Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 351:

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Chapter 351:

Lin Xiang was even angrier when he heard Lin Yuan’s words.

He said angrily: “Don’t even think about it! My son is in your hands, and now you are threatening me?!”

“If I promise you, will there be a 100% guarantee that he will be fine? You will definitely not settle and raise the price. I won’t believe it unless you…”

Lin Xiang was full of anger and wanted to bargain.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan threw out a few pieces of paper on the table.

He interrupted Lin Xiang and then said, “Uncle Lin Xiang, you don’t have the right to bargain with me. You are nothing if it weren’t for your surname. I am giving you a chance.”

Lin Xiang picked up the paper and saw a few photos printed on it.

There is one common person in the photos, and that person is him.

Lin Xiang’s face became gloomy because in the photos were him secretly having contact with the Chen family!

There are even some various small actions he did against the Lin Group.

“You had me followed?!” Lin Xiang asked angrily.

“Stop saying these useless things! I just need to publicize these and then I will get back your shares through a lawsuit.”

“Uncle Lin Xiang, we are still relatives, so I plan to give you a chance. I will give you ten seconds to think about it.”

Lin Yuan ignored Lin Xiang’s angry look and still smiled and spoke calmly.

Lin Yuan is not like the kidnappers in those movies who just count to three.

The whole room was dead quiet.

The silence made Lin Xiang’s heart beat like a drum.

He was breathing quickly.

Within three seconds, Lin Xiang couldn’t help but take a breath and say, “I, your uncle, promise! Thank you Xiao Yuan for sparing me. All of these are Uncle’s faults. I will never join the group again. I have decided to convert all of my 8% voting shares of the Lin Group into preferred shares.”

Lin Xiang can’t do anything.

Lin Yuan really caught his weaknesses.

If Lin Yuan only caught his son, although he really feels sorry for him since he was his only lifeblood, but there would still be other ways around it.

Also, if Lin Yuan only grasps the evidence with him together with the members of the Chen family, there would still be a workaround to explain it.

But when the two things are combined, he is left with no options.

Lin Xiang can’t do anything!

Seeing Lin Xiang bowing his head, Lin Yuan smiled and said. “The shares you own are only 8%?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Lin Xiang’s heart skipped a beat and his body trembled slightly.

Then Lin Xiang said quickly, “Wrong, wrong! I almost forgot. Some time ago, I felt that the equity of the group was a bit scattered. There are many retail investors in the stock market. So, for the safety of our group, I acquired the shares of several retail investors. Those when combined with my 8% shareholding adds up to a total of 15%. I will transfer all of them to you, Xiao Yuan.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said nothing.

Lin Xiang is really greedy, and he is very careful.

What nonsense is he saying that he did it for the safety of the group? It is actually to make trouble in the future. And so some time ago, with the help of the Chen family, the shares of the retail investors in the stock market were harvested. They wanted to grasp as many shares of the Lin Group as they can.

This matter is a bit concealed. If Lin Yuan didn’t ask, Lin Xiang doesn’t plan to disclose the same.

“Then, let’s sign a share transfer agreement!”

After discovering that Lin Yuan even knew about his secretly harvesting retail investors, Lin Xiang felt like he had been stripped off of his underwear. So he did not say a thing about it and took the initiative to say that he will transfer all of them to Lin Yuan.

Soon, the share transfer agreement was signed.

Both of them are company shareholders after all, so it is simple to transfer the shares.

At this moment, Lin Xiang’s cellphone rang suddenly.

Lin Xiang took a look and was about to hang up when Lin Yuan interrupted again.

Lin Yuan saw Chen Meng’s name on Lin Xiang’s phone.

Then, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Come on. Patriarch Chen is calling you. How can you hang up directly? Isn’t that too rude?”

Lin Xiang’s body trembled slightly when he heard Lin Yuan’s words.

In the end, he was obedient. With his trembling fingers, he pressed to answer the call.

