Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 343:

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Chapter 343:

“Young Master Lin Yuan, I have an emergency operation for a patient in Yanjing. I left without saying goodbye. It was a bit hasty. Sorry.”

Lin Yuan looking at Jiang Rou’s message was slightly surprised for a moment.

Jiang Rou actually left and is returning to Yanjing?

Lin Yuan pushed open the door of the room where Jiang Rou slept last night, and as expected no one was there.

Remembering the slightly complicated look in Jiang Rou’s eyes before entering the room yesterday,

It must be that Jiang Rou wanted to say last night that she was leaving.

But in the end, she wasn’t able to say so.

In addition, Lin Yuan guessed that there is more reason for Jiang Rou leaving for Yanjing.

What happened between him and Qiu Wanxi last night may be another reason.

And because it was Qiu Wanxi’s first time, and he also likes her very much.

So, he subconsciously ignored that Jiang Rou was sleeping next door.

Jiang Rou must have heard their movements last night.

Looking at the message of Jiang Rou, she should be at the airport by now.

Thinking about this, Lin Yuan went downstairs to prepare breakfast for Qiu Wanxi.

At the same time, just as Lin Yuan thought, Jiang Rou is indeed at the Jiangbei Airport when she sent him a message.

She even got on the plane already which was ready to take off.

Jiang Rou was seated in the first class. Maybe because the flight is early that there aren’t many passengers in the first class.

Jiang Rou was seated alone, leaning against the window.

She is wearing a white dress and her hair was tied with a single ponytail.

She looked very beautiful.

Jiang Rou still wore her black-rimmed glasses but it doesn’t affect her beauty.

On the contrary, it makes her look very elegant and delicate.

Sitting comfortably in her seat, Jiang Rou was slightly stunned when she opened the WeChat chatbox with Lin Yuan.

Today, Jiang Rou is a little different than usual.

As a doctor herself, she takes good care of her body and rarely had dark circles under her eyes.

But at this time, there are two dark circles under Jiang Rou’s glasses.

She had them because she wasn’t able to sleep well last night, or yet she didn’t sleep at all.

The room where Jiang Rou slept last night was next to Lin Yuan’s.

The quality of the Riverview villa of Lin Yuan is actually very good, and the sound insulation is quite good.

But the sound from Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi's movements last night was just too loud!

Their movements made it very difficult for her to fall asleep.

And it wasn’t just the loud sound of their movements that disturbed her.

The moans and the incessant noise affected not only her ears but also her body and most importantly her heart.

She knew that Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi has a romantic relationship.

She had known that fact quite long enough.

But Qiu Wanxi was still a virgin, and she can see it too.

But after what happened last night… Jiang Rou’s mood at this time while thinking about it is extremely complicated.

She thinks that she obviously has nothing to do with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan only invited her to treat and look after Qiu Wanxi.

And the strong kiss that moved her heart is just to prevent her from leaking secrets. (T/N: the bj)

‘Lin Yuan…Lin Yuan…’

Thinking of her close contacts and physical interactions with Lin Yuan in the past few days, Jiang Rou was very confused.

Lin Yuan did have taken advantage of her, but how does he feel about her?

Being seated on the plane, she suddenly missed Lin Yuan.

But, would Lin Yuan also miss her?

Just as Jiang Rou was lost in her thoughts, she suddenly heard a buzz.

There was some vibration.

As the plane was about to take off, Jiang Rou felt a sudden vibration from the mobile phone in her hand.

She took a quick look and it was a reply from Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan’s message read as: “Doctor Jiang. You left too early. Wanxi and I haven’t had much time to thank you enough. But I can only wish you a safe journey.”

“The temperature in Yanjing is colder compared to Jiangbei. Doctor Jiang should dress in thicker clothes and should pay attention to protecting her body. I heard that there had been some human-to-human transmission of pneumonia in Hankou. Some of the patients infected may come to the hospital for treatment. Doctor Jiang will treat them because of her benevolent heart, but Doctor Jiang still has to be more careful.”

“Woman, don’t get sick.”

