Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 315

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The reason why Yan Ruyue wanted to ask was that she remembered what Lin Yuan asked before.

Lin Yuan asked her to reclaim all the shares as much as possible.

Some arrogant shareholders and some people with ulterior motives with vain attempts to influence the company’s management may leave soon.

Lin Yuan, after all, is already the company’s partner, and these people are dispensable and really not important.

As Yan Ruyue notices, some people are very eager to leave soon.

So Yan Ruyue asked whether the withdrawing shareholders are really decided in withdrawing their shares.

But none of them seem to have heard Yan Ruyue’s question.

After all, they didn’t know that the problems had been solved.

They also believe that the Yanyue Company is still in crisis.

They thought that Yan Ruyue asking them is because she regretted her decision of buying the shares.

In their opinion, how can they regret their decision?

In the eyes of these shareholders, they are the wise ones having decided to pull out their investments at higher than the current market price.

All of them pretended to be deaf and didn’t say anything. They are obviously determined to withdraw their shares.

Seeing Yan Ruyue not speaking, some people urged directly: “President Yan, we have carefully considered the matter that’s why we got together here, all for withdrawing our shares. Please sign the transfer form quickly. We have agreed to transfer all our shares to you. According to what you promised, you shall pay for our shares at a price that’s higher than the current market price. We’re fine for as long as you sign it.”

“Yes, President Yan, please sign it. I have to do something important in a while. I will be busy.”

After someone took the lead in urging Yan Ruyue to sign, others followed immediately.

They were very happy about Yan Ruyue’s willingness to buy back the shares at a higher price. After all, if they sell at a later time, they will have to bear huge losses.

“Zhang Zongliang, do you have even a bit of conscience? You are very willing to share the gains and not share the hardships? When Yanyue shares were listed, the price for each share was appreciated several times. Why didn’t you transfer the shares back then? Now that the company is facing a crisis, you want to transfer the shares right away and leave for good?!” A middle-aged woman shareholder scolded the man who kept on urging Yan Ruyue to sign.

Lin Yuan looked at these shareholders and understood what was going on.

It must be that both Zhang Zongliang and the middle-aged woman Chen Yue had been with the company ever since the beginning.

Many of them have been with the company since its inception but most of them wanted to transfer the shares at this time and leave Yanyue Company for good.

However, there is only a small group of people where Chen Yue belongs, who would still want to continue the journey with Yanyue Company and were very upset about Zhang Zongliang’s behavior.

Zhang Zongliang was obviously unhappy with Chen Yue’s scolding.Zhang Zongliang unceremoniously responded: “Why am I the one who doesn’t have any conscience? It was President Yan who initiated buying back the shares. I am just helping her. What’s so wrong with that?”

“In addition, let me say this on behalf of everyone here. We are all aware of the company’s recent situation. The company is facing a crisis. It is only human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. I did not make this decision on my own. President Yan took the initiative, and so I sold my shares.”

Many people agreed with Zhang Zongliang’s words.

“Yes! It was President Yan who wanted to buy back the shares. Otherwise, I would have been unwilling to sell it!”

“Yes! It was President Yan’s initiative, and we only agreed…”

Although many people know in their hearts that they intend on selling the shares, no one will admit they intend to run away.

And seeing these ungrateful people, Chen Yue, who is a straightforward person, spoke out of anger.

With the addition of some shareholders who were willing to stay, there were two sides who began to discuss their opinions.

However, there are very few who sided with Chen Yue. Most of the shareholders wanted to withdraw their shares.

Lin Yuan watched silently.

These people in fact are divided into two factions which is the very reason why Lin Yuan wants to reclaim the shares of Yanyue Company as much as possible.

But some wastes and unnecessary arguments should be eliminated.

The words and the tone of Zhang Zongliang are not just mere insensitiveness but also affect the decision-making among the shareholders.

It will be more difficult to manage the company when it expands and grows bigger if he intervenes, so it is time to only leave the obedient and sensible ones.

The original discussion gradually become chaotic and there was a tendency for it to evolve into a quarrel.

Especially the dispute between Zhang Zongliang and Chen Yue is brought about by the latter’s scolding.

Yan Ruyue who was observing silently with Lin Yuan suddenly patted the table.

There came out not a loud sound, but it was very effective.

Yan Ruyue is usually well-respected in the company, and the matter being discussed is related mainly to her.

So the audience fell silent in an instant and all looked at Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue said blankly: “Okay Zhang Zongliang, shut up. You don’t need to question him anymore Chen Yue. I will sign the transfer agreement now and the finance department shall handle the rest.”

Yan Ruyue also picked up the pen and quickly signed the agreement.

Lin Yuan saw in the agreement how much it would cost to repurchase a share. As long as Yan Ruyue signed it, then the agreement shall be effective immediately.

Yan Ruyue was still expressionless when she signed the transfer agreement.

Chen Yue who had been with Yan Ruyue from the very beginning is still very concerned about her. She doesn’t know that Yanyue Company’s problems have been solved already.

She thought that Yan Ruyue’s expressionless face was due to the company’s problems.

So after Yan Ruyue signed, Chen Yue said immediately: “President Yan, it’s fine. let’s work together. Yanyue Company will overcome this tide, it shall be better!”

Yan Ruyue nodded slightly and said: “Thank you.”

Zhang Zongliang on the side also smiled and agreed: “Yes, It will be better. I wish Yanyue Company success in the future.”

Although he wished the Yanyue company well, Zhang Zongliang’s words do have some irony.

His tone was also insincere.

Zhang Zongliang did not deal with Chen Yue and even Yan Ruyue anymore.

In the past, Zhang Zongliang had a lot of shares, but not too many. At least Yan Ruyue can make most of the decisions alone.

Therefore, Zhang Zongliang had been upset several times in the past.

Chen Yue glared at Zhang Zongliang’s secret taunts.

Yan Ruyue didn’t pay much attention to it and continued to sign the agreement up to the last page.

Seeing Zhang Zongliang overjoyed, Lin Yuan also looked at him with a smile.

Zhang Zongliang is happy and proud thinking that he had gotten away in time before Yanyue Company suffers.

It is not known, however, whether Zhang Zongliang can still smile happily if he discovers that the problems of Yanyue Company had been solved already.

Lin Yuan looked at Zhang Zongliang and smiled brightly.

With Lin Yuan’s handsome face, he attracted countless women, even men.

Zhang Zongliang also notices the smile of Lin Yuan who was seated beside Yan Ruyue.

Lin Yuan’s bright smile had that sense of sarcasm in it.

Zhang Zongliang was inexplicably unhappy when Lin Yuan stared at him and smiled so much.

He wanted to stare back at Lin Yuan but remembered that Lin Yuan’s identity is no worse than Yan Ruyue.

Lin Yuan’s temperament makes him very unpredictable. Lin Yuan is obviously very young but gave Zhang Zongliang an unfathomable feeling.

So Zhang Zongliang resisted staring back at Lin Yuan and instead looked away.

At this time, Yan Ruyue who had finished signing raised her head suddenly.

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