Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 358:

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Chapter 358:

“Director Ning, do you remember when you killed your father fifteen years ago?” Lin Yuan said with a calm expression and with a smile on his face.

Lin Yuan’s words are quite explosive.

The people from the Special Police Force Headquarters will definitely be dumbfounded when they learn about it.

But the subject of Lin Yuan’s explosive words, Director Ning, continued on writing as if she didn’t hear it.

She is really the kind of person who is so good at hiding her emotions.

That cold face of hers still looked serious and she didn’t move her body at all.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, young lad of the Lin family. I am giving you three seconds, either you get out or go to jail.” Ning Shu said coldly.

She was writing while she was speaking.

Although her face looked expressionless, it can be noticed that the words written by her pen are involuntarily crooked.

Faced with Ning Shu’s threat, Lin Yuan didn’t even move.

“That should be 15 years ago when Director Ning was still in high school, right?” Lin Yuan smiled and said nonchalantly as if telling a story.

“Since childhood, you and your mother had been a victim of domestic violence. Because you are an adopted child, after you have grown up, he has intentionally mistreated you.”

“But because you resisted to death, and your mother desperately protected you, he never succeeded.”

“But after that incident, you hated your adoptive father to death.”

Following Lin Yuan’s words, Ning Shu finally couldn’t keep her calm.

Her hands and body began to tremble.

The writing on the official document is also getting crooked.

She lifted her beautiful and serious face and threatened: ”You know you are spouting rumors about a public official.”

“You can just call someone to come up and take me away. Anyway, my mouth will not stop. It’s your freedom if you want to let people know your story. That’s your freedom, Director Ning.” Lin Yuan smiled calmly at Ning Shu’s threat.

Ning Shu’s right thumb, index finger, and middle finger tightly pinched the pen she was holding. Her whole arm was trembling and her eyes were full of shock and confusion.

While Ning Shu was struggling, Lin Yuan did as he said and kept on talking.

“Your adoptive father’s long-term domestic violence and unruly intentions have caused Director Ning’s hatred to reach its peak.”

“You hate him so much that you thought of killing him. You thought hard day and night, whether at home or in school.”

“One day, during your chemistry class, when you learned about the chemical properties of white phosphorous, you suddenly got excited.” (T/N: The two main forms of phosphorus are white phosphorus and red phosphorus. White phosphorus glows in the dark and is spontaneously flammable when exposed to air.)

“Thinking of the chemical shop run by your adoptive father, you conceived a plan gradually.”

“After finding out your adoptive father’s routine, you sneaked in while the shop was left unattended during lunch break. You secretly punctured white phosphorous into the water pipe of the chemical shop.”

“White phosphorous is a chemical substance with a very low ignition point, so when the white phosphorous stored in the water pipes are released into the air, it will burn in just a short time.”

“And you not only broke the water tank and the water pipes that store the white phosphorous, but you also made sure that they are in an unventilated space.”

“Soon, the fire that you dreamed of swept through quickly and burned your adoptive father’s chemical shop and your adoptive father who was fast asleep.”

“Kneeling in front of the burning chemical shop, you cried hard and acted very sad, when in fact you were very happy inside.”

“The technologies from more than a decade ago are less advanced than they are now, so even the necessary fire alarms are lacking.”

“Because everything was swept completely by the fire, no evidence was left that the fire was staged so the police concluded that your father died in an accident. He died because he mishandled the white phosphorous and didn’t store them properly, causing a fire that burned him to death.”

When she heard this, Ning Shu frowned and interrupted suddenly: “It seems that the young lad of the Lin family has done his research very well. I do have an adoptive father who died from a fire that broke out fifteen years ago. But that was an accidental death. It doesn’t have anything to do with me at all.”

“You don’t have even the slightest evidence to support your accusations. You will be criminally liable for the mere speculations and rumors you are spreading…” Ning Shu narrowed her eyes and threatened Lin Yuan.

Faced with Ning Shu’s threat once more, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Who said I have no evidence? Director Ning, you really are so rude and you interrupt others all the time. You can just ask someone to arrest me or you can just shut up and listen quietly.”

Lin Yuan ignored Ning Shu’s anger and cold look, instead, he smiled and continued.

“After the death of your adoptive father, you thought you and your mother will live a difficult life, but you were prepared long ago. Life without your beast adoptive father was both difficult and sweet.”

“But unexpectedly, things turned out very good. Just after your adoptive father died, your biological father, the head of the Ning family, one of the eight major families in Yanjing resurfaced and brought you, her illegitimate daughter, back to the Ning family.”

“Then, the Ning family and the Chen family, two of the eight major families in Yanjing fought a battle against each other. The Chen family lost and so they came to Jiangbei to start anew. The Ning family won and stayed in Yanjing. But your father, the head of the Ning family’s only son died.”

“So even though you are a woman, you still have the same blood running through your veins, and that paved a way for you to be recognized as a part of the Ning family.”

“The Ning family is one of the eight major families in Yanjing, so it is natural to be rich in food and clothing.”

“You didn’t forget about your adoptive mother and so you occasionally go home and visit her. After joining the Ning family, you no longer worried about money or any material things. No one found out about how you murdered your adoptive father. You gradually became relaxed.”

“However, as Director Ning grew up, you became a policewoman according to your own interests. Even after being arranged by the Ning family to come to Jiangbei and be the deputy director, you still worried.”

“Because later, when you came at your father’s chemical shop, you found out that there could be cameras that could have taken photos that will lead to you as the suspect. Although cameras at that time were not very clear, there could be a possibility to get evidence against you.”

“You knew very well how horrible your actions were. But you believe your crime is justified. As long as someone investigates, you would most likely be determined as the suspect.”

“You used all of your power and influence to check onto the various databases if there were any images of you caught by the cameras.”

“You have found a lot of images of you both before and after your adoptive father’s death.”

“But it happened to be that the part where you planted the white phosphorous that burned your adoptive father to death, was not caught on camera. You didn’t see it!”

“That was enough to disturb you and for half a year, you weren’t able to sleep or eat properly. But after some time, you regained yourself and gradually became relieved.”

“Maybe someone accidentally cropped the image or there could have been a problem with the device. This could be a probability since it really happens. And so, you felt even more relieved.”

“But in fact, the evidence you were looking for really exists!”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Ning Shu couldn’t finally help it. The pen in her hand was crushed in half.

That solemn and glamorous face was raised and those beautiful eyes looked closely at Lin Yuan.

“Video? Evidence?” After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Ning Shu looked even more confused.

“What you said are all empty words. Where is the evidence?” Ning Shu sneered.

“Director Ning, didn’t you just receive an email? You should open it now and you’ll know what I am talking about.” Lin Yuan smiled and said with his arms folded.

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