Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 355:

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Chapter 355:

“Good afternoon, Mr. Lin.” Ding Xiaorong smiled and walked towards Lin Yuan quickly.

Seeing Ding Xiaorong greeting someone, everyone immediately shifted their eyes.

In fact, Lin Yuan has always been a head-turner.

After all, next to him is his luxury car, Pagani Huayra.

Even if one cannot recognize it, one can tell that it is a high-end luxury car and that it is expensive.

After seeing Ding Xiaorong walk quickly, everyone looked over.

When they saw that she was walking towards a man, everyone was amazed and jealous at the same time. They could only sigh as Lin Yuan gets the favor of the police flower.

But everyone understood that it is hard to feel jealous towards Lin Yuan, simply because he is so handsome.

The expensive-looking suit and watch he wore make him look even more extraordinary, adding to the luxury car he drives.

One can tell at a glance that he is the standard Gao Fu Shuai.

The big question now is whether Ding Xiaorong is worthy of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smiled at Ding Xiaorong and said, “Get in the car.”

Ding Xiaorong replied and nodded, “Hmm!”

Then she quickly walked to the other side of the car.

Ding Xiaorong also looked at Lin Yuan’s luxury car in surprise.

She knew that Lin Yuan is the young master of the Lin family.

She knew that he is very rich.

As to how rich he is, she also has an idea, judging from this Pagani Huayra that is worth around 40 to 50 million.

Lin Yuan smiled and helped open the car door for Ding Xiaorong.

The gull-wing door of the Pagani Huayra opened on both sides, which was a spectacular scene that made the surrounding people feel envious for a moment.

The beautiful girls are fated with tall, rich, and handsome guys, not with ordinary guys.

Under the envious eyes of everyone, Ding Xiaorong got into the car.

And so did Lin Yuan.

The car doors then closed.

In the beginning, Lin Yuan found Ding Xiaorong to be a little restrained.

This is not so surprising at all. After all, she is not Ning Shu and not from the Ning family, she is only her niece. Ding Xiaorong’s family can only be considered a well-off family. It is normal to be a little restrained.

Lin Yuan immediately threw a joke. “Xiaorong, why are you looking so stiff? Don’t you usually ride in a luxury car every day?”

“Huh? How can I take a luxury car every day?” Ding Xiaorong responded and was a little confused with Lin Yuan’s words.

“Isn’t the police car a luxury car? You can go wherever you want to go.” Lin Yuan laughed.

“Puff!” Ding Xiaorong couldn’t help but laugh as well. She quickly stretched out her arm and covered her mouth with her small hand.

[Ding! Ding Xiaorong's favorability +5! Reward 200 counterattack points!] A prompt came from the system.

Although Lin Yuan’s joke was a little bit corny, it helped ease the atmosphere.

Ding Xiaorong loosened up a bit immediately.

Lin Yuan looked at Ding Xiaorong again and said, “You look so good today. Every time I see you, you look better.”

“Really? Thank you!”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s praise and seeing the sincerity in his gaze, Ding Xiaorong’s cheeks turned red.

She didn’t even dare look at him for long and looked straight ahead.

She couldn’t contain her happiness.

[Ding! Ding Xiaorong's favorability +5! Reward 200 counterattack points!] Another prompt came from the system.

Seeing her happy appearance, Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Lin Yuan fully understands Ding Xiaorong’s emotions.

This is the most basic emotional response.

He knew that Ding Xiaorong dressed up carefully today and it must be that she dressed up for him.

Knowing this, Lin Yuan must praise her, otherwise, Ding Xiaorong might feel disappointed and even sad that her efforts weren’t noticed.

A woman who is praised will feel that she matters and will be very happy.

Ding Xiaorong is very happy now.

Although passers-by in the neighborhood will surely praise her when they see her.

But the weight of Lin Yuan’s praise is definitely different.

The pleasure it brings is also very different because she is very fond of Lin Yuan.

In addition, Lin Yuan who is the young master of the Lin family would have definitely seen a lot of beautiful women.

Being praised by Lin Yuan, how could it be the same with others' praise?

Ding Xiaorong was so happy that she even wanted to take a five-kilometer cross country run!

Seeing Ding Xiaorong’s happy expression, Lin Yuan then started the Pagani.

Ding Xiaorong finally recovered her senses and was taken aback.

Their direction is not quite going to the police headquarters.

So, Ding Xiaorong said immediately, “We seem to be in the wrong direction. The Special Police Force Headquarters is that way.”

Ding Xiaorong pointed in the other direction. She thought that Lin Yuan went the wrong way.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Of course I know the direction of the Special Police Forces Headquarters. You look so beautiful so let us go and get something to drink first.”

“Huh?! Wouldn’t that delay our purpose for today?” Ding Xiaorong’s expression was full of surprise when she heard Lin Yuan.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Sharpening the axe won't interfere with the cutting of firewood. (T/N: more preparation may quicken the speed of work)

Make others feel special and build a relationship.

It is only this way that things can be done smoothly and you can continue to trouble others again in the future.

If you just ask others for a favor and do not show gratitude and return the favor, then you can only ask for one favor.

And Lin Yuan also wanted to brush off of Ye Feng another heroine by increasing Ding Xiaorong’s favorability towards him.

Sure enough, after hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Lin Yuan gained another 5 counterattack points.

Lin Yuan found a store named Xibuck and ordered for each of them a cup of milk tea.

Although it was just a milk tea, Ding Xiaorong was very happy.

It’s not just about the envious eyes of those girls around them seeing Lin Yuan, a Gao Fu Shuai giving her attention.

There is also the feeling of being valued by Lin Yuan.

He thoughtfully treated her a drink knowing she would do something for him.

This makes her very comfortable.

Although, in fact, Lin Yuan only wanted her help to meet with the Deputy Director Ning Shu, Lin Yuan’s attention and the feeling of being valued makes her happy.

They chatted for some time.

Not for long, Ding Xiaorong’s feelings towards Lin Yuan have improved even more.

The conversation pushed Ding Xiaorong’s favorability higher, reaching about 4o to 50 points.

Lin Yuan and Ding Xiaorong then drove towards Jiangbei General Bureau of the Special Police Force Headquarters.

The travel time was fast.

They arrived in less than 20 minutes.

The building of the General Administration Bureau is very large giving out a sense of prestige.

Ding Xiaorong led Lin Yuan into the General Administration Bureau building.

As soon as Ding Xiaorong, wearing a dazzling dress entered the building, many police officers’ eyes brightened.

And then when they saw Lin Yuan walking by her side, the police officers were taken aback.

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