Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 357:

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Chapter 357:

As soon as Lin Yuan entered, he met a pair of cold and serious eyes.

The look in her eyes was like a sharp sword and a cold light that gives difficulty for people to directly look at.

Of course, Lin Yuan isn’t afraid and even looked at them carefully.

The office is relatively small, with a desk in the middle.

The woman seated is about 28 or 29 years old.

Her facial features are exquisite. She looks serious with those sharp eyes giving people chills.

Not only does she have a serious face, but her long hair is also firmly tied into a bun, pressed behind her head.

The cold woman wore a police uniform that is different from that worn by an ordinary police officer.

It was darker and very fit for a leader.

Obviously, the glamorous-looking police officer, who is about 28 or 29 years old is Ding Xiaorong’s aunt, Director Ning Shu.

While Lin Yuan is looking at Ning Shu, Ning Shu also looked at Lin Yuan and Ding Xiaorong.

But she didn’t look at them for too long.

After one glance, she lowered her head and continued to work on the files on her desk.

She didn’t look at them again.

Seeing Ning Shu’s appearance, Ding Xiaorong swallowed.

Obviously, Ding Xiaorong, like any other police officer, is also very scared of Ning Shu, her serious aunt.

After hesitating for a second, Ding Xiaorong was ready to speak. “Officer Ning…”

But she was interrupted directly.

“What do you need?” Ning Shu asked directly without raising her head.

Her tone was flat and her sentence, short.

“Well… my, my friend right here said he wanted to talk to you about something…”

“He…he is the young master of the Lin family…”

Although Ning Shu didn’t raise her head, Ding Xiaorong is still very nervous, and she stammered a little.

Hearing Ding Xiaorong’s words, Ning Shu’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly but she still didn’t raise her head.

After hearing that Ding Xiaorong’s friend wanted to discuss something with her, the pen held by Ning Shu paused slightly, but her brows remained wrinkled.

Ning Shu was silent for two seconds as if she was dealing with some serious documents.

After seeing Ning Shu’s reaction, Lin Yuan smiled and patted Ding Xiaorong’s shoulder.

This made Ding Xiaorong relax a little.

But Ning Shu’s next words frightened Ding Xiaorong again.

“Okay. I know, Xiaorong. You can go down first. It is not even your working hours so don’t get so much worked up.”

Ning Shu’s words made Ding Xiaorong’s body shake.

The meaning in Ning Shu’s words is quite obvious.

Just as Ding Xiaorong was worried, Ning Shu was a little unhappy about her suddenly bringing Lin Yuan over to see her.

After all, those who take the initiative to come to her office generally have an appointment.

Ning Shu is very busy.

And Ding Xiaorong is off-duty today, and Lin Yuan’s matters are his concern, so Ning Shu said that Ding Xiaorong shouldn’t get so much worked up when it is not even her working hours.

This is actually a sarcastic remark.

And so, she asked Ding Xiaorong to leave.

But it shows that Ning Shu is still willing to hear what Lin Yuan has to say.

So when Ding Xiaorong heard what Ning Shu said, she nodded quickly and then left.

The hurried footsteps showed that Ding Xiaorong was still a little scared of her very serious aunt.

Lin Yuan was still smiling and not surprised about it.

With either the help of Ding Xiaorong or Lin Yuan’s identity as the young master of the Lin family, they can still meet each other in the future.

But with these factors combined, Lin Yuan met Ning Shu sooner.

Lin Yuan knows Ning Shu’s character.

After Ding Xiaorong left, Ning Shu didn’t look up and said directly, “Young Master Lin? Lin Yuan, isn’t it? Why do you want to talk to me?”

She asked without even looking at Lin Yuan and still worked on her documents.

She acted as if she was very busy.

Her action was a bit impolite.

But after all, Lin Yuan suddenly came and so Ning Shu was not happy.

Hearing Ning Shu’s question, Lin Yuan smiled and was about to speak.

However, Ning Shu said directly: “If you have something to say, you can tell me quickly. Since you are Xiaorong’s friend and the young master of the Lin family, I will give you a chance to say three sentences.”

Ning Shu’s tone was cold, and she talked to Lin Yuan without even raising her head.

‘This woman…’

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but shook his head.

Facing Ning Shu’s indifferent approach, Lin Yuan still smiled and calmly spoke: “Hello, Director Ning, I…”

“That is already your first sentence.”

Before Lin Yuan could finish speaking, Ning Shu interrupted him once more.

Lin Yuan still smiled slightly not very surprised at Ning Shu’s cold character.

Lin Yuan was given three sentences and he only said hello to Director Ning, so the cold woman thought that speaking to him would just be a waste of time.

His identity as the young master of the Lin family might not be worth a few pennies in the mind of Ning Shu.

Lin Yuan then continued without even introducing himself.

He said directly: “I and Cui Yunrong are good friends.”

Hearing these words, Ning Shu’s writing hand shook slightly and raised her head to finally look at Lin Yuan.

Obviously, those words of Lin Yuan have a lot of weight.

But Ning Shu soon lowered her head again and said, “There is only one sentence left.”

Seeing how Ning Shu reacted, Lin Yuan knew that the cold woman must really know Cui Yunrong.

And Ning Shu must have known that Lin Yuan is not just Cui Yunrong’s acquaintance.

Lin Yuan used ‘good friend’ in his sentence which means that the relationship between him and Cui Yunrong must be deeply rooted.

But Ning Shu remained calm because the forces behind her are not much worse than that of Cui Yunrong.

Lin Yuan could see that Ning Shu is a little impatient and even looked like she had always been rushing people.

Lin Yuan knew that Lin Group and Cui Yunrong were not enough to get Ning Shu’s cooperation.

But in fact, his first two sentences are just temptations.

He just wanted to see how the serious and glamorous Director Ning would react.

With the help of his intelligence, Lin Yuan has come prepared a long time ago.

He knew the dark secrets hidden by this serious and glamorous director.

The way to deal with Ning Shu required a lot of digging.

“Ding! You got a new mail!” Ning Shu’s computer notified.

Ning Shu just glanced at it and ignored it.

Because it was from an unfamiliar account, she planned to read the same later.

“Director Ning, I want to share the intelligence system with your department.”

"Get out!”

At the moment when Lin Yuan spoke, Ning Shu told him to get out in a serious tone and planned to scold the whimsical young master of the Lin family.

But it was Lin Yuan’s turn to interrupt Ning Shu this time.

Before Ning Shu could even finish speaking, Lin Yuan interrupted her with words that left Ning Shu overwhelmed.

“Director Ning, do you remember when you killed your father fifteen years ago?”

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