Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 311

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“Young Master Lin wants to invite me to dinner the day after tomorrow? This is not good. My concert the day after tomorrow is very important to my popularity. And even if I agree, my agency will not agree.” Li Feifei smiled thinking that Lin Yuan must be kidding.

“Then think about whether you can postpone it. I have a new song here that I want you to hear, and I want you to do me a favor.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“New song? Really?!” Li Feifei directly ignored the postponement of the concert when she heard the words ‘new song’ from Lin Yuan.

Because in her opinion, the new song is much more important than her concert.

After all, the popularity of an artist depends on the things he or she can offer.

As long as she can release a new song and it will be a good one, then she can basically win.

Li Feifei never doubted Lin Yuan’s capabilities.

The song ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ clearly proved Lin Yuan’s strength and singing skills that she felt that he is even better than her!

In their occasional WeChat conversations, Lin Yuan always surprises her.

So, she had actually contacted Lin Yuan before and asked if Lin Yuan had any new songs.

Her agency knew about this and they bothered Lin Yuan several times.

But Lin Yuan told them that he had no more songs to send them away.

At this time, since Lin Yuan already mentioned a new song, it only goes to show that Lin Yuan has confidence in this new song.

Li Feifei is also confident in the quality of the songs Lin Yuan makes.

“Have you written a new song?” Li Feifei was too surprised, so she asked again.

“Yes.” Lin Yuan confirmed.

“I’ll send it to you now.” Lin Yuan said.

“Okay.” Li Feifei said.

“President Yan, may I borrow a pen and a paper?” Lin Yuan smiled at Yan Ruyue.

“Okay.” Yan Ruyue immediately handed to Lin Yuan a paper and a pen.

Then Yan Ruyue was surprised to see that Lin Yuan quickly wrote the score and the lyrics on the paper.

Lin Yuan seems prepared and finished writing in just a few minutes.

Yan Ruyue was surprised when she looked at the score.

Although she has limited knowledge in this area, but Lin Yuan doesn’t write just doodles.

It only took a few minutes and even if he had already memorized it, he wrote the score and the lyrics too fast.

Ignoring Yan Ruyue who was surprised, Lin Yuan took photos for Li Feifei and sent to her all of the lyrics and the music score. He also made a short demo of the song.

Lin Yuan wrote the song from the other world, “Encounter” this time. (

In fact, there are a lot of well-known good songs in the other world, but they are not in line with the endorsement.

After Lin Yuan optimized the lyrics and the music of “Encounter”, in addition to serving as an endorsement for Li Feifei, he also made a slogan for the facial mask.

Li Feifei on the other side took a quick look at Lin Yuan’s lyrics.

After hearing the demo of the song, Li Feifei couldn’t help but sing.

“What do I say when I meet the right one?…”

“How far is he and is he waiting for me?…”

“I hear the wind from the subway and the sea…”

“I’m lining up with a number plate of love…”

Li Feifei’s voice quality is very good and her singing lingers.

Yan Ruyue originally liked Li Feifei and is listening to her singing at this time quite seriously.

Yan Ruyue still enjoyed listening but she couldn’t help but look how Lin Yuan reacted. She still thinks that Lin Yuan sang better. And the last time he sang, Lin Yuan was really better than Li Feifei.

Noticing Yan Ruyue’s curious eyes, Lin Yuan smiled at her, and then Lin Yuan asked Li Feifei, who was still immersed on the other line for a while: “So, how is it? Are you satisfied with the song?”

Li Feifei quickly nodded and said, “Satisfied! Very satisfied! I actually looked at the lyrics and sang it. It’s definitely the kind of song that can gather attention! The song is very good!”

Lin Xian was not surprised by Li Feifei’s words.

This is because this song had already been tested by the market, and won a number of awards in his original world.

Li Feifei can also tell that the potential and the quality of this song is really high

Li Feifei then continued to praise: “The quality of this song is really good. Can I sing it? I am very much willing to buy it.”

Li Feifei’s tone indicates her excitement because this song is exactly what she needs.

Although Lin Yuan had sent her the lyrics, but she still wants to get Lin Yuan’s opinion and approval. Li Feifei is not the kind of person to be greedy for other people’s songs.

Lin Yuan then said: “This song is not for sale, not in exchange of money.”

“Huh? It is not for sale?” Li Feifei was puzzled to hear that the song was not for sale.

Lin Yuan said directly: “Just treat this song as a gift, but I want you to do me a favor.”

“What favor?” Li Feifei asked.

Li Feifei is still immersed in the song and her dream to be the new Queen of Heaven that she almost forgot what they are talking about.

Lin Yuan immediately said: “As long as you help me with an endorsement of a facial mask product, I will give you the song. My company’s facial mask product is looking for a celebrity who shall endorse and act as a spokesperson. But today or tomorrow, the advertising video shall be finished. The song will be used in the .”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Li Feifei said in a reluctant tone: “I didn’t even get the chance to ask you if the song was made for me. I didn’t expect you to say it first. It turned out it was made to promote your facial mask.”

