Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 333

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Chapter 333

Don’t shout!

In the bathroom, a big hand covered Jiang Rou’s mouth.

“Be obedient. Don’t shout.” A slightly domineering voice sounded in Jiang Rou’s ear.

The voice is naturally Lin Yuan’s.

Seeing Jiang Rou opening her mouth, Lin Yuan knew that she was going to scream.

So, he directly covered her mouth and at the same time ordered her to shut up in a tone that was rude and domineering just like a domineering CEO would do.

Lin Yuan ordered Jiang Rou not to shout and he continued to hold Jiang Rou’s mouth.

Lin Yuan’s action was actually a bit excessive.

However, because of Lin Yuan’s sudden actions, Jiang Rou felt a little frightened, especially when she heard Lin Yuan’s domineering tone.

Her heartbeat raced abnormally.

There was a sense of panic in her eyes.

But she was obedient and didn’t say anything.

Jiang Rou didn’t know what to do and just kept on blinking those eyes at this time.

In the misty bathroom, her slightly hazy watery eyes were open.

The normally elegant and intellectual temperament of the female doctor has now become inconsistent as she looked at Lin Yuan with a weak face.

Jiang Rou was like a little lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Lin Yuan then explained coldly: “I thought there was no one in the bathroom, so I opened the door. It wasn’t on purpose, understand?”

Although Lin Yuan felt that his action was a bit excessive, covering other people’s mouths and not leaving and explaining shamelessly.

Lin Yuan knew that Jiang Rou would buy this.

“Yes…I see. I… I thought wrong…” Jiang Rou whispered.

Sure enough, Jiang Rou nodded obediently after hearing Lin Yuan’s explanation.

Looking at Jiang Rou this time who seems so soft and delicate, acting well behaved, Lin Yuan got a little excited.

He kissed Jiang Rou’s mouth directly. “Hmm…”

Two red clouds densely covered Jiang Rou’s cheeks.

Jiang Rou really took the place of the CEO’s little wife at this time.

She looked endlessly well-behaved.

But Lin Yuan did not go too far.

That is because a shout was suddenly heard from downstairs.

After a few seconds, Jiang Rou was released.

After letting go of Jiang Rou, Lin Yuan smiled before leaving the bathroom.

But before totally coming out, Lin Yuan patted Jiang Rou a little bit.

Her originally red cheeks flushed even more as if bleeding.

“Young Master! Where is the switch for the hot water on the first floor? How do we turn this on?” Xiao Lain and Xiao He’s shout was heard from downstairs.

It seems they cannot locate the switch to the hot water.

“I’ll go and help you.” Lin Yuan replied and walked downstairs.

Looking at the back of Lin Yuan leaving, Jiang Rou was a little confused.

She had nothing going on in her head.

It took her a while before she finally recovered herself.



Although Lin Yuan said that it was unintentional, Lin Yuan still saw her.

No matter how she looked at it, she was at a disadvantage.

Why should she be the one suffering?

Shouldn’t Lin Yuan admit his mistake?

Jiang Rou blinked her eyes.

Jiang Rou is not stupid, but every time she faces Lin Yuan, she loses a part of herself.

It isn’t because of Lin Yuan’s superb looks but because of Lin Yuan acting like a domineering CEO!

He acts like the domineering CEO that Jiang Rou reads in the novels.

Jiang Rou with a flushed face hurriedly got out of the bathroom.

Lin Yuan finally arrived downstairs and helped Xiao Lian and Xiao He open the switch of the hot water.

He also found a bathroom where he can take a shower and change his clothes.

The villa is very big and had a lot of bathrooms.

Although he was more comfortable using the bathroom where Jiang Rou was.

But it doesn’t matter as it would be embarrassing to wait for Jiang Rou to come out.

So Lin Yuan casually found another bathroom.

After taking a shower, Lin Yuan returned to the first floor.

Qiu Wanxi and the others are not in the bathrooms anymore.

Obviously, they have also finished washing.

Lin Yuan also heard the sound from the kitchen.

Lin Yuan took a look and found Qiu Wanxi, Xiao Lian, Xiao He, and Chen Yu cooking.

And the division of labor was very clear.

Qiu Wanxi and Xiao Lian are the chefs.

Xiao He does the miscellaneous things.

While Chen Yu uses her knife to cut the vegetables.

She is an international killer after all, so it was really an overkill dealing with the vegetables.

Walking into the kitchen, Lin Yuan hugged Qiu Wanxi’s slender waist from behind.

Qiu Wanxi smelled very good and she feels very soft.

Then Lin Yuan attached his mouth to Qiu Wanxi’s ear and asked, “I know how to cook. Would you like me to help? My cooking skills are also very good.”

It was different from the time he said he helped Mei Yuxian cook.

Lin Yuan really planned to help Qiu Wanxi and the others cook.

After all, he had nothing else to do.

He just also acquired his cooking skills from his selection for a response to policewoman Ding Xioarong.

Lin Yuan also planned to give his skills a try.

Being hugged by Lin Yuan from behind, Qiu Wanxi liked it very much since she can smell the fragrance of Lin Yuan’s body after taking a shower.

But Qiu Wanxi shook her head and said, “You don’t need to help young master. We can do it. The young master has taken care of us enough. Young Master just needs to wait and eat.”

The girls also didn’t agree for Lin Yuan to help.

Xiao Lian and Xiao He waved their hands and drove Lin Yuan away hurriedly.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan smiled and shook his head and went out of the kitchen.

After leaving, he picked up a bag of nuts and a bag of melon seeds and went back upstairs to watch TV while waiting for the food.

But as soon as he returned to the living room upstairs, he saw Jiang Rou sitting on the sofa.

It seems like she was watching some TV series, ‘The domineering CEO falls in love with me’.

Lin Yuan shook his head, smiled, and then walked towards the sofa.

Then in Jiang Rou’s surprised eyes, Lin Yuan sat down beside her.

Jiang Rou had just finished taking a shower and was wearing a set of cool casual clothes.

She had snow-white and rosy tender skin which was so attractive.

Her long hair was also slightly wet since she just came out of the bath.

An elegant fragrance emanates from her body.

Lin Yuan who was seated very close to Jiang Rou, could smell her while breathing.

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