Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 334

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Chapter 334 | I am a Gao Fushuai VillainJiang Rou: Then, here I come!

Seeing Lin Yuan unceremoniously sitting close to her, Jiang Rou’s cheeks flushed.

Obviously, she remembered what happened in the bathroom earlier.

Jiang Rou was a little nervous.

Lin Yuan ignored Jiang Rou’s nervousness and began peeling and eating pistachio while watching the TV.

While eating the pistachio in his hand, Lin Yuan asked, “Doctor Jiang, what is the name of this TV show that you are watching?”

Jiang Rou was a little ashamed when she replied the title of the drama she was watching.

Lin Yuan wasn’t so surprised.

He just smiled.

He knew that Jiang Rou really likes this kind of show.

Lin Yuan peeled another pistachio then raised his hand and put the pistachio in front of Jiang Rou’s mouth.

At the same time, he smiled and said, “Eat it. It’s my apology for what I accidentally saw earlier.”

Jiang Rou knew what Lin Yuan was talking about. Earlier Lin Yuan accidentally opened the door in the bathroom and saw her.

But Jiang Rou was still a little shy to be fed by a man like this.

“No…Thank you. I will just peel one myself.” Jiang Rou replied timidly.

Lin Yuan just replied coldly with a few words: “Open your mouth.”

“No…” Jian Rou wanted to speak some more but was interrupted by Lin Yuan.

“Open your mouth.” Lin Yuan repeated.

Hearing Lin Yuan repeat his words, Jiang Rou only hesitated for a while but still slowly opened her bright red lips.

Then Lin Yuan stuffed the pistachio into Jiang Rou’s mouth rudely.

Although Lin Yuan acted roughly, Jiang Rou was not disgusted, instead, her pretty face blushed.

Lin Yuan heard the system prompts in his mind.

【Ding! Jiang Rou’s favorability +2! Reward 400 counterattack points! 】

Jiang Rou’s favorability towards Lin Yuan has increased.

Lin Yuan had an evil smile on his face but felt a little discomfort in his heart.

This whole idea of a domineering CEO is just so strange no matter how he thinks about it.

He feels a bit awkward himself.

But Jiang Rou was just so into it.

Next, Lin Yuan peeled a few more pistachios and Jiang Rou was so behaved.

She just opened her bright red lips obediently every time and let Lin Yuan stuff the pistachio in her mouth.

Jiang Rou felt inexplicably happy from being fed by Lin Yuan like this.

Especially at this time, the heroine was also being fed by the domineering CEO in the drama she was watching, so Jiang Rou felt even happier.

Jiang Rou looked at Lin Yuan secretly and couldn’t help smiling.

Ever since Lin Yuan was dominating her, Jiang Rou felt more interested in him. Lin Yuan perfectly matched the characteristics of the domineering CEO she long sought for.

The first would be that Lin Yuan is handsome enough and has a very strong background.

Lin Yuan completely fits this condition of a domineering CEO.

The second is how he acts towards her.

He acts with intimacy, even a little rogue.

For example, the act of kissing her before and now forcibly feeding her.

In fact, these actions are a bit off.

But since the persona of a domineering CEO has a very special place in her heart, Jiang Rou felt nothing wrong.

She even feels that all that’s happening are quite enjoyable.

Blinking her eyes, Jiang Rou couldn’t suppress the beating of her heart.

Jiang Rou suddenly remembered the reason why she was interested in Lin Yuan in the first place.

She was curious at first of Lin Yuan’s uncommon disease, the unusual beating of his heart.

It’s just that she was attracted to Lin Yuan’s domineering CEO character that she forgot.

Now, she suddenly remembered.

She is interested in Lin Yuan and also some part of her is worried about him.

Jiang Rou directly said to Lin Yuan: “Young Master Lin, don’t you have heart disease? Let me test your heartbeat.”

Hearing what Jiang Ru said, Lin Yuan was also slightly stunned.

He has forgotten about it.

There is actually nothing wrong with his heart.

At that time, he just did something to prevent Jiang Rou from meeting Ye Feng.

But when Jiang Rou suddenly mentioned it, Lin Yuan didn’t care.

Lin Yuan nodded and said, “Okay.”

With Lin Yuan’s permission, Jiang Rou pursed her lips and also nodded.

“Then I will just go downstairs and get a stethoscope.” Jiang Rou said.

As a doctor, and since she has come with Qiu Wanxi to look after her, she carried some of the basic medical equipment.

But Jiang Rou hasn’t fully stood up yet and she felt that her little hand had been caught.

“You…Young Master Lin?” Jiang Rou looked at Lin Yuan who was holding her hand.

She was very confused.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “It’s just a heartbeat. Why would you need a stethoscope?”

“Just use your hand to feel it.”

“I don’t mind.”

Lin Yuan was wearing a shirt with one button unlocked, showing his perfectly healthy chest.

In fact, Lin Yuan’s behavior at this time is a bit frivolous, even rogue.

But he had such a perfect body and it is quite lethal.

Especially at this time, Jiang Rou who was still held by Lin Yuan by the wrist with a shallow smile on the corners of his mouth made Jiang Rou a little dizzy.

Jiang Rou unconsciously swallowed her saliva and said timidly: “I wouldn’t need a stethoscope? Just use my hands?”

“Yes.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Okay then here I come!” Jiang Rou was quite excited.

She raised her tender hands and gently touched Lin Yuan’s chest.


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