Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 324

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Chapter 324 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

A feeling that will never be forgotten in a lifetime!

Lin Yuan watched the girl walked into the venue.

The girl has long blonde hair and a perfect figure

At Lin Yuan’s angle, he can only see the side face, but the face still looks very beautiful but has a strange and exotic touch and a sense of exquisiteness of a mixed race.

In fact, there are not so many people with such features.

So when Lin Yuan saw the blonde hair and the perfectly proportioned figure.

Lin Yuan recognized who it was immediately

There is only one person with blond hair among the people he knew.

The girl should be the mixed-race returnee, Qiao family’s eldest lady, Qiao Siying.

This kind of concert does not seem legit.

Those who still go in must be deeply in love with the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ singer.

Lin Yuan remembered that Qiao Siying is a bit stupid but not that stupid.

To even believe this is so much stupidity.

However, when he remembered during the Mei family banquet that Qiao Siying said that she liked the song so much and the singer, Lin Yuan immediately understood.

It must be that Qiao Siying is one of the targets of these fake concerts.

Lin Yuan was not interested in being a celebrity, so he asked Li Feifei to cut the scene when he sang ‘Blue and White Porcelain’. There surfaced only pirated shots. Qiao Siying must have only listened to the song and didn’t bother to check how the singer looked like.

Lin Yuan actually has a lot of plans in the future.

After tomorrow’s general shareholder’s meeting, he has several plans to proceed.

The first is to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

The second is to plan for the brother of Ye Feng from Demon City who is about to come as in the original plot.

In his plans, he may need to borrow the power of the Qiao family and Qiao Jianye.

So now, he can start with Qiao Siying to start his plans.

In addition, contacting Qiao Siying can weaken Ye Feng’s fate value.

While Lin Yuan was thinking about these things, he opened the car door and got out of the car.

Then, he also walked towards the cheap venue of the fake concert.

What surprised Lin Yuan was that there were actually a few people in the cheap venue.

It seems that his popularity is higher than he expected.


When Qiao Siying was just planning to go home today, she happened to pass by the Fengtai District.

But she saw the poster that the original singer of her favorite song, ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ hanging on the venue in Fengtai District, and so she immediately stopped the car.

To be honest, with the old venue, plus such a cheap poster, the credibility of the concert seems low.

But she really likes the song ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.

She also likes the composer and original singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.

This is something she doesn’t experience by listening to other songs.

Even if Qiao Siying is a returnee who admires Western culture, she feels that this song is the best. Maybe it has something to do with the original singer’s singing.

But as soon as she entered the venue and heard the voice singing in the booth, Qiao Siying was immediately disappointed.

The booth is on a higher stage and the person who sang cannot be seen clearly.

But the voice is very different from Qiao Siying’s expectations.

Although the person seems to sing pretty well, however, it is a whole world different from the original song, ‘The Blue and White Porcelain’.

Maybe the song on the internet was auto-tuned?

Or is this person introducing himself to be the original singer a fake?

No matter which is true, Qiao Siying was a little disappointed.

At this moment, Qiao Siying suddenly felt a pat on her shoulder.

She looked back quickly and saw a handsome man looking at her with a smile.

Qiao Siying’s heart jumped as she looked at the handsome face from close range.

After her heart jumped, Qiao Siying said directly, “It’s you?”

Qiao Siying’s tone was a little surprised and at the same time angry.

It was Lin Yuan who patted her on the shoulder.

Lin Yuan’s handsome face has been popping out of her mind from time to time and even dreamt of it day and night.

It’s not that Qiao Siying is in love with or interested in Lin Yuan.

But thinking of him makes her teeth grind together with hate.

Ever since she was young, she has basically played tricks and bullied others, and has never been bullied all her life.

But during the first meeting with Lin Yuan, she was cheated on with money and in the next, she was made to step on shit.

And she was pinched from there by Lin Yuan and they became swollen.

Qiao Siying is afraid that she will never forget these things all her life.

So, when she saw Lin Yuan, her teeth gritted with hatred, and wished to bite him directly.

In contrast to the angry Qiao Siying who was about to burst, Lin Yuan was quite indifferent and wore a faint smile on his face.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Miss Qiao, I haven’t seen you in a long time. What a coincidence. This is…that singer’s concert? You also like the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ song and its original singer?”

Qiao Siying’s eyes widened when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

Lin Yuan’s voice is very nice, slightly attractive, and that face feels even more handsome from the last time she saw him at the Mei family’s Banquet.

But when she heard him talking, Qiao Siying felt inexplicable angry, she felt the urge to fight Lin Yuan, perhaps because she thought Lin Yuan could still smile and be calm despite all the things he had done to her.

‘This guy is handsome but is too horrible.’

But even though she hates Lin Yuan so much, she didn’t hit him with her hand.

And since he also admires the same song, it is not impossible to say a few polite words.

Qiao Siying held her urge to bite Lin Yuan and said to him blankly: “Yes. I really like the song and I feel that the original singer is very good. The lyrics are very well composed. So, I just came in to take a look. It is just a coincidence to meet you here.”

“Yes. It is a coincidence.” Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Somehow, seeing Lin Yuan like that, Qiao Siying especially wanted to fight with him, but she found no excuse.

Lin Yuan turned his head and saw the person claiming to be the original singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, and couldn’t help but blurt out: “Mother fucking…Why is this singer so ugly? I can’t believe this.”

Looking at the person singing and claiming to be him, Lin Yuan was dumbfounded on the spot.

This person is really ugly!

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