Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 344:

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Chapter 344:

The network was up for a moment and then it suddenly got disconnected again.

But Jiang Rou still received the message from Lin Yuan.

Seeing the message from Lin Yuan, Jiang Rou was also stunned.

“Do you know that you are playing with fire?”

“With all the fish ponds in the world, you walked into mine!”

“Listen to me woman, I will allow you to like me, but you have no other choice but to grow old with me waiting until you have my attention and until I open my heart to you.”

Jiang Rou is very familiar with these words on the screen because aren’t these the classic lines of some famous domineering CEOs?!

Lin Yuan actually replied to her with quotes from domineering CEO?!

If others see these words, they would either laugh or feel embarrassed.

When Lin Yuan sent the message, he was actually in a state of cringe.

Seeing these quotations, Jiang Rou couldn’t help but curl her mouth slightly.

She felt really happy.

Why was she inexplicably happy?

The reason is that the person she liked sent her the words of the domineering CEO characters she liked the most so Jiang Rou felt double the happiness.

Jiang Rou continued to scroll down on the message.

“Doctor Jiang, you’re very cute. Thank you for these past few days. I quite like you, Xiao Rou.” This one came from Lin Yuan himself.

Jiang Rou also thought that these words came from Lin Yuan himself.

Seeing how Lin Yuan addressed her differently in just one sentence, Jiang Rou felt quite happy.

She felt Lin Yuan’s acknowledgment.

Jiang Rou suddenly remembered again that Lin Yuan was with Qiu Wanxi last night.

And now he sends her these messages? Isn’t he too much of a scumbag?


Jiang Rou’s beautiful eyes rolled a few times, but the curl in her lips remained.

Many of the domineering CEO novels have one CEO protagonist that is loyal to one girl with a variety of females chasing after him.

Lin Yuan fits her fantasies of a domineering CEO but it seems she is not the only heroine.

Despite knowing that, she still could not restrain the joy that emanates from deep within her heart.

She really can’t hold back her feelings.

She feels very warm and happy…



After replying to Jiang Rou’s message, Lin Yuan put away his phone and continued to cook noodles for Qiu Wanxi.

In fact, he just had deepened his relationship with Qiu Wanxi last night, and here he is right now flirting with Jiang Rou.

This behavior is too much of a scumbag.

But in Lin Yuan’s point of view, he is also loyal to one.

He is not a scumbag.

It’s just that his heart was broken into many little pieces and each piece falls in love with a different person.

He is single-minded but his dedicatedness or loyalty is split.

There are a lot of ingredients at home. Thinking about how he made Qiu Wanxi very exhausted last night, Lin Yuan intends to make it up to her.

Therefore, Lin Yuan puts his advanced cooking skills to the test.

The noodles Lin Yuan cooked were exceptionally rich.

Lin Yuan then brought the noodles to the door of the room.

Qiu Wanxi on the bed moved and twitched her nose several times, obviously smelling the scent of the food.

Lin Yuan opened the door and saw Qiu Wanxi actually sitting up.

It seems when she smelled the scent, she suddenly became a greedy cat.

Qiu Wanxi’s body was a little weak because she exercised too vigorously yesterday.

Bringing the noodles into the room, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Wanxi are you up? I’ll get the food to you.”

Qiu Wanxi nodded and said, “Okay! The noodles of the young master are so fragrant!”

After the intense exercise last night, Qiu Wanxi is indeed very hungry.

In addition, the noodles cooked out of Lin Yuan’s advanced cooking skills are so fragrant that the throat of Qiu Wanxi’s slender neck moved and obviously wanted to take a sip of the soup.

Lin Yuan smiled and put the noodles on the table. “Just sit on the bed.”

And so, Qiu Wanxi sat upright on the bed and was personally fed by Lin Yuan.

Qiu Wanxi’s body warmed up as she ate the warm noodles.

Especially Lin Yuan’s movements were so gentle as if serving the warm noodles to his wife.

“Wanxi, you are really hungry today. You actually ate two bowls of noodles.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Qiu Wanxi usually has a small appetite. Even if she ate a small bowl of noodles, she already says she’s full.

“I really did eat a lot today.”

Qiu Wanxi let out her tongue slightly and smiled. “It’s the young master’s cooking that is so delicious. Wanxi really hasn’t eaten such delicious noodles before.”

“Thank you Young Master for cooking for me and feeding me.”

“Wanxi likes Young Master the most!”

After eating the noodles, Qiu Wanxi couldn’t help but kiss Lin Yuan’s cheeks directly.

After yesterday’s intimacy, although Qiu Wanxi was still a little shy, she became a little bolder.

Seeing Qiu Wanxi suddenly kissed him on the cheek, Lin Yuan also smiled.

Then Lin Yuan said, “I like Wanxi too.”

After Lin Yuan finished speaking, he wanted to punish her for kissing him on the cheek.

This hopeful and lovely girl is still wearing thin clothes.

Her slightly blushing appearance after kissing him on the cheeks makes her even more heart-warming.

Looking at the appearance of this beautiful girl, Lin Yuan wanted to check Qiu Wanxi’s body again just like yesterday.

However, thinking that she could still be in pain, Lin Yuan gave up his plan.

He didn’t punish her for now.

Anyway, there will be a lot of time in the future. There is no need to worry about it now. It will be bad for Qiu Wanxi’s body to be injured.

After Qiu Wanxi and Lin Yuan had breakfast, they stayed in the villa together for a while.

Although they cannot do strenuous exercise, they just hugged each other.

Qiu Wanxi was very happy and satisfied.

Lin Yuan prepared some herbal medicine for Qiu Wanxi and helped massage her body so that Qiu Wanxi’s pain and discomfort will be eliminated sooner.

By noon, Qiu Wanxi was already able to get out of bed with Lin Yuan’s support.

And Xiao Lian, Xiao He, and Chen Yu also returned to the villa from the cake shop.

It was Lin Yuan who asked them to come back and have lunch together and let them take care of Qiu Wanxi for now.

Lin Yuan had to go to the Lin Group’s shareholder’s meeting in the afternoon.

Qiu Wanxi would be left home alone and Lin Yuan would be worried.

So, he specifically asked for Xiao Lian, Xiao He, and Chen Yu to come back.

Seeing Qiu Wanxi who was being supported by Lin Yuan and her footsteps a little staggered while walking down the stairs, Xiao Lian and Xiao He’s eyes widened.

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