Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 320

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Of course, considering Lin Yuan’s appearance and identity, and his ability to solve such big problems of Yanyue Company, it doesn’t seem strange that Yan Ruyue looks so much comfortable around him. Although the difference in her attitude now has a huge difference compared to her normal self.

If they aren’t aware that they are unworthy, Xiaoyun and Chen Yue would have also approved and liked being touched the same way Lin Yuan touched Yan Ruyue.

After recovering, Yan Ruyue found that she was still in the meeting room and her face turned slightly red.

Yan Ruyue felt the surprised and envious eyes of Xiaoyun and Chen Yue.

Then Yan Ruyue took the initiative and stretched out her hand and held Lin Yuan’s hand and directly pulled him out of the meeting room and return to her office.

And Lin Yuan just smiled and didn’t refuse.

Yan Ruyue has taken a lot of boldness and initiative recently.

Although there must have been still a few red finger marks on her mutton fat jade, Yan Ruyue obviously is not very angry.

After returning to the office, Lin Yuan first discussed specific matters regarding the cooperation with Yan Ruyue and the Yanyue Company.

Then Xiaoyun reported that they have procured all medicinal materials that Lin Yuan had ordered.

Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate and used the small laboratory in Yanyue Company to test the new products and formulate an essence that can beautify and nourish the skin.

In fact, most of the facial masks in the market are mostly just water, and their greatest effect is just to moisturize the skin.

There are a few more effective ones that are more expensive because the raw materials used are also expensive.

Therefore, in the original novel, Ye Feng uses his advanced medical skills to refine the essence a little and offer a facial mask that is more effective yet more affordable in the market.

And Lin Yuan’s medical skill is at the divine level, much more powerful than Ye Feng so naturally he could refine and formulate the mask essence that is even better than Ye Feng.

When he returned to Yan Ruyue’s office, he let Yan Ruyue give it a try.

The effect is instant and surprisingly good.

As a woman, Yan Ruyue does a lot of skincare so she knows that much.

“My face never felt this refreshed, and it’s not the kind of slippering feeling. My face has instantly improved a lot. I wasn’t able to sleep well yesterday due to company problems and that has manifested in my face. The essence is much lighter, yet the effect is remarkable. It is more than ten times the effectiveness of our company’s current facial mask!” Yan Ruyue praised with joy while looking at the mirror.

Seeing Yan Ruyue smiling face like a blooming flower, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I will take down the formula and let you begin the production now. A new brand must be established and a sufficient supply must be guaranteed.”

“But don’t rush in making this public. You can create a little gimmick first.”

“From the recent attacks of Ye Feng and the Chen family, it is most likely that they will enter the facial mask industry within three days from now and make money while targeting you and leading me out. Although Feng Dahai’s facial mask sheets had been intercepted, they will definitely seek alternatives and go for lower-end facial mask sheets.”

“When that time comes, we shall launch our new product simultaneously. We’re going to go all out in our publicity and promote the product’s quality through marketing. We must fully attack Ye Feng and the Chen family!” Lin Yuan has talked about their plan.

Yan Ruyue nodded repeatedly, signifying she understood all of it.

“By the way, although I still have the same or even better formulas, this should be kept a secret.” Lin Yuan said.

“Okay.” Yan Ruyue nodded.

First of all, the key must be to find persons to be part of the production who are absolutely trustworthy.

Then there are many methods such as not letting them know the names of the medicinal materials and only use numbers to distinguish them from each other, and not take them out of the production room.

Many of the medicinal materials used in Lin Yuan’s formula are not very common. So, if you don’t label them as they are, no one will recognize them.

Yan Ruyue nodded to express her understanding.

Yan Ruyue is very good at keeping secrets.

Lin Yuan also knew it and nodded in relief.

After speaking, Yan Ruyue raised her head and asked Lin Yuan expectantly: “Can I have a meal with you tonight? But I still have to deal with some things about the company which will take up to this evening.”

“After I am finished, shall we go and have a meal together?”

Yan Ruyue took the initiative and invited Lin Yuan in person. She made no secret of her expectations.

However, Lin yuan shook his head and said: “No. Maybe another day. I know that you still have a lot of work to do for your company, so I won’t waste your time.”

This is just one of the reasons why Lin Yuan refused.

The first reason why Lin yuan refused is, of course, because Yan Ruyue is busy.

And the second will be from the developments with Yan Ruyue today, Lin Yuan knew that although her favorability is high, it may not be enough if he wants to complete home base.

The third and most important reason is that Lin Yuan has made an appointment with Qiu Wanxi.

Tonight, he does not only get to accompany Qiu Wanxi who just got discharged from the hospital; but he will also get to complete home base with her.

So naturally, he does not have the energy to do the same with Yan Ruyue today.

Yan Ruyue didn’t know that Lin Yuan had some important things to do, but she knew that Lin Yuan was right in saying that she still had a lot of things to take care of in the company.

Although Lin Yuan had solved the big problem, there are still many small problems.

Yan Ruyue understands that Lin Yuan has a lot of money, and he has such a good formula, but he still chose to cooperate with her. In addition to the value of the brand of Yanyue Company, there are other things related to her management.

Otherwise, it would be fine for Lin Yuan to open his own facial mask business himself, so Yan Ruyue knew that she had to solve the smaller problems properly.

Otherwise, she will feel sorry not only to Lin Yuan but mostly to herself.

So Yan Ruyue nodded and said in an earnest beautiful face: “I will definitely solve these small problems! I will try my best and start a brand that we can cooperate with! There is also a plan to face Ye Feng and the Chen family head-on and make them go bankrupt!”

Seeing Yan Ruyue’s serious look, Lin Yuan smiled. He knew what Yan Ruyue was thinking.

If Yan Ruyue with this serious face knew that Lin Yuan was going to have dinner with another woman tonight and even sleep together, Lin Yuan is afraid…

Of course, Lin Yuan wouldn’t say these words.

Women are very jealous creatures. Men are possessive but women are more jealous in nature than men.

But when the favorability is full, this would be solved on its own…

The time is too early, and Lin Yuan has his own plan.

There were countless thoughts in his mind, but without delay, Lin Yuan hugged directly the serious ice-cold female president into his arms.

Then he began to ‘play some games’ with Yan Ruyue that are very beneficial to expanding the lung capacity and improve sensitivity.

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