Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 349:

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Chapter 349:

They knew already that Lin Yuan was in contact with the Mei and the Tang family.

After all, it was a little obvious at the Mei family banquet.

It’s just that this kind of cooperation is based on interests.

It’s not only based on having a good relationship.

How did Lin Yuan secure cooperation with the Tang family?

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan couldn’t understand.

But it’s actually very simple.

Needless to say, Mei Yuxian.

After the Tang family destroyed the Qingshan Gang with Lin Yuan, it can be considered that they tasted the sweetness.

The detailed plan of Lin Yuan has left a deep impression on Tang Guofei, the head of the Tang family.

So, he was actually very willing to cooperate.

As for Cui Yunrong’s support expressed through a personal letter, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were even more surprised.

It turns out that the relationship between Lin Yuan and Cui Yunrong is indeed very close.

When Lin Yuan taught him and made for him a chess book that he can use and letting him win a few games, Cui Yunrong liked him even more.

Therefore, expressing his support through a personal letter is a minor thing.

He doesn’t even need to say a word. It doesn’t matter even if he writes ten letters.

Lu Junlan looked at Lin Yuan with astonishment.

Every time Lin Yuan came to the company, it seemed that something big will happen.

From making 30 billion in stock trading for a day to exposing the spy Chen Qu.

And this time leading the Lin Group in entering the pharmaceutical industry and facing the Chen family.

And this is not just an empty talk.

Lin Yuan actually has a plan and has even done the prerequisite works that seem almost impossible.

This Young Master Lin is too amazing!

The abilities of Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan are not bad. With their efforts, the Lin Group has become big.

But it recently did encounter a bottleneck.

It is not a big deal, but it will take decades and require a lot of opportunities to break through and continue the company’s growth.

However, Lin Yuan had already boldly begun to attempt a breakthrough which makes him even more courageous than his parents.

Sitting next to Lu Junlan, Zhang Jiao, who was a little unhappy about Lin Yuan presiding in the meeting earlier, widened her eyes at this time.

She now understood why Lu Junlan had nothing ill to say about Lin Yuan earlier.

It must be that Lu Junlan has known how capable Lin Yuan is.

Just looking at the cooperation agreements that he had presented, she is afraid that she cannot secure even one of them if she does it herself.

But Lin Yuan did it all silently on his own.

At this time, all the shareholders and the board of directors looked at Lin Yuan with much admiration in their eyes.

Only those who have breakthrough the bottleneck and have done similar things would know how difficult it is for Lin Yuan to do such things.

They also didn’t doubt that Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were actually behind the cooperation agreements and gave Lin Yuan all the credit to establish his prestige.

This should not be the case since, even for Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan, these are impossible to be accomplished.

Moreover, the surprised expression of Lin Yuan’s parents is not fake at all.

Lin Yuan’s connections and abilities, as well as his courage and determination, are amazing.

“Seeing the cooperation agreements laid out by Xiao Yuan, it can be said that the Lin Group can make a smooth entry into the pharmaceutical industry.”

“Yes! Seeing these things as the fruits of Young Master Lin’s efforts, we can really fight the Chen family!”

Lin Xiang looked at Lin Yuan dumbfounded.

Many of the shareholders who have supported him earlier have now expressed their support for Lin Yuan.

And looking at the show of hands on this matter, apart from him, more than 90% of the people present raised their hands and completely agreed with Lin Yuan’s plan.

Obviously, his plan to plant the seeds of disagreement within the Lin Group has completely failed!

He had just entered into a cooperation plan with the Chen family, and it turned out to be a disadvantage for him.


Lin Xiang slightly closed his mouth and looked at Lin Yuan who was praised and even admired by a lot of shareholders.

And Lin Yuan was actually looking at Lin Xiang secretly.

He was not surprised by the support of the other shareholders and directors of the Lin Group.

He knew he would obtain their support.

But he only achieved his first goal for today, which is to successfully persuade the shareholders of the Lin Group into entering the pharmaceutical industry.

The second goal is that he wants to take back the shares in Lin Xiang’s hands.

In the future, the Lin Group should be majorly owned by him and his parents.

He didn’t want people in the likes of Lin Xiang to be given the chance to divide the Lin Group.

But Lin Yuan is not in a hurry. He knew that Lin Xiang would take the initiative to give up his shares.

To close out and finalize the decision for the Lin Group to enter the pharmaceutical industry, Lin Yuan said that it would only take a short time and a little bit of preparatory work for the plan to advance.

The board of directors also temporarily became at ease.

They took a break and prepared to end the meeting if nothing more important happens.

Many people got up and went to the toilet.

And Lin Xiang also stood up from his chair.

But he didn’t go to the toilet.

Instead, he went to Lin Yuan’s side.

“Xiao Yuan, you are one promising and very capable young man! I opposed your idea earlier! I shouldn’t have! Haha!” Lin Xiang came to Lin Yuan and praised him first.

“Uncle Lin Xiang, I am overwhelmed to receive your praise.” Lin Yuan smiled slightly and looked at him both with pride and humility.

Lin Xiang smiled when Lin Yuan called him Uncle Xiang.

Then Lin Xiang said again: “Xiao Yuan, because I usually cooperate with the Chen family more often, I also know them better.”

“If you want to enter the pharmaceutical industry, you must know the competitor very well. I have a lot of information about the Chen family. Would you like to come with me and look at the information?”

When Lin Xiang spoke, he looked at Lin Yuan sincerely and with a smile on his fat white face.

It was as if he wanted to make up for Lin Yuan by contributing information on the Chen family.

Lin Yuan also smiled and said, “Okay.”

Then he stood up and quickly followed Lin Xiang to his office.

After arriving at his office, Lin Xiang didn’t present any materials on the information he said.

Instead, he sat on his chair and then smiled and looked at Lin Yuan.

His smile was a little weird.

Lin Yuan then asked with a smile, “Uncle Lin Xiang, you said you have information on the Chen family?”

Lin Xiang responded: “I have no information. I just lied to you.”

“I don’t intend to agree with what you said, that you would fight against the Chen family.” Lin Xiang said while smiling as he looked at Lin Yuan.

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