Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 321

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Chapter 321

Eat Qiu Wanxi!

The ambiance of Yan Ruyue’s office is very good.

Not only is it spacious and bright, but the scenery outside the windows is also very pleasant.

Even if the curtains are closed, it doesn’t make people feel dull, instead, it gives a calming feeling.

The curtains are closed as usual while Lin Yuan is pinching the white mutton fat jade.

Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue exercised a little bit in the various places in her office and played some small games that can improve the lung capacity and improve sensitivity.

After all, just sitting for a long time in the office can damage the body, and fatigue can affect work efficiency.

But Yan Ruyue’s physical strength is just the average.

So after playing for a while with Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan let her sit back.

“Then, I will leave first. Work is important, but you also have to take good care of your body.” Lin Yuan smiled at Yan Ruyue.

“Yeah! So, should you!” Yan Ruyue replied. Her heart felt really warm feeling Lin Yuan’s concern.

Taking a deep breath and squeezing her small fist, Yan Ruyue took the initiative to come to Lin Yuan and help him sort out his messy clothes from their exercise.

Yan Ruyue’s actions at this time are very similar to a wife putting on a tie and tidying up the collars for her husband before going out.

The scene really gives people a sense of being a husband and wife at home. It is clear that she is an ice-cold female president, but she acts differently, yet still cute.

Especially because she took the initiative to come to Lin Yuan first and do such things which she has never done before to anyone, her face turned red as an apple, which made people want to take a bite.

Yan Ruyue did not wait for Lin Yuan to speak.

Her next move was shocking.

After helping Lin Yuan tidy up, Yan Ruyue directly kissed Lin Yuan’s cheek and then quickly withdrew, obviously due to the fear of being attacked once more.

“By the way, thank you for today!” Yan Ruyue’s beautiful cheeks blushed as her eyes looked at Lin Yuan with much gratitude and with a hint of affection that could not be concealed anymore.

Although she took the initiative instead of Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue still blushed.

That is because she really likes him despite her misandry.

“It’s okay. Anyway, I expect some more remuneration in the future.” Lin Yuan said to Yan Ruyue with a smile.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes looking at her perfect long legs wrapped in black stockings, Yan Ruyue blushed immediately and then asked Lin Yuan to go.

“You should go now.”

“Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded.

This time, Lin Yuan left directly.

After Lin Yuan left, Yan Ruyue didn’t start working immediately but gently pressed her soft finger on her bright red lips as she recollected the time of being with Lin Yuan.

Being with Lin Yuan now seems to have made her comfortable every time.

Whether it was an intimate act or a serious discussion with him, even getting attacked by him makes her feel very comfortable.

Today she learned that in an addition to Lin Yuan’s arms being so unusually warm, she realized that Lin Yuan’s big hands touching her also made her feel at ease.

But thinking of the mutton fat jade which she had been cherishing for so many years, having been touched by Lin Yun, Yan Ruyue still felt a little lost.

Yan Ruyue took a peek of her mutton fat jade which she had treasured for a long time, Yan Ruyue slightly frowned as she discovered a few red finger marks which are exactly those of Lin Yuan’s.

Yan Ruyue found out that her initiative had an effect on Lin Yuan.

But it wasn’t as effective as she had imagined.

On the contrary, Lin Yuan always gets what he wants!

Although Yan Ruyue felt very comfortable around Lin Yuan, she still can’t accept how things got so quickly between them.

There is no need to even mention other things, she couldn’t stand even being pinched today.

But Yan Ruyue couldn’t deny the fact that she really likes Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue still doesn’t know how and what to feel at this time.

She felt very contradictory…



Lin Yuan did not know that Yan Ruyue was lying on her desk at this time figuring the kind of relationship she has with him.

Lin Yuan, however, understood Yan Ruyue’s initiative and general thoughts.

This ice-cold female president now has a very high degree of affection almost allowing Lin Yuan to approach the home base.

But her heart still needs some time to warm up.

Unlike men, women value the process very seriously.

He could just wait for Yan Ruyue to think about it herself or simply just wait for an opportunity.

Anyway, he is not in a hurry.

Lin Yuan picked up his cellphone and planned to call Long Wu.

However, he saw a message from Qiu Wanxi.

Qiu Wanxi sent a video at this time.

This surprised Lin Yuan very much.

Qiu Wanxi is a little shy and reserved and it is very rare for her to send videos.

After opening the video, Lin Yuan understood the situation immediately.

It wasn’t a video made by Qiu Wanxi; it was just a video made using Qiu Wanxi’s mobile phone.

In addition to Qiu Wanxi; Jiang Rou, Xiao Lian, Xiao He, and Chen Yu also appeared in the video.

Xiao Lian appeared in the shot from time to time. It was probably her who took the video.

“Young master! Come and see the store manager!”

“Hello, young master. Come over and play with me at night. I shall wait for you~.”

“Hello, young master. I have recovered well and I look forward to seeing you at night…”

Listening to the video, Lin Yuan learned the situation.

It must be that after Qiu Wanxi got discharged from the hospital, Xiao Lain, Xiao He, and Chen Yu came over to see Qiu Wanxi.

After watching the video, another message came from Qiu Wanxi.

Qiu Wanxi: “The video was sent by Xiao Lian using my phone.”

Lin Yuan replied: “I can see you have recovered so well. I am relieved.”

Qiu Wanxi: “Thank you. I really… like Young Master!”

Qiu Wanxi was a little shy and cautious in sending messages today.

Lin Yuan thought for a while and understood what was going on.

It is probably because when Xiao Lian and Xiao He used her mobile phone to send a video, they saw the chat history between him and Qiu Wanxi.

They could have seen the message of Lin Yuan about him going to eat Qiu Wanxi tonight, and Qiu Wanxi agreed.

Qiu Wanxi is still very shy towards Xiao Lian and Xiao He knowing about it.

No wonder why the two had been yelling about someone getting eaten tonight.

Lin Yuan guessed that Xiao Lian and Xiao He must have teased the shy Qiu Wanxi.

Shaking his head, Lin Yuan intends to teach the two a lesson when he arrives tonight so that they will be more obedient and behaved in the future.

“We planned to cook together and the young master will come in the evening to eat.” Qiu Wanxi said.

“I’ll be there soon. I’m not just the one who is eating, so does Wanxi” Lin Yuan replied.

(#shy) (#shy) (#shy) (#shy) Qiu Wanxi responded with a few shy emoticons.

Lin Yuan smiled and then temporarily closed WeChat to call Long Wu.

What happened to Yan Ruyue’s company today only proved that Ye Feng and the Chen family are already making their move.

Originally, Lin Yuan intended to begin his plan at a safe point.

Although he had basically dug holes to bury Ye Feng and the Chen family, but the butterfly effect has caused many changes.

Lin Yuan decided to do his plans in advance.

The layout is almost the same anyway.

As soon as the call connected, Lin Yuan said directly to Long Wu, “Let’s proceed with our plan for Lin Xiang and his son Lin Tian!”

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