Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 318

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Yan Ruyue was not surprised when an employee reported the delivery of the facial mask sheets, so she nodded.

But the others are extremely shocked.

“All of the facial mask sheets are delivered? And there are more than a dozen trucks of it downstairs? President Yan didn’t lie just now?”

“What President Yan said is true? The problem is really solved?!”

“I feel bad. If I knew, I wouldn’t have withdrawn my shares!”

There were more than a dozen trucks of facial mask sheets awaiting to be received downstairs.

Those shareholders who just withdrew their shares are both shocked and regretful.

Zhang Zongliang on the side also frowned.

Is it really just as Yan Ruyue said?

The biggest problem of Yanyue Company had been solved?

But they actually contacted Feng Dahai countless times before and Feng Dahai made it clear that he does not want to cooperate anymore.

It was impossible to persuade Feng Dahai to continue with the cooperation.

‘Where did Yan Ruyue got so many facial mask sheets so suddenly?’


‘She might have procured facial mask sheets but they may not be of premium quality!&#apos;

Zhang Zongliang thinks he understood what was going on.

Zhang Zongliang smiled slightly and said: “There are already the facial mask sheets, but that doesn’t mean that the problem has been solved.”

Everyone who was shocked and regretful suddenly looked over to Zhang Zongliang when they heard his words.

Zhang Zongliang smiled and said: “The company’s problem is about the shortage of facial mask sheets. And what it needs is not just any kind of facial mask sheet. It needs premium quality or that which is customized to fit the company’s standards just like what was previously supplied. Otherwise, the problem won’t be easily solved. So, no matter how many facial mask sheets there are downstairs, they’re all useless. Using those will only tarnish the company’s reputation in providing high-quality products.”

Upon hearing Zhang Zongliang&#apos;s words, those who were regretful were suddenly uplifted.

They feel that Zhang Zongliang has a point.

All that he said makes so much sense.

How can the problem be solved so easily?

If you are going to use poor-quality facial mask sheets, even if there are hundreds of large trucks full of them, are they even useful?

They are all useless!

Everyone looked like they suddenly realized the same thing.

And Zhang Zongliang smiled and asked the female employee who came in, “Which factory is delivering the facial mask sheets? Did you hear the name? Have they worked with Yanyue before?”

Zhang Zongliang&#apos;s guess is that the facial mask sheets were produced by some small factory and that their quality is inferior.

Hearing Zhang Zongliang’s question, the female employee first looked at Yan Ruyue who didn’t say anything.

She didn’t know that Zhang Zongliang and the others had withdrawn their shares.

So the female employee hesitated for a moment and then replied: “Yes…The facial mask sheets are from the Dahai factory. They were delivered personally by Feng Dahai.”

“By the way President Yan, Boss Feng said that he wanted to meet with someone. The name was…um… He didn’t say the name but he said that you would know who. It seems to be… your boyfriend…He said he really wanted to meet with your boyfriend.”

Hearing what the female employee said, the conference room was suddenly quiet.

Feng Dahai who just said he wouldn’t cooperate anymore was suddenly humble.

The other shareholders who withdrew their shares were also stunned.

“Is…is it really the Feng Dahai Factory that used to cooperate with the Yanyue Company?”

“The number of facial mask sheets is so many? More than a dozen trucks?”

“And not only did he supplied a large number of facial mask sheets, he even delivered them personally just to see someone?”

“President Yan’s boyfriend? Since when did President Yan have a boyfriend?”

Everyone started whispering.

Talking about Yan Ruyue’s boyfriend, everyone immediately looked at Lin Yuan subconsciously.

Yan Ruyue said that the problems have been solved and Lin Yuan helped in solving them.

Then Feng Dahai personally delivered the facial mask sheets just to see Lin Yuan.

Also, Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue have a close relationship that appears unfathomable.

Everything seems just as Yan Ruyue said.

Has Yanyue’s biggest problem really been solved?

And it was Lin Yuan who solved it?

The former shareholders withdrew their share for a reason.

Although Yan Ruyue isn’t very vocal when she handles problems, they all could see how distressed she was about the matter and it seemed like she couldn’t handle it.

This is one of the reasons why they decided to sell their shares.

But Lin Yuan seems to be very capable?

Not long after Lin Yuan appeared, Feng Dahai had suddenly come to the company in person?

Everyone’s eyes widened as they stared at Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue’s expressions didn’t change. They knew all about this after all.

It’s just a riddle, however, that Feng Dahai personally came and that he delivered the facial mask sheets at Yanyue headquarters.

Yan Ruyue glanced and stared at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan knew that Yan Ruyue was asking him if he would agree to meet with Feng Dahai.

Lin Yuan nodded.

Yan Ruyue immediately said to her secretary: “Go and bring Feng Dahai to the meeting room.”

“Okay.” Secretary Xiaoyun nodded quickly.

Before leaving, Xiaoyun also gave Lin Yuan a shocked look.

‘President Yan’s boyfriend is too mysterious and too powerful.’

‘For such an ice-cold female president like President Yan, he can mess up her clothes even in the office and act like he did not do anything.’

‘And Yanyue’s big problem had been solved by him in just a blink of an eye.’