“But since you have said so, I am still willing to be your facial mask brand’s endorser.”

“Your concert the day after tomorrow will be fine, right? What will your agency say?” Lin Yuan asked.

“It will be postponed. Your song is more important than my concert in Yanjing. As for the agency, I believe their opinion will be the same as mine. The song you gave is the most important thing right now.” Li Feifei smiled.

As long as she gets a new song, she doesn’t have to be so keen on the tour to gain popularity.

When the new song is released, her popularity will definitely skyrocket.

Moreover, the quality of this song is very high, which makes up for the slight disadvantage she has against other singers.

Li Feifei then continued: “I shall fly to Jiangbei today and see you tomorrow to discuss the endorsement and the song.”

“Yes, come to Jiangbei and if you have time, let us have dinner together.” Lin Yuan replied.

“In addition, can I ask how much your expected talent fee for the endorsement is?” Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate and asked Li Feifei directly.

Li Feifei waved her hand and said: “I don’t intend to charge any endorsement fees. This song of yours is more than enough to offset the endorsement fee. And I feel like I’m the one taking advantage of you instead. Your song is very special to me.”

Li Feifei is telling the truth and Lin Yuan didn’t hold back. “That’s okay. That is our agreement then. You become the endorser and spokesperson of our facial mask brand, and then you get to claim ownership of the song. You can put your name as the one who did the lyrics and the music. You can do whatever you like.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Lin Feifei said immediately: “I’m fine being just the original singer. I can’t just take the lyrics and music as if I’m the one who made it. That is the most basic professional ethics.”

“My fans know me well and can easily guess that the song is not mine.” Li Feifei said with a bitter smile.

Lin Yuan responded immediately: “But just fill in where you think is lacking. For me, the song is not that perfect because I wrote it hastily and I made it according to my own personal singing habits so you have to change it to suit your own style.

“In short, there are still many things which you need to accomplish on your own. But I trust you and your team. You should be able to handle things in a short span of time.” Lin Yuan said.

In fact, Lin Yuan didn’t change the style of the music and even deliberately made some loopholes in the song.

He knew Li Feifei’s character and also knew that Li Feifei would agree to be the company’s endorser and would not agree to put her name as the songwriter.

But since Li Feifei helped him, then he doesn’t mind even if Li Feifei claims ownership of the song.

The original singer will be Li Feifei and her name will also be written as the composer and arranger. Obviously, it will have a different meaning and would make people feel amazed by her.

And Li Feifei is not stupid. She is an adult already. Li Feifei can become a top singer and even has a higher EQ than ordinary people.

There were a few low-key mistakes in the song, and Lin Yuan couldn’t make such mistakes.

Soon she guessed that Lin Yuan might have intentionally done it, considering his skills.

Lin Yuan’s approach is really obvious.

This approach makes people can’t help but have an increase in their favorability.

Li Feifei’s affection for Lin Yuan has also risen sharply.

Since Lin Yuan helped her, Li Feifei would naturally appreciate it.

Li Feifei smiled and said: “Okay. I will temporarily postpone the Yanjing Concert. I will concentrate on helping you first with the endorsement, to check on the song, and to see you. For this song, the total income will be divided into 50%.”

“If you need me again for future endorsements, just tell me and I will definitely help!”

Li Feifei is obviously very grateful for Lin Yuan’s song.

She is a person who shows and repays kindness. The 50% share of Lin Yuan is already a lot.

After all, there still be deductions for operating and publicity expenses, and it could be that in the end, she will not get anything from the 50% share of the earnings of the song.

However, for Li Feifei, her career and the title of the new queen are more important than monetary gains.

Li Feifei is aspiring to win the glorious title of the new queen.

So in the end, Li Feifei said that if Lin Yuan will need her help again in the future, she is more than willing to help.

After her conversation with Lin Yuan, Li Feifei immediately contacted her manager and her agency.

Her manager and the agency also agreed with Li Feifei.

Lin Yuan’s song for Li Feifei is more important than the upcoming concert in Yanjing.

Their opinion is in accordance with Lin Yuan’s request and Li Feifei’s own wishes.

The two sides signed an electronic contract and Li Feifei will come over to the Yanyue company to fulfill the endorsement and act as the brand’s spokesperson.

Lin Yuan hung up the phone.

“It’s done.” After printing the electronic contract, Lin Yuan handed it over to Yan Ruyue with a smile.

Yan Ruyue received the electronic contract and her face was still in awe at this time.

In just a few hours, Lin Yuan had really solved the problems, including the most pressing one.

The problem with the facial mask sheets and the endorser was solved directly!

And he has done it perfectly!

It is not just a large quantity of facial mask sheets obtained from Feng Dahai at a low price, but he has invited a top actress to act as the brand’s spokesperson and endorser.

