Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 353:

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Chapter 353:

“By the way, Mom, Dad, please give me the authority to go through the Lin family’s intelligence system.” Lin Yuan said to Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan.

Meng Yuelan nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Your own company recently with the help of Long Wu has set up your own intelligence system, right? I don’t feel that it is worse than the Lin family’s.” Lin Jianjun said.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I did let Long Wu and the others set up one, but the scale is too small. So I plan to integrate and converge the two to make the intelligence system more comprehensive and complete.”

“Okay, I will give you the authority.” Lin Jianjun nodded.

In fact, even if Lin Yuan’s intelligence system is integrated with that of the Lin family, Lin Yuan felt that it is still not enough.

That is because he thinks that the scale would still be too small.

After all, the Lin family’s needs are rigid, and there are limitations set as a private entity.

However, Lin Yuan places great importance on intelligence as he is in great need of information.

Lin Yuan knows a lot of things that other people don’t.

He knows the character and behavior of many people.

He knows a lot about the things that are going to happen.

He knows a lot about the plot and the turn of events.

But the butterfly effect kept on happening.

It is only in some of the plots that the character’s personality or behavior has not changed, and therefore results in almost no change, or even if there is, the change is very small.

But some things will eventually have a greater impact on him due to the butterfly effect.

For example, in the Lin Group's meeting with the board of directors today, Lin Xiang opposed him.

In the original novel, when the Lin Group is on the verge of disintegration, Lin Xiang flees and vanished.

But due to his appearance, the Chen family has become more anxious and used him to secure cooperation with them in advance.

And then, Lin Xiang intercepted in advance.

Lin Yuan relied on his understanding of the Chen family and Ye Feng to solve Yanyue Company’s problem and counteract their plan to enter the facial mask industry in advance.

Although Lin Yuan’s thinking has improved a lot after all his attributes have been upgraded to 200, he is still a human after all.

It would still be difficult to handle his enemies and predict what they will do next.

And so, he needs information.

It is particularly important therefore to have a powerful intelligence system in place to provide him with information that is not readily available.

The intelligence system shall help him decide his actions.

Thinking about how he can have a more comprehensive intelligence system, Lin Yuan immediately thought of the person from whom he bought Chen Yu.

He thought of Xue Yufei of Scarlet Bar.

When it comes to intelligence, Xue Yufei has a very good intelligence network.

But it is hard to find her in Jiangbei these days.

She is not in Jiangbei most of the time and it is not very easy to contact her.

Aside from Xue Yufei, Lin Yuan thought of another person.

That person has a very powerful intelligence network in Jiangbei.

In the original novel, a lot of people with powerful intelligence systems aided Ye Feng.

That person is named Ning Shu, the head of the Intelligence Department of the Jiangbei Special Police Force Station.

When it comes to intelligence, Ning Shu has absolutely the most powerful intelligence system.

In the original novel, Ning Shu helped Ye Feng a lot with intelligence.

The reason she helped Ye Feng is naturally because of Ye Feng’s connection.

Ning Shu is one of the heroines in the original novel.

In the original novel, in order for Ye Feng to rise smoothly, a lot of people supported him.

He also had a lot of contacts with the government forces.

Ning Shu is not only the director of the Intelligence Department of the Special Police Force Headquarters.

She is also the deputy director of the General Bureau.

Her status is not low.

And because of the importance of such a professional status, it is almost equal to the patriarchs of the major families in Jiangbei.

However, although Ning Shu’s status as deputy director of the General Bureau is a high and prestigious position, Lin Yuan felt that she is easier to deal with than Xue Yufei.

He also knew Ning Shu’s greatest weakness.

Otherwise, the difficulty to reach cooperation with her would have been no less than that of Xue Yufei.

And aside from intelligence, he also wanted to target Ning Shu.

Not only for intelligence but to strike at Ye Feng’s fate value.

He wanted the Lin family to completely dominate all of Jiangbei.

He has to speak with her no matter what.

Lin Yuan got out of the Lin Group building and is now seated in his car.

But he didn’t start the engine immediately.

Instead, he took out his cellphone and opened the contacts.

Lin Yuan looked for Ding Xiaorong.

The reason why he kept on contacting her before is because of her relationship with Ning Shu.

Ning Shu is Ding Xiaorong’s aunt!

Then Lin Yuan directly dialed Ding Xiaorong’s number.

“Hello? Is this Police Officer Ding?” Lin Yuan asked on the phone.

“Ah. Is this Mr. Lin Yuan?” Ding Xiaorong’s crisp voice came from the other end of the line, seemingly astonished as Lin Yuan called her suddenly.

“Yes. Is Police Officer Ding free now?” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Ah, yes I am free? What’s the matter, Mr. Lin? You need not call me Police Officer Ding when we are talking in private. You are older than me. If you don’t mind, just call me Xiaorong.” Ding Xiaorong said.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly when he heard Ding Xiaorong’s words.

Obviously, Ding Xiaorong still has a good impression of him.

He isn’t surprised at all.

The first reason is that she has met Lin Yuan before. Lin Yuan’s face value is something that 99% of women won’t be able to resist. And Lin Yuan’s temperament and wisdom are full marks in all aspects.

The second is that Ding Xiaorong is his die-hard fan.

Ding Xiaorong took the initiative to track down the scammers who pretended to be Lin Yuan, the original singer of the ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ song, and held concerts to cheat on money.

Lin Yuan knows these very well.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Okay, then I will call you Xiaorong.”

“Xiaorong, didn’t you say you would invite me to dinner and talk about my reward the other day?”

“Are we going now?” Ding Xiaorong’s tone was a little surprised.

She didn’t express unhappiness or rejection.

She just felt that it was so sudden for Lin Yuan to call her and ask her to eat out this soon.

Could it be that Lin Yuan also has a good impression of her?

Ding Xiaorong’s face turned red.

“Just kidding.” Lin Yuan laughed.

“Uhh.” Ding Xiaorong was lost for a moment when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

As a police flower, there are many men who asked her out for dinner, but she never agreed.

Lin Yuan suddenly said he was just joking so she felt a little disappointed.

“Then Mr. Lin, why did you call? Is there something I can be of help to you?” Ding Xiaorong asked, shaking off the feeling of being lost and trying to regain herself.

“I would like to speak with your aunt, Ning Shu, the deputy director of the Jiangbei Special Police Force General Bureau.” Lin Yuan said directly.

“See my aunt Ning Shu?” Ding Xiaorong was taken aback by Lin Yuan’s sudden words.

Why did Lin Yuan suddenly want to see her aunt, Ning Shu?

And how did he know that they are related?

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