“Hello? Lin Xiang, how are you doing? I have already transferred the money into your account, and you have also purchased the shares, right? Did you cause any differences within the Lin Group today?” Lin Yuan heard Chen Meng’s voice on the other line.

“That…that…” Lin Xiang stammered a little while looking at Lin Yuan who was standing right beside him.

“Failed?!” Hearing Lin Xiang’s stuttering voice, Chen Meng guessed immediately.

“Hmm…” Lin Xiang nodded. Since Lin Yuan was looking, he didn’t dare disclose more about the content of the meeting.

“You trash! I already transferred all of my money, and I also helped you buy those shares…” Chen Meng said angrily on the other side.

“I am hanging up first. Let’s talk a little later.”

Before Chen Meng could say more, Lin Xiang hung up the phone directly.

He was afraid that Chen Meng would reveal too much and Lin Yuan would know the things he had done before, so he directly cut Chen Meng.

Right now, Lin Xiang has no choice but to hang on to the knife and stay still.

If Lin Yuan makes it known to the Lin Group that he had been in secret contact with the Chen family, it would be hard to keep the shares.

Lin Xiang could only believe that just as Lin Yuan said, what happened between them was just a fight between relatives.

Lin Yuan’s tone was also quite sincere.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xiang asked, “Xiao Yuan, can you release Tianyi now? Where is he?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Of course, I will let people take you to see Tianyi.”

“Hello? Long Wu? Come up to the seventh floor and turn left towards the second office. Take Uncle Lin Xiang to see Tianyi.” Lin Yuan said to Long Wu on the phone.


Long Wu who had stayed downstairs according to Lin Yuan’s orders, immediately went upstairs.

After Lin Yuan hung up the phone, Lin Xiang’s expression was slightly frozen. He then said: “Xiao Yuan, can you send Tianyi home directly? Or let him go home? Or you can tell me the place and I will go there personally on my own?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and smiled, “No. That place is too remote.”

Lin Xiang ask all those because he was scared.

He was afraid that something will happen to him, so he kind of wanted to slip away.

But Lin Xiang also knew that Lin Yuan could be worried that he would run away and go to the Chen family for help.

Thinking of Lin Yuan utterly calling him Uncle and always smiling, Lin Xiang could only agree.

“Okay.” Lin Xiang said helplessly.

Soon, Long Wu together with a few people arrived.

Looking at the back of Lin Xiang leaving, Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

While watching his subordinates take Lin Xiang away, Long Wu asked Lin Yuan: “Young Master, what should we do with him?”

“Like Tianyi, he doesn’t need to be kept alive.”

“Dispose him for me before sunset.”

Lin Yuan said with a blank expression on his face.

“Understood!” Long Wu bowed before leaving.

Looking at them leaving, Lin Yuan showed no fluctuations.

Saying that he will let Lin Xiang go is just a way to paralyze Lin Xiang.

Because although there is a high probability that the shares can be recovered in a lawsuit.

But litigation takes a lot of time.

And there could be variables.

It may also lead to possible changes within the group.

So, Lin Yuan needs to act fast and he started directly with Lin Tianyi.

Lin Xiang basically became a moth.

Needless to say, they have no blood relationship at all, and Lin Xiang has no relationship with Lin Jianjun. Even if there is, Lin Yuan doesn’t mind.

This kind of person doesn’t need to be kept alive.

When Lin Yuan does things, he actually doesn’t like to leave too much room for mistakes, otherwise, there will be troubles.

Lin Yuan collected the documents and then walked downstairs.

He would show the share transfer to Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan for processing.

Lin Yuan’s footsteps were quite fast.

That is because after handling this matter, Lin Yuan had to go to the special police force station.

It was not to find Uncle Zeng in the special police station on Qinyang District.

He is off to the Jiangbei Special Police Headquarters.

He would like to meet with Ding Xiaorong from the Six-Door Police Headquarters.

The reason why he gave his contact information that day was to pave way for today.

While thinking about this, Lin Yuan continued to go downstairs.

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