All these in just a few hours!

Yan Ruyue thought about it and solving the problems seem simple to Lin Yuan.

But in fact, they are not at all that easy!

It’s just that Lin Yuan had made it seem so simple and easy!

Yan Ruyue had also talked on behalf of Yanyue Company, but nothing happened.

But with just a few words from Lin Yuan, Feng Dahai succumbed.

Lin Yuan knew Feng Dahai’s dark secret which makes the difference.

They have also not found a top-line actress because inviting top actresses generally requires an appointment and it is impossible to offer such a high talent fee.

It was already a lot of trouble that they have found two possible endorsers, but there came some problems.

And compared to Li Feifei, those two endorsers they were looking at, are not even half as famous as Li Feifei.

Lin Yuan has Li Feifei’s personal number and can contact her directly.

If Yan Ruyue ever tries to get top-line stars, there would be no personal contact at all.

She can only contact the agency and then queue for an appointment but the waiting time for both will take a long time.

Li Feifei’s schedule is also basically jampacked.

Only by offering a song, Lin Yuan was able to make Li Feifei agree to postpone the Yanjing concert and concentrate on the company endorsements and promotions.

Can Yan Ruyue come up with such a great song? No, she definitely can’t!

The more Yan Ruyue thinks about it, The more she is in awe.

She looked at Lin Yuan with more admiration and even with a trace of worship.

How Lin Yuan solved the company’s problems is really admirable and commendable.

Moreover, he can sort out things clearly regardless of how small or big it is.

Yan Ruyue is really shocked and the more she thinks about it, the more she admires Lin Yuan.

【Ding! Yan Ruyue's favorability +3! Reward 2000 counterattack points

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Seeing how Yan Ruyue looked so much surprised, Lin Yuan wasn’t surprised to hear the prompt from the system.

Yan Ruyue’s favorability towards Lin Yuan has now taken another big leap.

It is not long until this ice-cold female president gets completely conquered.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “What can you say? As soon as I talked to the people, the problem is solved.”

“Indeed!” Yan Ruyue nodded repeatedly.

“Yes. All of the problems are solved including the main problem. You solved them all perfectly. And according to what you said, I have asked Xiaoyun to reclaim the shares in advance.”

“Otherwise, if the news spreads, it would be difficult to reclaim the shares. For those who want to interfere in the management, I am actually very annoyed.”

“Thank you very much!” Yan Ruyue thanked Lin Yuan very seriously.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “No need to thank me. We are now business partners. I have also vested my interests in the company.”

“The problem with the facial mask sheets will definitely delay Ye Feng and the Chen family’s entry into the mask industry for a day or two. But it could be up to three days at the very least.”

“Although I am very confident with the formula of the facial mask essence, I still haven’t tried it yet. I wrote the formula by the way in the word sheet. If you can just ask someone to grab all these medicinal materials. I will try it first if I can and then we can mass produce.”

“Okay!” Yan Ruyue nodded vigorously.

Lin Yuan then gave all the medicinal materials needed and immediately ordered to buy them in large quantities.

“At this time, a new kind of facial mask will be produced, and it should be a good match for Li Feifei’s publicity. The results will certainly be good!”

“The quality of the facial mask is guaranteed, together with Li Feifei’s popularity, it will certainly make a buzz.

“By the way, when I went to Li Feifei’s concert last time, she sings really well and her projection on the screen is really good. The output of the promotional advertising videos will definitely be good as well.” Lin Yuan said.

He hasn’t seen Li Feifei for a long time. She sings very well and deserves to be the top singer. He can remember vividly when he went to the concert last time with Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan.

But the speaker does not have the same sentiments as that of the listener.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yan Ruyue didn’t care about it.

She only absorbed the words regarding Li Feifei being a great singer, nothing more.

Yan Ruyue was a little unhappy.

When she remembered the last time Lin Yuan watched Li Feifei’s concert with the beautiful girl Chi Qian, while she worked overtime and watched alone in her office, she became even more upset.

A sour feeling emanated from her heart and spread all over her body.

Women have a tendency to be jealous most of the time.

Yan Ruyue set aside first her shock and admiration for Lin Yuan.

Now, what has caught her attention is the thought of Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Li Feifei!

Yan Ruyue suddenly rolled her eyes and thought of something.

Yan Ruyue suddenly got up from her office chair and then moved to Lin Yuan’s side.

Lin Yuan can smell a faint fragrance and then a moist red lip suddenly touched against his cheek.

Lin Yuan looked and it was Yan Ruyue who gave him a kiss.

“Thanks for all the help. This… This is your reward.” Yan Ruyue said with an unusually bold and blushing face as she stared at Lin Yuan’s eyes.

Lin Yuan was also surprised.

Seeing how red Yan Ruyue’s face was as she stares at him closely, Lin Yuan also wanted to do something more.

He smiled directly and swept her into his arms.

“Reward? Just one isn’t enough!

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