Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 313

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Lin Yuan is in Yan Ruyue’s office.

He found a few good pieces of mutton fat jade.

The mutton fat jade felt very good to touch.

It was slippery, very soft, and looked so creamy.

It is definitely the best mutton fat jade.

The two pieces of mutton fat jade are quite big.

Lin Yuan touched it a few times and prepared to check the authenticity of the mutton fat jade….

But Yan Ruyue values her mutton jade very seriously, so she showed obvious resistance.

Yan Ruyue who was facing the table at this time shook her body frantically.

She constantly expressed her rejection:

“No! No!”

The smooth mutton fat jade is very white and tender.

It’s really fascinating!

So, Lin Yuan grabbed her mutton fat jade and played with it.

“You… how can you be always like this?”

Yan Ruyue watched as Lin Yuan played with her mutton fat jade.

Her face was blushing with a little hint of anger.

For those two huge mutton fat jades, Yan Ruyue regards them as really sacred.

So, Yan Ruyue was too ashamed that Lin Yuan snatched them to play with them.

But for Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue still has a good impression.

So, after struggling for a short time, Yan Ruyue also relaxed a little.

After Yan Ruyue relaxed, she found that Lin Yuan became even bolder towards the mutton fat jade.

Yan Ruyue’s mutton fat jade is extremely precious.

She has treasured them for more than twenty years and no one has ever touched even a bit of them.

Her mutton fat jade is being kneaded into various shapes.

Maybe it’s because her mutton fat jade had been idle for a long time, Yan Ruyue found that her body is also becoming a little soft.

She originally thought that Lin Yuan was too much.

But unexpectedly, Lin Yuan put down his wolfish claws and her two precious mutton fat jade.

Lin Yuan’s eyes are now directed to Yan Ruyue’s other treasures again.

That is, the treasure she is most proud of:

The two white jade pillars tightly wrapped in a black sack.

Those two white jade pillars were carved by the best masters in the world.

Those white jade pillars are round, slender, and extremely straight. It is really God’s perfect sculpture.

This is Yan Ruyue’s favorite and most prized possession.

Lin Yuan looks at the treasure that has never been touched by others.

But his look was extremely brazen.

Yan Ruyue doesn’t know how much Lin Yuan looked at them, but it made her heart tremble.

The treasures have been violated by Lin Yuan, one after the other.

Yan Ruyue was panting, and her complexion flushed.

This can be regarded as a continuation of Lin Yuan holding back last time when they were at the cinema.

There were cameras in the cinema last time.

But not this time.

But just when Lin Yuan was getting more presumptuous with Yan Ruyue’s treasures, there was a sudden knock at the door.

It was the voice of Yan Ruyue’s secretary, Xiaoyun. “President Yan? I have completed the reclaiming of the shares just as you ordered.”

“Similar to your guess earlier, most people agreed to transfer the shares to you at a price that’s slightly higher than the current stock market price.”

“You just need now to go to the conference room and sign the papers in person.”

The voice from the female secretary Xiaoyun came from outside the door.

Hearing the voice of the female secretary Xiaoyun, Lin Yuan’s movements also stopped for a while.

And Yan Ruyue also heard Xiaoyun’s voice.

Yan Ruyue also had a sudden rise in strength.

And Lin Yuan, who was playing with her treasures, was pushed aside.

(T/N: They were talking about her boobs and legs)

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