Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 348:

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Chapter 348:

The reason why he only allowed those who agree to his suggestion to raise their hands and not the other way around is to force Lin Xiang to come out.

After all, when Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan raise their hands, most of the shareholders already agreed and were about to raise their hands as well.

So Lin Xiang could only be forced to come out quickly.

Otherwise, he would have no other chance to refute the matter.

And he has some agreement with the Chen family for him to be benefited. He is willing to help the Chen family to enjoy those benefits.

The entry of a large group like the Lin Group into the pharmaceutical industry will be a huge threat and would have a great impact on the Chen family.

Lin Xiang who has vouched to help and support the Chen family for his own benefit absolutely does not want the Lin Group to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

So, after hearing what Lin Yuan said, Lin Xiang immediately smiled and said, “You said you want to enter the pharmaceutical industry? I really don’t think that it is a wise idea.”

“Why?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile.

“That is because we all know that the pharmaceutical industry is dominated by the Chen family. If we want to enter the same industry, then we must face the Chen family.” Lin Xiang said.

Lin Yuan then asked with a smile: “What about the Chen family?”

Lin Xiang then explained: “It will be very difficult to compete with the Chen family. The Lin Group is completely unfamiliar with the pharmaceutical industry. How can it be comparable to the Chen family who has already prospered in the medical scene as early as their time on Yanjing?”

“I’m well aware of the competition. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have suggested it. I already have a specific plan. I also have better ways of medicine and stronger technology than the Chen family. There is no need to be afraid of the Chen family.” Lin Yuan responded with a smile.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, everyone including Lin Xiang began to think.

It seems everyone didn’t doubt Lin Yuan’s words.

Although Lin Yuan didn’t tell Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan about his plan.

However, in their opinion, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan must support the idea of Lin Group entering the pharmaceutical industry.

If Lin Yuan really has mastered better ways and devised a stronger technology than the Chen family, then the Lin Group can really break through its development bottleneck.

As long as they can breakthrough, then the Lin Group can definitely grow again.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Lin Xiang’s heart began to beat really quickly.

‘Could it be that Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan are really sure that they are better than the Chen family in terms of pharmaceutical methods and technology?’

But he already entered into an agreement with the Chen family and planned to take refuge in the Chen family in the end!

If the Lin Group and the Lin family become weaker, he can just jump directly to the Chen family.

But if he cannot fulfill his part of the bargain, then he will definitely meet his end!

After much contemplation, in the end, Lin Xiang decided to help the Chen family to the very end.

Lin Xiang smiled and said, “Then Chen family is really difficult to deal with. I am pretty sure that the Lin family and the Chen family can at least reach cooperation. Even if we really want to enter the pharmaceutical industry, there is really no good outcome if we become hostile towards the Chen family.”

While speaking, Lin Xiang actually took out several documents from his briefcase.

Many of the shareholders also couldn’t help but notice it.

The documents detail various cooperation’s between Lin Xiang and the Chen family when he was managing some of the Lin Groups recent projects.

It seems that Lin Xiang really has a good relationship with the Chen family.

Lin Xiang smiled again and continued, “If our group has really mastered new methods and devised new and better technology, then we can use them as our bargaining chip in our negotiations with the Chen family. We can talk to the Chen family and then reach cooperation. We can maximize the benefits.”

“It would be better not to oppose the Chan family because they have already a deep rooting in the pharmaceutical industry in Jiangbei.”

Hearing Lin Xiang’s words, many shareholders also nodded.

They think that Lin Xiang’s argument makes sense since it is really true that the Chen family has dominated the Jiangbei pharmaceutical industry for quite a long time.

And if it is really possible to reach an agreement with the Chen family, then it should be more beneficial to both sides.

Lin Xiang seems to be very knowledgeable.

Lin Xiang could only sneer in his heart.

Combining all the information from Lin Xiang’s responses, and his understanding of Lin Xiang, Lin Yuan guessed what was going on in Lin Xiang’s mind.

He understood the meaning of Lin Xiang’s words.

Lin Xiang has decided to stand by the Chen family to the end.

Lin Xiang obviously believed that the Lin Yuan already mastered a technology that is better and stronger than the Chen Family.

But, in reality, the so-called maximization of benefits by reaching cooperation with the Chen family is just Lin Xiang’s way to delay the entry of the Lin Group in the pharmaceutical industry.

Or it could be a way for the Chen family to still use him to linger around the Lin group and the Lin family through cooperation.

He even wanted to dig out those medical advancements Lin Yuan was talking about and dedicate it to the Chen family.

Lin Yuan has a deep understanding of Lin Xiang’s character.

So, looking at Lin Xiang, Lin Yuan smiled and didn’t speak.

Seeing that Lin Yuan didn’t speak, Lin Xiang smiled.

Then Lin Xiang continues to persuade him. Working with the Chen family is definitely the best choice.

“We should befriend the enemy and not fight just for petty gain.”

“The Chen family has already established their name. Not only do they have the knowledge and the technology but also their market and their contacts, network, and connections.”

“If we only have the technology, then it would be impossible to compete.”

After listening to Lin Xian’s words, most of the people in the conference room think he makes some sense.

Many of them even supported Lin Xiang and didn’t raise their hands.

Seeing this situation, Lin Xiang smiled and was quite satisfied.

Although, in fact, today’s decision has not been made yet, Lin Yuan’s plan is very likely to be passed directly.