Lin Yuan ended his message with the obvious domineering CEO attitude and endured the embarrassment brought by it.

Seeing those few words of concern sent by Lin Yuan, Jiang Rou on the plane at this time felt very warm.

Just now, she wondered if Lin Yuan would miss her.

Now, looking at Lin Yuan’s words, he does seem to care about her.

With the feeling of warmth in her heart, Jiang Rou quickly typed a reply to Lin Yuan’s message.

“Master Lin Yuan shall also take care of his body. Take good care of Wanxi too. Her body is still a bit weak…”

“Also…Young Master Lin, thank you for treating me well. I…I think I will visit you the next time I come to Jiangbei. I remembered that I seemed to have a distant relative in Jiangbei.” Jiang Rou looked extremely saddened that she had to go back at this time.

Although she only knew and came in contact with Lin Yuan for a few days, she really liked Lin Yuan a lot.

Because of Lin Yuan's recent actions, Jiang Rou felt a little uncomfortable. But seeing how he is so concerned with her, Jiang Rou’s heart was really moved.

As she thought of this, she just looked at her phone.

Her breathing became a little short.

Her fingers trembled and looked very tangled.

She felt that the plane was about to accelerate and take off.

Jian Rou seemed very confused for a few seconds that felt like years.

Finally, she couldn’t help but type her reply and pressed send.

“Young Master Lin Yuan…I…I seem to like you a little bit!”

After sending out this reply, Jiang Rou quickly turned off the phone screen.

Although no one was seated next to her, and only a few people were around, Jiang Rou's cheeks still blushed.

She put her phone in her pocket and looked out the window with her flushed cheeks.

It is very obvious that Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi are already together.

She only met Lin Yuan for a short time.

Isn’t this behavior quite inappropriate of her?

Is it really alright to send that message?

But she still couldn’t help but show her heart to Lin Yuan.

Otherwise, she will feel regretful.

Anyway, the plane will take off soon.

At this time, the plane is accelerating for a run-up.

Very soon after, it will finally take off.

As soon as the plane takes off, there will be no more mobile signal and she will not be able to receive any messages.

‘It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay!’

Jiang Rou looked out the window, her heart beating very fast.

On the other side…

Lin Yuan who had already begun preparing breakfast for Qiu Wanxi also saw Jiang Rou’s reply.

Seeing Jiang Rou mentioned Qiu Wanxi, Lin Yuan finally understood.

Just as he guessed, Jiang Rou heard clearly what happened in the other room.

Lin Yuan knew that Jiang Rou liked him.

He also knew that Jiang Rou is a very gentle and kind-hearted girl, a very kind doctor.

This is why Jiang Rou tells Lin Yuan to take good care of Qiu Wanxi.

As for why she mentioned that she has a distant relative, Lin Yuan knew that Jiang Rou is just making an excuse to come back to Jiangbei and be with him.

But what Lin Yuan didn’t expect was that Jiang Rou directly expressed her feelings towards him.

She is the kind of girl who loves reading domineering CEO romantic novels and she is quite brave.

While making breakfast for Qiu Wanxi, Lin Yuan also drafted a reply with a smile on his face.


The plane finally took off.

As the plane flew higher up, Jiang Rou couldn’t help but glance at her mobile phone.

The signal grid on the mobile phone has also begun to decrease one by one.

She then closed the screen and continued to look out the window.

Seeing the building underneath becoming smaller and smaller, Jiang Rou felt a little lost.

There was also a feeling of reluctance in having to leave Jiangbei.

It’s not because of the place, but because of the people she met here.

Soon, the plane soared into the sky, and Jiang Rou is surrounded by white clouds from outside the window.

She couldn’t see clearly outside.

There should be no signal anymore. She wouldn’t receive any more messages, right?

Jiang Rou shifted her look from the window to her mobile phone and prepared to read some domineering CEO novels to pass time and soothe her mood.

However, the phone suddenly vibrated.


Jiang Rou looked at the flashing network signal.

She then opened WeChat and quickly checked on the message she received.

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