Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 322

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Chapter 322

Lin Yuan: I will be spending the night with a girl!

“Let us go ahead with our plan on Lin Tian.” Lin Yuan said to Long Wu.

“Young Master, you mean to do something with Lin Tian, the son of Vice President Lin Xiang, right?” Lin Yuan suddenly ordered Long Wu so he just confirmed his understanding.

“Yes. Capture him. Also, tonight, contact Uncle Zeng and report a person named Feng Dahai. Let Uncle Zeng arrest him and seize his properties…” Lin Yuan confirmed and said to report Feng Dahai.

“Yes! Young Master!” After receiving confirmation and another order, Long Wu nodded immediately.

Although he doesn’t know why Lin Yuan decided to do it suddenly, it was just right to follow and execute his master’s orders.

After Lin Yuan hung up the phone, Long Wu who was on stand-by in a cafe sharpened his eyes. Opposite the cafe was a rather impressive KTV which Long Wu can see by just turning his head.

“Monitoring screen.” Long Wu said.

Right next to him was a subordinate who handed him a digital device that looked like a tablet.

The screen projects a luxurious KTV private room.

The video is very clear, and you can basically see the KTV room clearly.

Long Wu had investigated this a long time ago. This is one of Lin Tian’s favorite spots.

And so, they have installed the camera there a long time ago.

The pinhole camera is high definition, and the angle is adjusted perfectly.

On the big sofa in the private room, a few men and women were seated very close to each other.

In the middle of the sofa was a man hugging girls left and right. His face is pale and it was as if he is already overdrunk.

Long Wu knew that this man is the target that Lin Yuan had ordered him to catch, Lin Tian.

After confirming that the target is still there, Long Wu made a gesture and said: “Capture Lin Tian!”

After speaking, Long Wu got up and walked towards the opposite KTV while several of his men followed him immediately.

Soon, Long Wu and the others came to the KTV box where Lin Tian was.

The door was not locked. Long Wu twisted the door directly and entered.


“Smelly bitch! What kind of a princess do you pretend to be?! I paid for you to come over and play with me, yet you won’t let me touch it?!”

As soon as Long Wu entered the door, he heard a slap and saw a red palm print on the face of the girl next to Lin Tian. Seeing this, Long Wu knew what had happened. He then prepared to capture Lin Tian.

Lin Tian is a standard rich second-generation, good-looking, and has a perverted and violent personality.

Afang burst into tears and was afraid to speak.

When Lin Tian heard the door open and several men went inside, Lin Tian asked: “Who dares to interrupt Lao Tzu? Don’t you want to live anymore?!”

“Do it!” Long Wu ignored Lin Tian’s clamor and said directly.

Long Wu’s men rushed over immediately.

“I am a security personnel. I saw you hitting someone as soon as I came in. Follow me.” Long Wu said coldly to Lin Tian.

This excuse was just casually made up by Long Wu.

But Lin Tian who was suppressed by several big men said quickly, “I hit someone? Which one of your eyes saw me hitting someone? I was the one beaten! If you don’t believe me, ask them!”

“Yes! Yes! You got it wrong. The victim is Lin Tian and Afang was the one who hit him.”

“Yes! It was Afang who was fighting with Lin Tian!”

The other people who are with Lin Tian are basically his dog friends who favored and helped him at this time.

Long Wu ignored it and his subordinates continued to suppress Lin Tian and dragged him out.

“Fuck you! Do you know who I am? I am the young master of the Lin family! The owner of this KTV is the Lin Group! You fucking security guard dare to touch me! Fuck! Bitch!” Lin Tian started cursing as he kicked Afang.

“Lin Tian! You said you don’t hit people!” Long Wu slapped Lin Tian one after the other unceremoniously. The slaps made Lin Tian groggy!

Then he was carried away by Long Wu like a chicken.



After hanging up the phone, Lin Yuan drove directly to Lin Group.

After Chen Qu, Lin Yuan decided to completely eliminate the hidden dangers within the Lin family.

The total shares of his father and mother in the Lin Group, when added up are close to nearly 60%, making them the largest shareholder.

The decisions of the Lin Group are basically determined by Lin Yuan’s father and mother.

However, a share of more than 50% can only be regarded as a relative shareholding.

The Kyushu law stipulates that any company’s major decisions must be passed by at least two-thirds of the company’s shareholders.

That is 66.67% of the company’s equity.

Lin Yuan wanted to completely eliminate the dangers to the Lin family and turn the Lin Group under the complete and absolute control of the Lin family. Although the other shareholders are basically acquaintances and regarded as reliable, they are not as reliable themselves.

There is also the matter of Vice President Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang is the person who has the most shareholding next to Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan, with more than 5%.

This person is a problem since he had been in constant communication with the Chen family and he will definitely be a pain in the future.

So Lin Yuan decided to strike first.

He will also use the same technique, get the snake out of the cave.

He would solve the hidden dangers of the Lin Group by starting with Lin Xiang.

After arriving at the Lin Group, Lin Yuan directly found Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan.

“Dad, Mom, hold a general shareholders’ meeting tomorrow afternoon. The shareholders and the directors shall be present.” Lin Yuan said directly as soon as he saw his parents.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan obviously have some doubts regarding Lin Yuan’s sudden words.

“I have something to say about the Group’s development and direction of the company’s shares. I think the Lin Group can enter the pharmaceutical industry.”

“And about the company’s shares…”

Lin Yuan did not hide it and directly pointed out the hidden dangers to the company, although it may not appear the same to Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan.

Moreover, his move is considered a way to lead the snake out of its cave and use that general meeting to draw out the plan of Lin Xiang and the Chen family and defeat them.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan have no comment on Lin Yuan’s plan to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

But with regards to the company’s shareholding, they had doubts.

Meng Yuelan said: “The fact that our Lin Group developed so well is due to the fact that the shares are not concentrated. In addition, your dad and I have the most shareholding. The decisions are basically 100% done by us. It won’t be easy to increase more your shareholdings. What do you think Jianjun?”

Lin Jianjun thought for a while but did not speak.

Lin Yuan continued: “At the very least, increase it to 70%. Anyway, you are holding a general meeting with the shareholders tomorrow.”

After Lin Yuan finished speaking, Lin Jianjun said: “I agree with Yuan’er’s opinion. The matter of the hidden dangers holding small amounts of shares when aggregated could be potential harm. Since Yuan’er has a plan, let him handle it.”

Lin Jianjun could see Lin Yuan’s overflowing self-confidence.

He believed that Lin Yuan can definitely handle it.

Seeing Lin Jianjun’s support, Meng Yuelan had nothing more to say.

Lin Yuan finally decided to take care of the company’s affairs and they were quite happy.

After Lin Yuan proved his abilities by helping the company make a lot of money and catching Chen Qu, both Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan began to trust him.

Just as Lin Yuan requested, invitations to the meeting were sent out to the shareholders and the members of the board.

Seeing this, Lin Yuan then prepared to leave.

Before leaving, Lin Yuan turned around and said, “By the way, I won’t be coming home tonight. You guys can go to bed early.”

Meng Yuelan asked subconsciously: “Huh? Not coming home? Where are you going? Are you staying overnight at the company?”

“I will be spending the night with a girl.” Lin Yuan responded.

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