After all, the members of the Lin family combined are enough to pass the matter.

For Lin Xiang’s purpose in instigating differing opinions among the shareholders had succeeded.

Yesterday he has actually met with the leader of the Chen family and was told to continue opposing Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan’s suggestions in today’s shareholder’s meeting.

Based on his words, he is saying they would not let the Lin Group be unitary.

As long as the ideas are different, there will be disagreements.

As long as there are disagreements within the Lin Group, Lin Xiang and the Chen family can be considered successful.

Looking at Lin Xiang who was smiling and thinking that the shareholders will stand by his argument, Lin Yuan spoke suddenly.

“Really? We can’t compete with the Chen family?”

Lin Yuan’s voice was clear and audible. Hearing his response, everyone in the conference room couldn’t help but look over.

“Yes. The Chen family has various connections or networks and cooperated with many related departments and major hospitals…” Lin Xiang said.

Lin Yuan didn’t wait for Lin Xiang to finish.

He directly put a few documents on the projector and said at the same time: “We also have channels. We also have connections.”

“This is a cooperation agreement with the Guanghui Pharmacies which is branched out across all of Jiangbei, and even across the country.”

“This one here is the cooperation agreement between Jiangbei’s No. 1 to No. 7, and the No. 10 to No. 23 People’s Hospital.”

“This is…”

The documents that Lin Yuan laid out are cooperation agreements with the major drugstores, pharmacies, and hospitals which are very difficult to attain cooperation with.

Seeing Lin Yuan easily put out these channels, many directors and shareholders were stunned.

Even Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

They just thought that Lin Yuan had an idea or plan.

But unexpectedly, he had already worked on the initial steps so that the Lin Group can enter the pharmaceutical industry smoothly.

And the channels are all set up?

Seeing the cooperation agreements already secured and set up by Lin Yuan, everyone was shocked and speechless.

Lin Yuan is not caught unprepared.

He had already planned and finished the initial steps to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

With the influence of the Lin and the Mei family, the two big groups, and his understanding of the original novel, and in addition to his medical skills, he secured the cooperation easily.

After all, no one would dislike making more money.

Among them, Mei Yuxian helped Lin Yuan a lot.

Mei Yuxian has quite a lot of resources in this regard, which is why Lin Yuan was eager to win her before.

Therefore, in terms of channels, the Lin Group’s entry into the pharmaceutical industry will be no worse than the Chen family.

And as the Lin Group establishes its name in the pharmaceutical industry, and gain high profits, there will be more channels available to them.

When everyone was still surprised by Lin Yuan’s revelations, Lin Yuan continued, “There are also personal connections which you mentioned before, Vice President Lin.”

“Actually, the Chen family and us have always been clashing. Cooperating with the Chen family would do us more harm than good.”

“So we definitely can’t cooperate with the Chen family! On the contrary, we should oppose them!”

“My goal is to seize the market of the Chen family!”

When Lin Yuan said he wanted to seize the market of the Chen family, everyone was shocked.

Lin Yuan pulled out a few more documents.

“This is a cooperation agreement with the Tang family.”

“This is a cooperation agreement with the Mei family.”

“In addition, I also have a letter written by Cui Yunrong, the old man of the Yanjing's Cui family, expressing his support for the Lin Group and the Lin family.”

The shareholders looked at the documents handed over by Lin Yuan one by one.

Everyone couldn’t help but be shaken.

As Lin Yuan revealed his aces, his tone was extremely calm.

But the weight of his words is not low at all!

The Tang family is not much worse than the Lin family, and the Mei family is stronger than the Lin family!

Lin Yuan has quietly obtained the cooperation agreements with the two top big families in Jiangbei?

Compared with Lin Xiang’s so-called cooperation with the Chen family, Lin Yuan’s network is stronger.

And Cui Yunrong also expressed his support in a personal letter.

This is even more shocking than the cooperation with the Tang and the Mei family.

To enter such a highly influential industry like the pharmaceutical industry, it will not be good if no one is supporting from behind.

Even for a big group like the Lin Group and the Lin family, it is not practical to rush into entering the pharmaceutical industry.

The reason behind the Chen family’s ability to develop medicine in Jiangbei has a lot to do with their connections in Yanjing.

Although all of the Cui family certainly couldn’t help, but with the support of Cui Yunrong alone, who has been very popular and even seen on TV shows and the strength of the Lin Group, there is basically nothing to worry about.

“It is possible…It is doable!”

“I also think that everything is okay too. With these channels already opened up for us, it is entirely possible for the Lin Group to enter the pharmaceutical industry!”

“It’s really possible! Challenging the Chen family may not be impossible!”

After all these, many shareholders who seem to stand by Lin Xiang earlier, all changed their opinions.

Except for Lin Xiang, most of the people present are thinking about the welfare of the Lin Group.

Because some of them are still members of the Lin family, some are stakeholders.

Common interests are the solid foundation of unity.

They supported Lin Xiang earlier because they felt like his argument has more weight and reason.

But Lin Yuan has given them big revelations.

These are surprises that can aid the Lin Group in breaking through its development bottleneck and taking the company to the next level of growth.

If the Lin Group can enter the pharmaceutical industry, its size may grow rapidly and even expand a lot.

When that time comes, they will naturally reap the fruits.

So who would not support Lin Yuan?

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan looked at Lin Yuan in shock.

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