Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 317

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Although Zhang Zongliang is no longer a shareholder, but anyhow he has been with the Yanyue Company for several years.

At this time, he is feeling very upset and confused.

And this Lin Yuan is not even part of the company.

Zhang Zongliang looked at the others hoping there will be someone to support him, but no one spoke.

He looked at Yan Ruyue but was ignored again.

Zhang Zongliang saw Yan Ruyue turn a blind eye and so did Lin Yuan who told him to go.

Zhang Zongliang smiled and said: “Indeed, I am no longer a shareholder, and the company affairs don’t matter to me.”

“But after all, I used to be with the company for quite a long time, and so, I am still concerned with Yanyue Company.”

Hearing his words, everyone present felt a little uncomfortable.

Zhang Zongliang didn’t withdraw just some of his shares, instead all of it.

Adults are mainly interested in worldly matters. If you are not very optimistic that Yanyue Company can still recover, you can withdraw your shares. If Zhang Zongliang has withdrawn his shares, how can he suddenly talk about his feelings?

Lin Yuan knew that Zhang Zongliang’s remarks were probably just foreshadowing. He still had something to say.

Zhang Zongliang opened his mouth again and said: “The problem that Yanyue Company is facing is big. The manufacturer that has been cooperating with the company suddenly ceased their cooperation and so there was a shortage in supply of facial mask sheets hampering production. Moreover, we lost our endorser. And the capital turnover is also low.”

“Due to some urgent personal reasons, I decided to withdraw my shares. But I still have feelings for Yanyue Company and my colleagues.”

“My reason tells me that these problems are not very easy to solve, and it is basically impossible to come up with a solution in a short span of time, let alone have them solved.”

“President Yan, I am not questioning you. I just want to say that there are problems that can’t be solved easily. It is meaningless to create false prosperity for the company. And be careful of being deceived by scammers.”

After listening to Zhang Zongliang’s words, everyone also understood what he wanted to express and what his words meant,

What Zhang Zongliang wanted to say was that Yan Ruyue lied in saying that the problems have been solved.

He insists that Yan Ruyue created false prosperity to prevent the stock price and the company’s market value from falling.

He also suggested that Lin Yuan was a liar and Yan Ruyue was not careful having been deceived by him.

He wanted to tear down Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue.

Zhang Zongliang’s remarks seem persuasive and had various metaphors.

Even for some people, his remarks are a bit disgusting.

Everyone knows that he said such malicious things because he is upset with Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue.

But although his remarks were disgusting, it makes people think that it does make sense.

Because they couldn’t believe either what Yan Ruyue said, that the problems have all been solved in just a short amount of time.

Many shareholders were discussing among themselves, whispering, and some agreeing on Zhang Zongliang’s statements.

“Although Zhang Zongliang’s statement was a bit below the belt, his words make a lot of sense. How could the company’s problems be resolved so quickly?”

“Feng Dahai’s facial mask sheets are made of high-end materials and fit our brand’s mask. Finding a good match as a replacement is not very easy since they will have to be customized to fit our brand before they can be mass-produced. Even looking for alternatives would take several days. How could the problem with it be solved so fast?”

“I also feel that President Yan may be lying. After all, it is easy for the stock price to fall, but very difficult for it to rise. It is understandable if she wants to keep the company’s stock price and not hit rock bottom.”

“I think it is better to tell the truth. Although we are no longer shareholders of Yanyue Company, President Yan should not lie and tell us the truth. If the problem with the facial mask sheets is really solved, then an evidence is required to support the same.”

Hearing people’s whispers, it seems that they agreed with Zhang Zongliang’s words.

Zhang Zongliang looked at Yan Ruyue and smiled triumphantly.

But Yan Ruyue still ignored him.

She just picked up her phone and made a call.

“Security, there are people in the conference room who are no longer involved with the company. Come up to disperse and take them away.” Yan Ruyue said blankly.

Hearing what Yan Ruyue said, Zhang Zongliang was very upset.

Zhang Zongliang had already withdrawn his shares but still wanted Yan Ruyue to give an explanation.

Zhang Zongliang’s face and that of the other shareholders who have withdrawn their shares went black.

Those people didn’t know that Yan Ruyue didn’t care about their attitude at all.

Lin Yuan made a phone call in front of Yan Ruyue and he had the signed contract and every evidence to prove it.

How could Lin Yuan be a liar?

The opinions of these people who withdrew their shares don’t matter to Yanyue Company at all.

Their words are not as important as Lin Yuan’s few words.

So why would Yan Ruyue care about them?

Seeing how Yan Ruyue ignored them completely, Zhang Zongliang and the former shareholders were very upset.

“Haha. Yes, we really have nothing to do anymore with Yanyue Company. We don’t care about the issues such as shortage in raw materials and inventory of finished goods. However, the company’s status cannot be falsified. Otherwise, it’s a crime of fraud. I will also have this publicized when I have time.” Zhang Zongliang sneered.

Not only did Zhang Zongliang saw that Yan Ruyue didn’t want to explain further the company’s situation but also the other people present in the conference room. They didn’t realize that Yan Ruyue was this disdainful and lazy. They all thought that Yan Ruyue was lying and that the company’s problems have not been solved at all.

So although they didn’t say so blatantly like Zhang Zongliang, there are also plans to publicize Yanyue Company’s situation.

This is to prevent their relatives and friends from being tricked by false propaganda.

Yan Ruyue directly called the security. She was merciless. Although on the other hand, these people really deserve no mercy.

So even if Yan Ruyue lied or not, these people had to leave.

Many people turned their heads and prepared to walk out of the meeting room. They all planned to go out and spread the news about Yanyue Company’s real situation.

For example, that the company’s manufacturer of facial mask sheets had ceased cooperation and that the stock of raw materials and finished products are about to run out.

But at this moment, suddenly a female employee of Yanyue Company quickly walked into the conference room.

Seeing so many people planning to leave the conference room, the female employee was taken aback for a moment and then she said: “President Yan, a large number of facial mask sheets have been transported to our company downstairs. There are more than a dozen of large trucks.”

Hearing this, Zhang Zongliang and the others who had planned to leave were stagnated. All of them stared at the reporting employee in disbelief.

When they heard the news that more than a dozen trucks of facial mask sheets have been transported downstairs, Lin Yuan raised his brows slightly. Yan Ruyue also looked surprised.

Zhang Zongliang and the others were extremely surprised.

The matter was just discussed and it was suggested that Yan Ruyue was lying and falsifying the company’s real situation.

But only a few minutes later, Zhang Zongliang was faced slapped.

The facial mask sheets have been delivered and there are more than a dozen large trucks.

This makes Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue not shocked but a little surprised.

It was not by accident that large quantities of facial mask sheets have been delivered. After all, Lin Yuan had already made an agreement with Feng Dahai earlier. The delivery of the facial mask sheets is inevitable.

Only ten minutes have passed, and the delivery is so fast. But this is not what surprised Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue.

After all, Lin Yuan holds Feng Dahai by the neck and it is but natural for him to act fast.

Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue were a little surprised because Feng Dahai didn’t send the facial mask sheets to the facial mask processing plant of Yanyue Company as agreed but to the Yanyue headquarters. Why did Feng Dahai do this?

The headquarters is not where the production of facial masks takes place.

Yanyue’s processing plant is mainly responsible for the production.

Yan Ruyue couldn’t understand what Feng Dahai is up to.

Lin Yuan on the other hand had some thoughts.

Something came to his mind thinking of Feng Dahai’s character.

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