Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 316

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Raising her head, Yan Ruyue said softly: “Okay. I have already signed it. It is already effective that your shares have been transferred to me. I will ask the Finance department to take care of things immediately so that the money will be transferred to each and every one of you.”

Hearing what Yan Ruyue said, the shareholders got copies of the signed transfer agreements.

Most of the shareholders who sold their shares and who are in the meeting room breathed a sigh of relief as soon as Yan Ruyue signed the transfer agreements.

The transfer has already been documented in black and white, and Yan Ruyue has no chance to withdraw her decision.

Those shareholders have successfully escaped from Yanyue Company.

The people who chose to leave were relieved.

And Zhang Zongliang who holds a lot of shares compared to the other people present smiled and said: “That’s good. President Yan handles things neatly. But President Yan, since you hold so many shares, you must pay attention to the risks associated with it. Don’t be burdened too much because of the Yanyue Company. If you have problems seek the help of Yan Group, you can also contact us.”

Because the shares were successfully transferred, Zhang Zongliang’s words were a bit merciless.

In the past, Zhang Zongliang always clashed with Yan Ruyue when making decisions for the Yanyue Company.

Yan Ruyue holds a lot more shares and has prestige. Zhang Zongliang is basically the suppressed party.

So, Zhang Zongliang had been very upset for quite a long time, now he finally got free from his leash and so is naturally happy.

So his words are slightly triumphant and with a sense of sarcasm.

Some of the old shareholders like Chen Yue are very uncomfortable with Zhang Zongliang.

Yan Ruyue, however, ignored his words.

It was as if Yan Ruyue didn’t hear what he just said.

Zhan Zongliang was unhappy with Yan Ruyue’s snubbing, curled his lips, and immediately prepared to leave with the other people who had also withdrawn their shares.

But at this moment, Yan Ruyue stood up from her seat.

As soon as Yan Ruyue stood up, she attracted everyone’s attention.

Yan Ruyue said directly: “The transfer of shares has now been completed and effective, and now I have something to announce.”

Hearing what Yan Ruyue said, the remaining shareholders, and those who have withdrawn their shares cast their eyes towards Yan Ruyue.

Chen Yue and the others looked at Yan Ruyue.

Even Zhang Zongliang who was about to leave remained.

They are all curious about Yan Ruyue’s announcement.

Why did she suddenly have an announcement right after transferring the shares to herself?

Is it because the company cannot bear the losses anymore and intends to declare bankruptcy?

But it seems not the case. Although Yanyue Company is in trouble now, there should be a long way towards bankruptcy, right?

Or has she found out a way to resolve the company’s problems and was ready to speak out and appease those who remained?

Considering Yan Ruyue’s reclaiming of the shares, it should be and most likely the latter.

Otherwise, Yan Ruyue wouldn’t have reclaimed the shares…

Yan Ruyue is not a fool, on the contrary, she is very smart and capable.

But does she really have a way to overcome Yanyue’s adversities?

Chen Yue and the other shareholders who stayed with the Yanyue Company looked at Yan Ruyue with a little hope and curiosity.

Zhang Zongliang and others, however, looked at Yan Ruyue with disbelief.

And under the attention of everyone, Yan Ruyue who was standing up, showed a pretty rare smile.

Yan Ruyue smiled and announced: “Yanyue’s problems have all been solved. Whether it is problem with the facial mask sheets manufacturer that led to the shortage of supplies, or the problem with the endorser. The problems of the company have all been solved.”

“The person who helped solved these problems is young master Lin Yuan who is seated next to me.” Yan Ruyue added.

But as to who helped solve the company’s problems, the people in the audience did not pay attention so much to.

That is because after hearing Yan Ruyue’s opening sentence that the problems have all been solved, there was an uproar in the meeting room.

“The problems of Yanyue Company have all been solved? How could that be possible?”

“That’s right. There is a possible solution and all have been solved. How is it possible?”

“It’s not about a proposed solution but all have been solved already? The matter of the facial mask sheets and the endorser is completely resolved? Impossible!”

The shareholders in the meeting room and the former shareholders couldn’t believe Yan Ruyue’s announcement.

Almost everyone questioned what Yan Ruyue just said.

They have this subconscious suspicion.

Because what Yan Ruyue said was a bit unbelievable.

They discussed the problems countless times before and they couldn’t come up with a solution.

And it was solved just like that?

Zhang Zongliang and the other shareholders who have withdrawn their shares do not believe Yan Ruyue at all.

Rationally thinking, it is not believable.

And if Yanyue’s problems have really been solved, then the price of the shares will definitely appreciate.

It is not only Zhang Zongliang who expressed his disbelief, even Chen Yue who planned to share difficulties with Yanyue Company couldn’t believe Yan Ruyue’s words.

If Yan Ruyue said she has found a way to solve the problems, it would have been more believable than her saying that all the problems have been solved at once.

But she said that the problems have been solved?

How is that even possible?

There was a consistent discussion, day and night, about how to solve the problems.

Even this morning, they witnessed how distressed Yan Ruyue was.

Now she is saying all have been solved? It’s completely unbelievable.

Almost everyone had doubts about Yan Ruyue’s words.

And Zhang Zongliang who just withdrew his shares questioned directly: “President Yan, there are some things you can’t just talk about and makeup. The problem of the Yanyue Company is serious. How can they be solved?”

Whether the problems have been really solved or not, Zhang Zongliang felt very uncomfortable.

Thinking of Yan Ruyue’s last sentence and looking at Lin Yuan next to him, Zhang Zongliang added: “President Yan, you said that young master Lin Yuan helped solved these problems? I want to ask for the so-called solution. Isn’t this young master just deceiving people?”


Zhang Zongliang didn’t believe Yan Ruyue’s words and even added a ridicule.

So Zhang Zongliang pointed the finger of suspicion on Lin Yuan and implied that Lin Yuan might have deceived Yan Ruyue and in fact, the company’s problems have not been solved at all.

Not only did Zhang Zongliang looked suspiciously at Yan Ruyue and Lin Yuan but also the other shareholders.

Seeing the same reaction from the other shareholders, Zhang Zongliang stared at Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue, obviously wanting to hear an explanation.

But Lin Yuan returned the stare to Zhang Zongliang and with a blank expression, he said: “Are you a shareholder? Why does it matter to you? Get out.”

Chen Yue immediately supported. “Yes! You have withdrawn all your shares. Company matters don’t have anything to do with you! Get out!”

Although it is not certain as to whether what Yan Ruyue said was true, whether Lin Yun really helped to solve Yanyue Company’s problems and get out of the predicament, but since Chen Yue is on Yan Ruyue’s side, she directly helped Lin Yuan against Zhang Zongliang.

What Lin Yuan and Chen Yue said is correct.

He is indeed no longer a shareholder, and it appears that he has no right to ask these things.

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