Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 360:

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Chapter 360:

Finally, Ning Shu gave up.

No more denials or threats to Lin Yuan.

Obviously, her methods don’t work on Lin Yuan.

Although her expression was still cold, Ning Shu’s tone was still relaxed.

Ning Shu knew that Lin Yuan won’t let her secret be known.

Instead, he decided to talk things out with her.

Obviously, there must be something that Lin Yuan needs from her.

So, Ning Shu asked what Lin Yuan wanted.

Hearing Ning Shu’s words, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“The purpose of my coming here is to reach cooperation with Director Ning and for you to share information with me.”

“As far as I know, Director Ning is in charge of the intelligence department of General Administration, right? I just want you to share intelligence information…”

“Impossible!” Ning Shu couldn’t help but interrupt while listening to Lin Yuan’s words.

She then said in a cold tone: “Share information? Haha. You are asking too much! Impossible!”

Ning Shu’s words are simple.

Although not explicitly stated, the matter of sharing information from the intelligence system of the Department of General Administration is a much bigger crime than committing murder.

The leakage of information is more serious.

The same is also true because compared to committing personal faults, the consequence of sharing information is a hundred times more serious.

However, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “It is really a serious matter, but it depends on whether others will know about it or not.”

“If no one knows about it, then no matter how serious of a matter it is, there won’t be any problem.”

“On the contrary, some small things that seem to be minor can cause an uproar.”

“Do you not understand this simple truth, Director Ning?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Ning Shu’s breathing suddenly became short.

Indeed, even if you commit some grave crime, if no one knows about it, then there won’t be a problem.

And if the matter of her killing her adoptive father is known, then it will definitely cause an uproar!

Seeing Ning Shu’s complicated and entangled appearance, Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

He knew that Ning Shu is struggling at this time.

In fact, Ning Shu isn’t a bad person in nature.

Although she got some help from the Ning family to enter the police force, she is also very capable herself.

To get up the ladder, she mainly depends on herself.

Otherwise, how could a woman like her, not yet in her thirties, get the key role in the Jiangbei Department of General Administration?

Although Ning Shu is serious and cold, she values professional ethics.

But what Lin Yuan said is also true.

So Ning Shu is currently in a battle between prioritizing her own benefit over the organization.

Lin Yuan knew that he needed to speak some more to help Ning Shu decide to agree on his terms.

Lin Yuan smiled at the struggling Ning Shu and said: “Director Ning, I just want to clarify that I am not threatening you, but suggesting cooperation. Sharing information should be a two-way process, I will also share the Lin family intelligence system with you.”


Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Ning Shu really wanted to spit on his face.

He is saying that he is not threatening her when the evidence was already sent to her email.

He was like picking up a knife, no, Lin Yuan had already put a knife on her neck!

He was only suggesting cooperation?

Can the information of the Lin family compare with the information of the agency’s intelligence system?

Lin Yuan saw Ning Shu’s anger.

Lin Yuan smiled and continued to explain: “You probably just heard about the Lin Group on Jiangbei owned by the Lin family. Just like how powerful the Ning family is in Yanjing, the Lin family in Jiangbei is as powerful too. I can do a lot for you, Director Ning.”

“In addition, I am also supported by the Mei and the Tang family. Therefore, it won’t be a loss if Director Ning cooperates and shares information with me.”

Lin Yuan boasts how he has the support of the Mei family and the others.

Ning Shu pursed her lips and remained expressionless.

She did not speak a word.

Ning Shu was actually a little bit surprised to know that the other major families in Jiangbei are also supporting Lin Yuan.

However, what Lin Yuan needs the most is Ning Shu’s capability to share more detailed information about everything he could think of.

This is why Lin Yuan wants to reach cooperation with her.

“There is also the Cui family…”

Lin Yuan pointed out that he is also supported by Cui Yunrong.

Ning Shu is still unmoved.

Her value in professional ethics and the nature of seeking her own benefits are battling in her head.

Moreover, she has to bear great risks in sharing information.

If anything goes wrong, Lin Yuan can conveniently get out of the situation while she would certainly bear all the consequences.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Director Ning, is your mother still living in your house in Yanjing?”

“Huh?” Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Ning Shu suddenly looked up to Lin Yuan with an entangled expression on her face.

“After the fire incident that killed your adoptive father, although it was concluded to be an accident, in the end, she was still tagged as the suspect, right?”

“Because of that, it was very difficult for your mother to find a job. And she also refuses to accept your help. The Ning family doesn’t want to take in your adoptive mother.”

“Your mother helped you carry the burden of suspicion but refuses to accept your help has always bothered you, right?”

“As long as you agree to cooperate, I will ask Cui Yunrong’s help. It is not so difficult for him to arrange a job for your mother without letting the Ning family know.” Lin Yuan smiled and said his last bargaining chip.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Ning Shu frowned and looked closely at Lin Yuan.

How did Lin Yuan know about this again?

How could he know the difficulties faced by her adoptive mother?

This is also one of her heart knots.

The Ning family doesn’t want to help. Her adoptive mother refuses to accept her help. But it is easy for Lin Yuan to intervene.

But where on earth did Lin Yuan come from?

This young man knows too much!

Ning Shu looked at Lin Yuan with an extremely complicated expression even a little shocked and horrified.

But after about seven to eight seconds of entanglement, Ning Shu finally took a deep breath and was ready to speak.

She gritted her teeth and said: “Okay! I promise to share information with you!”

“But remember to arrange work for my mother, and don’t let her know that the same has something to do with me!”

“Also all the videos and evidence, destroy them all!”

“If there is any leak of them, it is considered to be a violation of the cooperation!”

”Besides, if anything happens, I will definitely find a way to drag you together with me!”

Ning Shu gritted her teeth.

She finally agreed.

“Then let us sign a contract and remember to abide by it.” Lin Yuan had already prepared a contract for Ning Shu.

Ning Shu picked up the contract and looked at Lin Yuan suspiciously again. It was a well-prepared and well-written contract.

Lin Yuan really came prepared. He had everything planned.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “After reading it, just sign it.”

This kind of contract is not actually a legal one.

Lin Yuan did not intend to legally bind Ning Shu.

He just intends to document the cooperation between the two parties.

Ning Shu looked at the contract and picked up her pen.

Although her face was still cold and serious, she was obviously planning on signing it.

But when she read the contract, Ning Shu suddenly paused.

Then she pointed at one clause and read aloud: “Integrate the intelligence system of both sides. Both parties will jointly manage and control the intelligence system of both parties.”

“The intelligence system of the agency can only be controlled by me, but I will fully share the information with you.”

Ning Shu looked at Lin Yuan coldly.

Lin Yuan smiled and also looked at Ning Shu uncompromisingly: ”The content of the contract will not be changed.”

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