Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 312

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Yan Ruyue already made preparations a few days ago.

When the betrothal contract was glued back together, Yan Ruyue decided not to let go of Lin Yuan anymore.

For someone who can manage her own company, Yan Ruyue is not a weak and cowardly person.

So even if she knew that a man like Lin Yuan would attract countless women, even the perfect goddess like Chi Qian, Yan Ruyue doesn’t plan on letting go.

She is willing to be brave after making up her mind.

Before, Lin Yuan always joked as he talked about rewards he should get from her.

Yan Ruyue still remembered how she blushed embarrassingly every time.

So, after hearing Lin Yuan praise other women, and thinking about beautiful girls like Chi Qian, Gui Qingtong, and the others who have a close relationship with Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue used the kiss as a reward to divert Lin Yuan’s attention to her.

She directly gave Lin Yuan a kiss.

She does not deny that she likes Lin Yuan.

But what she was not sure about was whether Lin Yuan liked her.

So Yan Ruyue wanted Lin Yuan to be fascinated by her too.

Yan Ruyue clearly has confidence in her charm.

This kind of sudden intimacy will definitely make people blush and make the heart beating fast!

And for Yan Ruyue’s actions, Lin Yuan was quite surprised indeed.

Yan Ruyue, the ice-cold female president, took the initiative and kissed him.

But Lin Yuan is not a young boy anymore.

Even Chi Qian who was a perfect goddess and whose face value received full marks, Lin Yuan’s emotions did not fluctuate much.

Lin Yuan&#apos;s resistance to beautiful girls, therefore, is quite high.

Although Yan Ruyue looks amazing and has an identity bonus being an ice-cold female president, it was just in the cheeks after all.

If only Yan Ruyue took the initiative to kiss his lips, Lin Yuan might have felt his heart beating a little bit faster.

But since it was on the cheeks, there wasn’t even the slightest fluctuation in his heart.

After the stolen kiss on the cheeks which barely scratched Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue wanted to walk away.

However, she discovered that she was suddenly embraced by Lin Yuan!

(T/N: Like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water = touch on something without going into it deeply)

(T/N: This chapter and the next one is super short so we will count them as one)

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