Just this morning, she saw how Yan Ruyue’s head burnt having been distressed by the problem.

But in just a few hours, she seems like a different person because of Lin Yuan.

Not daring to think too much, Xiaoyun hurried downstairs and accompanied Feng Dahai to the meeting room.

She soon came back.

Behind her was a middle-aged man.

Some people who have met him immediately recognized who he was.

This is Feng Dahai, the general manager of the company whom Yanyue Company used to cooperate with.

Feng Dahai&#apos;s face looks rather honest.

After Xiaoyun brought Feng Dahai to the meeting room, the people in the meeting room shut their mouths.

It’s not that they are afraid of Feng Dahai or something.

It’s more of they don’t understand him. He had been very arrogant and firmly stated that he would not cooperate anymore with Yanyue Company. But here he is.

Yanyue Company had sent several people to talk to Feng Dahai in the past even this morning, but Feng Dahai made it clear that he refuses to continue to work with Yanyue Company.

But in the afternoon, he came personally?

This is simply confusing.

As Feng Dahai entered the meeting room, he didn’t mind other people.

He immediately looked for Yan Ruyue.

It is not because he wanted to see her or that he is attracted to her.

But it was because he was looking for her boyfriend.

His life depends on taking a hold of Yan Ruyue’s boyfriend!

But as soon as he looked, he realized he didn’t have to look so hard.

Yan Ruyue possessed a peerless beauty.

Although he hasn’t seen Lin Yuan. But the man next to Yan Ruyue looked so handsome. His temperament was unfathomable and was even more eye-catching than Yan Ruyue!

Feng Dahai knew that this must be Yan Ruyue’s boyfriend!

Feng Dahai hurriedly came to Yan Ruyue and Lin Yuan.

He first smiled and greeted Yan Ruyue who he had met before: “Good day President Yan.”

Yan Ruyue nodded slightly as a response.

She doesn’t have the slightest affection for Feng Dahai.

Because if it wasn’t for Lin Yuan, Feng Dahai would have definitely breached the contract for the sake of his gain, regardless of causing huge losses to Yanyue Company.

So Yan Ruyue was too lazy to even respond to Feng Dahai’s greeting. She didn’t even smile back.

Feng Dahai didn’t have much interest in Yan Ruyue either. He came here to meet Lin Yuan who is Yan Ruyue’s boyfriend.

Feng Dahai turned his face to Lin Yuan and showed an even brighter smile. He then asked in a very respectful tone: “This must be President Yan’s boyfriend, right? I am Feng Dahai. It’s a great honor to meet you.”

Lin Yuan just smiled and nodded slightly as he responded: “Well, me too. I’m Lin Yuan”

“Oh, it’s Young Master Lin.” Feng Dahai smiled and said in a respectful tone.

Everyone was stunned to see the arrogant Feng Dahai speaking respectfully and paying attention to Lin Yuan.

Feng Dahai started from scratch.

Therefore, even for a second-generation like Yan Ruyue with a deep background, his general attitude is very ordinary.

After all, he also had his reasons so he dared to breach the contract with Yanyue Company, not afraid of offending Yan Ruyue for his own gains.

Even before, greeting Yan Ruyue was only polite.

But now for Lin Yuan, the young master of the Lin family, which is the same as the Yan family, how can he be so respectful?

Lin family is not much better than the Yan family, right?

Could it be that the young master of the Lin family is very powerful?

Feng Dahai’s respect and Lin Yuan&#apos;s indifference formed a sharp contrast.

Everyone was extremely surprised.

The next thing that happened made them even more surprised.

Feng Dahai said in a respectful tone: “According to Young Master Lin’s wish, I have shipped all high-end facial mask sheets in my inventory. A total of more than a dozen trucks are downstairs. I would sell them to you for one-third of the price, after all, they are all clearance goods. I didn’t want to destroy them too.”

“But the quality is guaranteed!”

Hearing Feng Dahai’s words, everyone was stunned.

Feng Dahai was very arrogant to Yanyue Company before. He even insisted that he will break off the cooperation and even said that he will not supply facial mask sheets to Yanyue Company anymore.

And now, Feng Dahai brought all the facial mask sheets in his inventory to the company in person?

And he will sell it at a third of the original selling price?

Although Feng Dahai said that the facial mask sheets are clearance goods, the people present are not fools. Who didn’t hear Feng Dahai claim that they are of high quality?

Clearance goods, my foot!

Everyone stared at Lin Yuan and Feng Dahai.

They all saw it.

Feng Dahai looked very respectful towards Lin Yuan.

As Yan Ruyue said, the problem was solved, all thanks to Lin Yuan.

But why does Feng Dahai treat Lin Yuan so respectfully?

They are all puzzled.

As for Feng Dahai who was extremely respectful, Lin Yuan’s face didn’t fluctuate too much.

Lin Yuan laughed and asked; “Boss Feng, it’s good to have all the facial mask sheets delivered. But I want to ask, why did you send the facial mask sheets to Yanyue headquarters? Don’t you know where the Production Plant is?”

The shareholders were even more surprised when they heard Lin Yuan’s plain tone as he spoke to Feng Dahai.

However, a little cold sweat run down Feng Dahai’s back!

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