Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 341

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Lin Yuan examined Qiu Wanxi’s body.

After confirming that she has already recovered from the operation, Lin Yuan took Qiu Wanxi into breathing exercises again.

After all, exercise is good for the health and can speed up the body’s recovery.

After exercising, Qiu Wanxi said she would have Lin Yuan take a look at her treasures.

These are the treasures that she had cherished and protected for almost 20 years.

Thinking of Yan Ruyue’s treasures which he saw and experienced last time, Lin Yuan also looked forward to Qiu Wanxi’s.

Qiu Wanxi is a very lovely person.

The cloth bag she used to hold her treasures is also very cute.

It was a light pink cloth bag. (T/N: her bra)

Lin Yuan knows that behind the light pink cloth bag are two very fine pieces of mutton fat jade.

Qiu Wanxi seemed unusually reserved and cautious of the treasures that were bestowed upon her since birth.

Little by little, she carefully revealed the mutton fat jade for Lin Yuan.

Perhaps, she has never shown anyone those treasures that she has kept hidden for many years.

Although Qiu Wanxi was a little shy, she really loves Lin Yuan very much.

Little by little, she carefully took off that light pink cloth bag.

She did it so slowly that Lin Yuan couldn’t wait any longer.

He really seemed excited to see the precious jades.

So, Lin Yuan directly pushed Qiu Wanxi’s hand aside.

He directly pulled the light pink cloth thereby revealing completely Qiu Wanxi’s mutton fat jade which she has treasured for almost 20 years.

The two pieces of mutton fat jade fell out firmly and caught Lin Yuan’s attention.

Those two pieces of mutton fat jade are quite huge.

It can definitely be described as majestic and imposing.

Although they are inferior compared to Mei Yuxian’s.

But they’re definitely not bad.

It is definitely one of the best mutton fat jades.

Lin Yuan touched them, intending to verify their authenticity.

But Qiu Wanxi also attaches great importance to her mutton fat jade.

Although she loves Lin Yuan, she kept shaking her head.

She also covered the two pieces of mutton fat jade with her hands.

But how could Lin Yuan, a mutton fat jade lover, let it slide?

Lin Yuan pulled Qiu Wanxi’s hands and inspected the goods.

The mutton fat jade in front of him is the best.

The tone is creamy white, and they are delicate and smooth, which is really fascinating.

So Lin Yuan also grabbed the two pieces of mutton fat jade and played with them.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s unceremonious actions, Qiu Wanxi blushed with shyness.

Qiu Wanxi really values those two huge pieces of mutton fat jade.

Therefore, Qiu Wanxi was too ashamed of how Lin Yuan played with them.

But because she really liked Lin Yuan, Qiu Wanxi finally let Lin Yuan play with the mutton fat jade she has treasured for many years.

After Qiu Wanxi became calmer, she discovered that Lin Yuan was getting more presumptuous with her mutton fat jade.

Those mutton fat jade are extremely precious.

She has treasured them for almost twenty years and no one has ever touched them.

Now, they are being kneaded into various shapes.

Maybe it’s because she has treasured them for a long time that Qiu Wanxi felt a little protective of them.

As those mutton fat jades were kneaded into various shapes, Qiu Wanxi felt her body getting softer and softer.

Lin Yuan was very satisfied with those two excellent mutton fat jade.

After playing for a while, Lin Yuan put them down temporarily.

Although those two mutton fat jades are perfect, Qiu Wanxi also has many other treasures.

Seeing Lin Yuan staring at her other treasures, Qiu Wanxi shivered.

But she cannot do anything.

She can only let Lin Yuan do as he pleases.

Qiu Wanxi saw that Lin Yuan was not very kind to her treasures.

For such treasures of Qiu Wanxi, Lin Yuan was really presumptuous.

She cherished them so much, but Lin Yuan was still very rude, making her heart tremble.

Her treasures have been devastated by Lin Yuan one after another.

Qiu Wanxi was panting and her complexion flushed.

This can be regarded as Lin Yuan making up for his regret back at the hospital.

These are treasures Qiu Wanxi regards to be as important as her life.

Qiu Wanxi couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Young…Master…Don’t treat Qiu Wanxi’s treasures like this…Wanxi can’t stand it…”

Qiu Wanxi looked very distressed about how Lin Yuan treated her treasures.

“Okay, you take me back to your hometown and I will not be rude anymore.” Lin Yuan smiled. (T/N: going homebase)

“Ok…Okay.” Qiu Wanxi pouted and agreed.

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