Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 347:

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Chapter 347:

The middle-aged man who was late carried a briefcase. He looked around forty or fifty and he is quite fat.

Lin Yuan looked at the late man faintly.

The late person is no other than Lin Xiang.

Lin Yuan can roughly guess why Lin Xiang was late for such an important meeting of the board of directors based on his personality.

When Lin Yuan was observing Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang also looked at everyone in the conference room.

Lin Xiang was taken aback when he saw Lin Yuan seated at the forefront of the conference table.

He immediately understood that today’s meeting will be chaired by Lin Yuan.

Although Lin Xiang was a little surprised to see that Lin Yuan will preside over the meeting, he entered with a smile without a change in his expression.

Lin Xiang first apologized, “Sorry for being late everyone.”

Then he smiled and turned to Lin Yuan: “Sorry Xiao Yuan, Uncle Lin Xiang is late. It’s not a big deal, right? I was stuck in the traffic. I ran a bit to arrive as early as I can, but I am a bit slow.”

Knowing that Lin Yuan will preside over the meeting, Lin Xiang apologized to Lin Yuan.

Lin Xiang's smile at this time had a trace of both guilt and apology. And his apology looked very sincere.

But Lin Yuan just smiled.

Lin Xiang said that he was stuck in a traffic jam and ran all the way to the meeting room. But his face was not flushed, his heart seemed to beat normally, and no sweat was dripping from any part of his body.

He is obviously lying.

Of course, this has nothing to do with him.

Lin Xiang did not know that Lin Yuan will preside over the meeting today.

Even if Lin Jianjun or Meng Yuelan presided over the meeting, Lin Xiang would still be late.

After connecting with the Chen family, Lin Xiang was obviously a little above the clouds.

Lin Yuan just smiled and said, “Vice President Lin, you may sit down.”

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Lin Xiang responded, “Okay. Good.”

Then he pulled a chair over to him and sat down.

He smiled on the surface but he cursed in his heart.

This is because he was late and waited for Lin Yuan to say he can sit down.

Just now, he claimed that he is Lin Yuan’s Uncle Lin Xiang.

Although they are not directly related by blood, he is still his Uncle.

Lin Yuan didn’t respect the elders either. Instead of addressing him as uncle, he called him Vice President Lin when he told him he can sit down.

It was like Lin Yuan had to agree first before he can sit down.

Although others may not think the same, Lin Xiang was a little uncomfortable.

He is a bit sensitive.

Lin Yuan didn’t continue to pay attention to Lin Xian and then said, “Since everyone is already here, let’s start the meeting.”

“The two chairmen said that I can preside the meeting of the board of directors this afternoon.”

Hearing Lin Yuan said that the chairmen had approved him presiding over the meeting, everyone expected the same and did not speak.

That is because most of the people present aren’t uncomfortable with him presiding the meeting, unlike Zhang Jiao who had many opinions.

And it is also impossible to voice out any disagreement.

After all, the Lin Group will be inherited and managed by Lin Yuan in the future.

It’s really unnecessary to voice out your opinions now.

Also, only a few people think that Lin Yuan is too young.

As for Lin Xiang, there was a weird look in his eyes.

After announcing the start of the meeting, Lin Yuan said a few more words and then talked directly about the purpose of the meeting.

“I didn’t make clear the agenda of this meeting. I think everyone is also very surprised and curious as to why a general shareholder’s meeting was called suddenly.”

“Actually, there is only one thing I would like to point out. That is, I feel that we have recently reached the bottleneck in the development of the Lin Group in Jiangbei.”

“I think we should then enter a new industry and begin a new breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry. I think it is a good opportunity. The development in medicine is extremely fast. And with the economic improvement of the people, they are paying more attention to this aspect of their lives.”

After a brief explanation, Lin Yuan reiterated his suggestion, “I think the Lin Group should take a bold decision in entering the pharmaceutical industry. What do the board of directors and the shareholders think?”

Everyone present frowned when they heard Lin Yuan’s purpose because he said it lightly as if it was not a big deal.

So, after Lin Yuan finished speaking, the board of directors and the shareholders all turned to Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan.

Everyone wanted to check if they approved Lin Yuan’s suggestion.

But after seeing that Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan had no reaction after Lin Yuan finished speaking, they already understood.

Lin Yuan has both Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan’s support.

Although the two have already expressed their views, the board and the shareholders' views will still be taken into consideration.

The role of the board of directors is to discuss.

Entering the pharmaceutical industry requires a huge sum of investment that is directly proportionate to greater risks.

Therefore, the shareholders will be concerned about their interests.

And so, they began to speak out.

“I think what Xiao Yuan said is right. Recently, the Lin Group has already reached a bottleneck in its development in Jiangbei.” Some people supported Lin Yuan’s view.

Some people on the other hand had contrasting opinions.

“It is right to address the bottleneck, but isn’t it such a huge risk to rush into entering a new industry that is as complicated as the pharmaceutical industry?”

Another person spoke out, “Jiangbei’s pharmaceutical industry is mostly dominated by the Chen family. If our group gets involved in the same industry, then we will definitely clash with the Chen family. The Chen family had already established their name in the pharmaceutical industry. And so, I feel that entering the same industry is something that shouldn’t be done rashly.”

Although most people were discussing, all are just on the surface,

And what they said were just some rough analyses, for Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan to listen to.

Also, it doesn’t matter much whether they agree or not since the Lin Group’s shareholding is mostly owned by the Lin family, Lin Jianjun, Meng Yuelan, and Lin Yuan.

Their shareholdings combined are more than 50 %.

Basically, most things can be decided directly.

Only some important things like today require a little discussion.

Unless more than one-third of the shareholders objected, it will still pass.

So most people are already considering entering the pharmaceutical industry and how it should be done.

Looking at the people contemplating, Lin Yuan smiled and said nothing.

In fact, Lin Yuan just presented a rough idea about entering the pharmaceutical industry.

But this matter is not in a hurry.

Today, Lin Yuan just paved the way for Lin Group to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

Today’s real highlight is to take back the shares of Lin Xiang and pull him out of the picture.

In other words, let Lin Xiang expose himself.

After everyone discussed, Lin Yuan then called out their attention and said, “Following the traditional way, let’s vote by raising our hands.”

“If you agree to enter the pharmaceutical industry, you may raise your hand.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, both Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan raised their hands slightly.

Most of the other shareholders are also ready to raise their hands sincerely.

In the past, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan had no problems with deciding on the direction of the company.

But just when a number of people were ready to raise their hands, someone suddenly spoke up.

“Xiao Yuan, Uncle Lin Xiang thinks that your suggestion is not good.”

This person was no other than Lin Xiang.

Hearing Lin Xiang’s contradicting opinion, everyone looked at him.

Although Lin Yuan already expected Lin Xiang to speak out, he still raised his eyebrows and asked, “Oh? Why does Vice President Lin say so?”

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