Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 339

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Chapter 339


Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi both looked at Xiao Lian and Xiao He who was walking ahead.

They saw a group of drunk men, about five or six people, dressed like gangsters.

The group was walking head-on towards Xiao Lian, Xiao He, Jiang Rou, and Chen Yu.

The road is very wide, they should have just passed by but these drunkards stopped.

Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi were not far and Lin Yuan’s hearing is very good.

He can clearly hear the nasty words of those drunkards.

“Brother Gang, beau… beauty…”

“Brother Gang, Brother Gang… these four girls are very beautiful, especially the one wearing glasses. I… I like…”

“I see it too… Hurry up and ask for her contact information..”

After the drunkards stopped, Lin Yuan heard them discussing among themselves.

People who are drunk are not sober.

The obscene look in their eyes makes it look like they aren’t good people even in normal times.

Jiang Rou and Chen Yu are both very bautiful. Xiao Lian and Xiao He are also beautiful young girls.

Jiang Rou, Chen Yu, Xiao Lian, and Xiao He, all leaned on the railing on the side of the river and looked at the group of drunkards with disgust.

All of the men smelled of alcohol and so they didn’t want to come close.

They aren’t too close and these drunkards are not so honest.

Qiu Wanxi is by Lin Yuan’s side.

The best looking out of the four beauties is Jiang Rou.

Especially because she was walking at this time with only a nightdress and jacket.

Although nothing was revealed, many of these drunkards still had their eyes on her.

“Beau…beauties…give me your contact information…”

The drunkards after discussing a few words among themselves formed a wall of people surrounding the four women, speaking foul languages.

The riverside is dimly lit and sparsely populated. These drunkards are obviously plotting a wrongdoing.

Seeing this situation, Qiu Wanxi shook Lin Yuan’s hand and said quickly, “Young Master, Xiao Lian, Xiao He, and the others are surrounded…”

“It’s okay.” Lin Yuan held Qiu Wanxi’s hand and touched her small head, trying to soothe her emotions.

“Chen Yu is there. It will be okay.” Lin Yuan said in a calm expression.

Chen Yu won’t even put them on her eyes.

Just a few drunkards.

How could they take advantage of them.

They don’t need Lin Yuan to save them, Chen Yu is enough.

Just when Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi were talking, the drunkards surrounded the four beauties and were ready to make a move.

Seeing that all of the four women ignored their foul language, one of the drunkards stretched out his hand directly to Jiang Rou and said with a lewd smile, “Little girl, come and play with Brother Gang…”

Not only did one or two of these drunkards took advantage of their drunkenness.

They all stretched out their hands and tried to do something bad.

But in the next second, there was a flash of cold light.

Blood splattered out together with a hand flying up in the sky!

Chen Yu carried a knife!

Chen Yu carried her Piao Xue most of the time.

At this time, the hand of the drunkard who attempted to reach for Jiang Rou was cut off in a single slash of Chen Yu’s knife.

“Ahhh!” The drunkard who had his hand cut let out a scream as he saw the splashing blood and his arm flying up in the air.

With the blood spots which seemed to be from the blood splashing on their faces, the drunkards finally came to their senses.

They are group of drunk gangsters who wanted to take advantage of four beauties.

However, after seeing Chen Yu’s knife, they knew they were wrong, terribly wrong…

‘What beauty…’

‘This is a devil!’


Although they usually fight violently, after seeing what Chen Yu did with her knife and her cold assassin aura, all of them ran away.

But how could Chen Yu just let them leave?

Several cold flashes appeared once more and blood bloomed on the wrists and ankles of the group of drunk bastards.

Chen Yu did not attack their vital points.

However, the drunkards still fell to the ground covered with blood.

Brother Gang is the boss of this group of gangsters and he is also the one who acts the fastest.

After Chen Yu took action, he quickly ran away, taking advantage of Chen Yu’s dealing with the other gangsters.

He even ran away seven to eight meters smoothly.

The direction Brother Gang went was in the direction where Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi were standing.

“Go away!” The running Brother Gang roared as he approached Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi.

Seeing Lin Yuan and the beautiful Qiu Wanxi on the road, Brother Gang couldn’t afford to waste time because there was a devil behind him and his life is more important.

All he wanted was to run away quickly.

Seeing the guy who rushed towards them without any plan to dodge but to bump into them, and scare them away, Qiu Wanxi hugged Lin Yuan’s arm tightly.

But Lin Yuan just gently lifted his foot casually.

Although Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi were blocking the road, Brother Gang did not change lanes. He felt that his body is very strong so the two would choose to give way.

What he didn’t expect was that Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi remained motionless.

Then Lin Yuan raised his foot slightly.


The foot was struck on his chest.

There was a clear sound of cracking bones.

Brother Gang felt as if he had been hit by a high-speed train and instantly lost his consciousness.

Looking at Brother Gang who was lying down seven or eight meters away from Lin Yuan’s light kick, Qiu Wanxi’s eyes widened.

“Young Master is so amazing! So awesome!” Qiu Wanxi exclaimed.

And looking at Brother Gang whose chest had sunken from Lin Yuan’s kick, Chen Yu looked at Lin Yuan in shock.

She hadn’t seen Lin Yuan fight physically before.

The only time he fought was when he sniped Ye Feng.

Chen Yu’s impression on Lin Yuan had always been an unfathomable young master with a big brain.

There is no question about him being intellectual.

But Lin Yuan seems to be comparable to her in terms of physical strength!

Seeing Chen Yu carrying a knife and shutting the drunkards down, Jiang Rou, Xiao Lian, and Xiao He were already shocked.

After all, since the time Lin Yuan introduced Chen Yu as Qiu Wanxi’s bodyguard, her knife was only used to cut cakes and vegetables.

But Lin Yuan gave them even greater shock.

What kind of strange power does Lin Yuan have? Is he Superman?

He kicked a person like a football that flew seven or eight meters…

The scene was too shocking.

Both Xiao Lian and Xiao He were dumbfounded.

Jiang Rou also looked at Lin Yuan with much shock.

This man fully fits the image of the domineering CEO whom she always dreamed and it seems he is more powerful than she thought.

The Domineering God of War?

The Domineering Major General?

The Domineering Lord?

Jiang Rou recalled the domineering novels she has read, and Lin Yuan seemed to be the most perfect among all the domineering CEOs.

It’s hard to argue that he is not perfect.

But one thing is certain for Jiang Rou.

Tonight the content of her dreams is expected to change.

From the domineering and intense kiss in the hospital, to today’s bathroom incident, the intimate encounter on the sofa, and now this kick…


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