.

He had already formulated his facial mask essence. As long as the facial mask sheets arrive, he can make facial masks in large quantities, take advantage of Yanyue’s problem and seize and penetrate the market.

Everything is ready, he was just waiting for the large quantities of facial mask sheets promised to be supplied by Feng Dahai.

After all, he already spent a lot of money on Feng Dahai.

Therefore, Ye Feng asked Feng Dahai to deliver the large quantities of facial mask sheets directly to the Chen family’s residence. His tone was not very polite.

Taking people’s money to do things for others is basic. Ye Feng actually doesn’t have a good impression of Feng Dahai. Like in the original novel, Ye Feng has already planned to have Feng Dahai investigated.

Because he is satisfied with the money he got and the Chen family also is an influential family, Feng Dahai has always been respectful and addressed Ye Feng as ‘President Ye’.

After Ye Feng finished speaking, he thought that Feng Dahai would say respectfully to expect immediate delivery of the facial mask sheets at Chen family’s house.

But Feng Dahai’s answer made Ye Feng stunned.

“Ye Feng, I didn’t say I would do business with you. Our cooperation ended. As for the money, I will return it to you immediately.” Feng Dahai said in a rather cold and impatient tone.

He had already decided to send the batch of facial mask sheets to Yanyue Company. Where could he get any excess, he can give to Ye Feng?

He originally decided and planned to cooperate with Ye Feng and the Chen family.

But now, he doesn’t have any choice. He can only send the batch of facial mask sheets originally intended for Ye Feng to the Yanyue Company.

Money is an important matter, and life is another. He knew what to choose.

All he cares about at this moment to run away safely. How could he care about his business and cooperation with Ye Feng and the Chen family?

If he could, he had no intention of offending Ye Feng and the Chen family.

In order to avoid being caught by the police force while escaping, he had to move swiftly. So, the tone of his voice would have long been impatient and even the money wouldn’t be returned to Ye Feng and the Chen family.

Ye Feng had no idea what he went through earlier.

That one conversation with Lin Yuan had shaken his whole self.

After hearing Feng Dahai’s words, Ye Feng noticed that not only was his tone cold, Feng Dahai also did not address him the same as before.

Feng Dahai referred to him as ‘President Ye’ in the past, but now he directly called him by name.

As for the termination of the cooperation, it was so sudden.

Feng Dahai didn’t even provide any explanation.

Ye Feng became instantly angry.

If he knew how humble and respectful Feng Dahai talked to Lin Yuan earlier, he would have definitely become angrier.

But just the coldness and disrespectful behavior made Ye Feng very angry.

Ye Feng responded angrily: “Boss Feng, do you know how important these facial masks are to me? Although the cooperation was sudden and a contract has not yet been signed, but I already made a deposit. Are you not going to give me an explanation?!!!”

Ye Feng couldn’t control his voice and shouted at Feng Dahai.

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