Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 359:

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Chapter 359:

“Email? Video?” Ning Shu’s pupils shrank slightly when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

Even though she tried so hard to conceal her emotions, she still couldn’t help but breathe faster at this time.

With her arms trembling, Ning Shu raised her head and glanced at Lin Yuan.

But she saw the handsome face of the young master of the Lin family still carried that calm expression from when he entered the door earlier, he seemed like a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers. He looked so unpredictable and elusive.

When the darkest secret that’s buried in the heart of anyone is revealed, it is very difficult to remain rational.

The urge to draw a pistol from her desk drawer was so strong.

Ning Shu trembled as she put her hand on the mouse.

After a few clicks, Ning Shu was able to open the email.

The sender is Lin Yuan.

Email attachment: Chemical shop.AVI!

“Who are you?!” Ning Shu couldn’t help it.

After some contemplation, she directly took out the pistol from the drawer and pointed the same at Lin Yuan, and stared at him coldly.

“Hehe, is my identity that important? Director Ning, you are not calm anymore. It would be better to watch the video first, and then you can point the gun at me.” Lin Yuan said and still smiled even though he was pointed at with a gun.

Because his reaction speed at this time had long been inhuman, not that he can be faster than a bullet, but he is confident that if Ning Shu shoots, he can pull the trigger faster than her.

And he also knew that Ning Shu isn’t going to shoot him.

Sure enough, seeing Lin Yuan look patient, Ning Shu put down the pistol as she was only trying to scare him.

But she didn’t expect Lin Yuan to still compose himself.

Lin Yuan really made her wonder how in the world does he know about this?

It stands to reason that when she killed her adoptive father more than ten years ago, Lin Yuan would still be in elementary, right?

And Lin Yuan is in Jiangbei while she would be in Yanjing.

No matter how she thinks, it can’t be logical.

Lin Yuan is so young. Could it be that someone older is behind this?

But it seems not like that.

Ning Shu trusts her instincts built from long years of being in the police force and handling various cases, plus she has the woman’s instinct.

How did he know about these things?

Ning Shu’s mind was in a mess.

The more she thinks about it, the more chaotic she gets.

It is like a fly that’s struggling in a spider web, the more she struggles the more she is bound.

“Who are you?” Ning Shu frowned and couldn’t help asking.

“Since Director Ning is so persistent, then I will tell you.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“I am a phantom wandering in the darkness and nothingness. I am a star floating high in the boundless sky. I am the truth and I am the god.”

“Is Director Ning satisfied with my answer?”

However, Ning Shu calmed down a lot when she heard Lin Yuan's nonsense.

“Hmph!” Ning Shu snorted, covering up her shock as she clicked on the video sent by Lin Yuan.

The video was dim and yellowish, signifying that it is quite old.

The technology of that year was not as clear nor was it considered high definition. It can only be regarded as an ordinary quality.

But the chemical shop in Ning Shu’s memory is very clear.

Soon, a fifteen-year-old girl who looked like Ning Shu appeared in the video.

Ning Shu glanced at the camera with mixed feelings.

At the young age of fifteen, she looked so cryptic and full of anxiety.

Ning Shu in the video slipped in quietly and entered the chemical shop to start a fire.

Although Ning Shu didn’t see clearly what she was doing in the chemical store, but as far as what is shown in the video, it is enough to conclude that she committed the crime.

When she will be investigated, it would be revealed that she could very well have a motive.

Looking at the same scenes that often appeared in her dreams, Ning Shu asked with discomfort: “How did you get this video?”

Ning Shu really couldn’t understand.

She had searched for it for a long time but was not able to find this video. She thought the same didn’t exist.

Unexpectedly, the same was in Lin Yuan’s hands.

This is unbelievable.

Ning Shu looked at Lin Yuan with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I installed the camera myself. I recorded this especially. Do you believe it?”

“Hmph!” Ning Shu snorted coldly once more.

Who would believe him?

Lin Yuan smiled and didn’t explain any further to Ning Shu.

Saying that he installed the camera and specially recorded the scene is naturally just made up.

At that time, Ning Shu was in high school and Lin Yuan would still be in elementary.

The camera must have been installed by the national police station.

As for the video, Lin Yuan used his divine-level hacking skills to find it.

He used his knowledge of the plot in the original novel.

The time when Ye Feng and Ning Shu’s fate crossed.

The reason why Ye Feng and Ning Shu met, and why she has a good impression of Ye Feng is because of the Chen family.

It is related to the author’s desire for the Chen family in the original novel.

The author might want Ye Feng to help the Chen family defeat the Ning family.

The plot is specially arranged like this:

Ning Shu’s video was actually discovered by a police officer from the Special Force Police Station who accidentally saw it while searching the database for another case.

After the discovery, the policeman knew that his superior was an enemy of Ning Shu.

But this person knew that behind Ning Shu is the Ning family.

If he directly used the video as evidence, Ning Shu might not even be shaken.

On the contrary, he doesn’t know yet if it will help him in the future.

So he put it aside for the time being while he is still developing his own power.

It was not until one time that he had no more hope for his career that he blackmailed Ning Shu with it.

Not only did he threatened Ning Shu to help him advance his career but he also asked Ning Shu, a beautiful woman, to be in a relationship with him.

Naturally, it was impossible for Ning Shu to agree.

But she was faced with a very difficult situation.

Then, Ye Feng, through various coincidences killed the police officer and then activated the most used routine ‘hero saving the beauty’.

Naturally, Lin Yuan doesn’t want to be like Ye Feng.

He instead directly used his divine-level hacking skills to crack the police officers’ security and just copy the video.

And he finds that there is no need to explain things clearly to Ning Shu.

He and Ning Shu aren’t even related.

He just wants Ning Shu to help him.

Lin Yuan looked at Ning Shu with a smile.

And Ning Shu also looked at him with complicated eyes.

Neither of them spoke.

There was silence in Deputy Director Ning’s office for half a minute.

Lin Yuan knew that Ning Shu was at war with herself.

This incident puts too much pressure on her.

If it is known that a key person in the organization, even the deputy director, actually killed someone, even murdered his own adoptive father, it would surely cause an uproar.

Ning Shu couldn’t let this happen.

Now Ning Shu only has two choices.

First, she can deal with the person who raised the problem.

But even if she kills Lin Yuan now, he looks not stupid enough to not have asked someone to reveal the matter when he is dead.

Not to mention that Lin Yuan’s identity and status as the young master of the Lin family is extraordinary. She is not afraid, but it won’t be easy to deal with him.

So this option is blocked.

The second choice is to surrender and have a peaceful talk.

Ning Shu’s red lips difficultly said some words she didn’t want to spit out.

“What do you want?!”

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