Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 325

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Chapter 325 | I am a Gao Fushuai VillainPrincess of Dubai?

The booth was a bit high and others might not be able to see the person on the stage clearly, but Lin Yuan has attributes of more than two hundred points, and so his eyesight is very good.

He is able to see clearly that the person on the stage is even uglier than in the poster. The man had a sharp mouth and a monkey cheek. He looked embarrassing to even be the original singer.

He now knew why when he looked at the poster outside and that crooked image, he felt that there was something off.

So, Lin Yuan directly blurted out a curse.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying got irritated and wanted to confront Lin Yuan so she immediately spoke:

“How is he ugly? Doesn’t he look just normal? Besides, you can’t really have it all. For as long as he is good at singing and making songs, his looks don’t matter. He wrote the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ song, what about you? Stop judging people just by their appearance!”

In fact, if the man with the sharp mouth and monkey cheeks is really the original singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, Qiao Siying has a point.

Some people with mediocre looks sing really well and are even good at composing songs. You can’t judge them by their looks. They can shine through their talents and not just their looks.

The problem is that this person is a fake! And he is so ugly!

Hearing Qiao Siying’s words and looking at her serious look, Lin Yuan immediately smiled and said: “It’s really not good to judge people by their appearance, but he is really ugly. He is ruining the song by holding a concert and singing the song in public.”

Qiao Siying laughed angrily when she heard Lin Yuan’s insults.

She then said, “I must admit, Young Master Lin. You are really handsome. But don’t use that face to insult others. You can’t sing ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ or even make a song like it. If you are handsome, you don’t necessarily have the right to insult others.”

“If I say I wrote and sang the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, would you believe it?” Lin Yuan said with a smile.

“You? Puuu. Impossible! If you sang and composed the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, then I’d say I am the Princess of Dubai.” Qiao Siying shook her head and was in complete disbelief.

Qiao Siying couldn’t believe it when Lin Yuan claimed that he is the original singer of her favorite song.

Lin Yuan laughed. “You’re the Princess of Dubai? It’s more possible that you could be the little maid.”

Qiao Siying curled her lips and said with disdain: “If you are really the original singer and composer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’, then I can be your maid serving tea and water. But unfortunately, you are just bragging.”

Hearing Qiao Siying’s words, Lin Yuan immediately smiled and said: “Oh? If I am the original singer, then you can be my maid?”

“You have only listened to the song. Haven’t you seen the video of the original singer?” Lin Yuan asked again.

Qiao Siying nodded. “Yeah.”

The song ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ was released by Li Feifei’s company. But the composer-singer has never made his debut, neither was there a music video or even a cover photo. Qiao Siying has never seen what the original singer looked like.

What has been circulating on the internet is that the original song was sung in Li Feifei’s concert and only the video of her concert surfaced on the internet.

“Then look at the videos from Li Feifei’s concert and you would know who the real singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ is.” Lin Yuan smiled.

As Qiao Siying rolled her eyes, she could feel that what Lin Yuan said was reasonable.

She immediately took out her mobile phone and began to search.

Qiao Siying felt uneasy as she searched for the video because Lin Yuan’s expression at this time was full of confidence.

The confident look of Lin Yuan caused Qiao Siying to be a little worried.

‘Is Lin Yuan really the original singer? No way!’

‘It is certainly impossible!’

Qiao Siying didn’t believe him, but she can’t help but be worried.

Soon, Qiao Siying found one result.

It was a video of Li Feifei’s concert.

It is the official recorded version, super clear and of perfect sound quality.

Qiao Siying fast-forwarded the video and came to the time when there was the singing of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.

But only the singing can be heard, no figure of the singer at all. The only person that can be seen on the screen was Li Feifei.

Qiao Siying immediately breathed a sigh of relief and turned her mobile phone and lifted it up for Lin Yuan to see.

While showing her phone to Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying smiled and said, “Hahaha, your bragging has just been dismantled, Young Master Lin. Are you still going to insist that you are the singer again? Really funny.”

For Qiao Siying’s proudness, Lin Yuan just smiled and shook his head.

He then continued: “That is the edited version. You can add to the search, ‘live videos’, ‘original version’ or ‘uncut version’, and then search once more.”

Hearing this, Qiao Siying regarded Lin Yuan as desperate.

Qiao Siying curled her lips and searched once more according to what Lin Yuan said.

Soon, search results popped up.

There are actually many videos.

The videos are unofficial ones and recorded personally.

Qiao Siying immediately clicked one with the highest clarity.

The title read as: “Blue and White Porcelain Original Singing Male God’s Face Exposed! The Uncut Version of Li Feifei’s Jiangbei Concert! Super Clear Video! Super Close-Up Live Shooting! Feel the Face of a Male God!”

This is still the video of Li Feifei’s Jiangbei Concert but the time is shortened and began at the point when Li Feifei choses fans who can request songs from her.

The video looks super clear and it seems it was secretly recorded at a close range.

After drawing and singing the request of the first 2 lucky audiences, it is now time for the third and final lucky winner.

When the third lucky winner was drawn, Qiao Siying’s eyes widened immediately.

That is because, the third person drawn was Lin Yuan!

From the moment Lin Yuan appeared in front of the camera, there were countless screams from the audience.

“He looks like a male God! I want to marry him!”

“Oh my God! So handsome!”

“Ahhhhh! He is so handsome!”

Qiao Siying looked at the screen in shock, then she looked at Lin Yuan’s handsome face at this time.

Then she looked at the screen again, and then on Lin Yuan once again.

Qiao Siying couldn’t believe it so she looked interchangeably on the screen and at Lin Yuan several times.

She can be 100% sure.

The person on the screen is indeed Lin Yuan!


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